Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Weekly Crisis vs. Solicits for August 2011

Boy are we running late with our Solicits commentary or what? We put this one on the back burner for so long that DC is already rolling out all the plans for September, what with all the 52 relaunches and all that. Nevertheless, join us as we take a look at all the good, the bad, and the ugly stuff coming in August to a comic book shop retailer near you.

Kirk's Thoughts

The Best Things in August


In previous solicits leading up to Flashpoint, I actually listed most of Flashpoint as a negative due to the huge number of tie-ins.  Fast forward to the present and now I can't get enough of them and am loving the event in general.  Funny how things work out.  The battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman solicited for Flashpoint #4-5 is the main reason I'm listing this though.  Can't wait to see that war break out.

Green Lantern In General, But Mostly...

Emerald Warriors just to see Batman and Guy Gardner at each others throats.

Retconning My Retroactives Opinion

Like the Flashpoint stuff, I was pretty hard on the Retroactives when they were first announced.  Now I'm looking forward to several of them, most notably the 80's Batman featuring the Reaper and the 90's Justice League title that reunites Keith Giffen, JM DeMatteis and Kevin Maguire. 

The Worst Things in August

Fear Itself

I've completely soured on this event after a promising first issue.  It just has gone down hill with each subsequent issue and the tie-ins, unless you count Journey Into Mystery, have failed to grab me in any way. 

Last Issue of Secret Six?

No new solicits for the revamp concerning a Secret Six relaunch.  Sad days indeed if this is the end.

The Coolest Things In August

Jonathan Hickman Gone Wild

Hickman is writing EVERYTHING in August.  From his creator owned The Red Wing, which looks like it's going to be amazing, to a couple of Ultimates books, which given his Ultimate Thor miniseries means they are automatic purchases for me, and his other titles I'm reading, like FF and SHIELD.   August is Hickman month and I wish every month was Hickman month.

LXG Omnibus

DC rarely uses the omnibus format.  I can only really think of the Death of Superman in that format.  They typically go for the oversized hardcovers or Absolutes.  So when there's a new omnibus from them, I take notice.  When it's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I put my money down on a pre-order.

X-Statix Omnibus
If you missed X-Statix back in 2001 (technically, it wasn't changed to X-Statix from X-Force until 2002), you missed one of the best series that was years ahead of its time.  Written by Peter Milligan and with art from an all star cast including the likes of Mike Allred, Sean Phillips, Darwyn Cooke and more, this omnibus is absolute must read material for any comic fan. 

Ken's Thoughts

The Best Things in August

Detective Comics #881

This is the end of Snyder's Detective Comics run before he heads over to Batman with the DC reboot, so hopefully he brings to a close what has been a consistently entertaining run of Dick Grayson dealing with Gotham City changing by who is underneath the cowl.

Superboy and pals
Superboy #11

Lemire wraps up the Superboy series, and man is that Karl Kerschel cover to #11 great. Just like the Rafael Albuquerque cover to issue #1, it's got a great simple appeal to it. And Krypto.

Captain America Corps. #3

After seeing recent events in Fear Itself, this would be a nice story to show all the previous Caps in action together. I really look forward to USAgent and Bucky interacting for the first time. The commie-killer runs into the capitalist crusher in a no hold's barred cage match! Oh wait, that's not the solicit, but it really should be for future issues.

The Worst Things in August

Last issue of Secret Six?

So far there have been no mentions of a Secret Six series in the new DCU, which is a shame because that is one book that doesn't need to be messed with at all. Still, a 36 issue run by the same writer and a relatively stable art team is rare these days, so there is some solace in that. It's no solace like a "get out of hell free" card, but it will do.

Dark Knight ends mid storyline?

A lot of books are wrapping up stories in August to make way for whatever happens in September, but the solicit for Dark Knight #5 sure makes it seem like there is more story to tell:

"David Finch’s brilliant take on Batman continues to explore the darker corners of Gotham City in the penultimate chapter of “Golden Dawn,” now featuring art by Jay Fabok (Soulfire)!
As The Dark Knight suffers one of his worst defeats, Jason Blood makes an unexpected move. With a surprise funeral and guest appearances by Etrigan, the Demon and Ragman, this series continues to heat up!"

Well, it's more like the series is going to cool down.

The Coolest Things In August

DC Retroactive: Superman - the 90's

One of the hidden gems of the 90's was Louise Simonson's and Jon Bogdanove's Superman: Man of Steel run. Growing up I was never a big fan of Bogdanove's art because it wasn't flashy like all the younger artists at the time, but over the years after getting back into comics the man really has a nice, clean, fluid style and can pull off some decent facial expressions. The only other person that could have really been chosen for this particular one-shot would have been Dan Jurgens.

Guy Gardner and Batman

Emerald Warriors #13 is about the Bruce Wayne Batman, otherwise what's the point? Last time the two were near each other, Guy mooned Bruce in the JLA Watchtower. How will the series end, in a Rocky III freeze frame as the two come to blows, or does Guy sucker punch Bruce as the world around them changes into the new DC Universe? Suspense!

Ryan L's Thoughts

The Best Things In August

Batman & Robin #26

I'm really becoming a fan of David Hine the more of his I read. The Bulletrpoof Coffin and Ryder On The Storm have been really cool reads from the past year. He's an off-the-wall writer and his pairing with Greg Tocchini here could produce some cool things, especially when you look at the story information.

Le Jardin Noir is the French Arkham and the inmates are turning Paris inside-out. That's a cool set up and the cover is amazing. This is the reason I read solicitations, because otherwise I might not have known about this one. I have no problem dipping in for just this one issue and I hope some others will take the plunge, too.

Severed #1

Another Scott Snyder comic, sign me up. Not to mention, this one sounds damn fine. It's a weird look into the American landscape, something Snyder does so very well. This feels like it could be a mesh between Carnivale and any old school hobo-tramp flick. I'm interested to see why this is an Image book and not Vertigo and whether Snyder can keep his hot streak alive. I appreciate that he's a creator looking to the future and very invested in creator owned comics. There should be more like him.

The Worst Things In August

Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1

I'm putting this one in this section because I love Iron Fist and he's in this one but I constantly get burnt whenever he's in a title and then he barely appears. New Avengers was a waste of my time and even Power Man & Iron Fist was more about the new Power Man than it was my man Rand. I will possibly check this out, though I'm not currently buying Spidey, and I just hope Iron Fist, and the Bride of Nine Spiders, are used effectively. Antony Johnston did some cool things within his Daredevil work and maybe he can step up to this challenge. I certainly want him to.

From The Marvel Vault: Gambit

Really? If there's any character who should have old stories remain buried it's gotta be Gambit. It's bad enough looking back on his stuff and groaning but now we've got new stuff. I don't think this is going to be pretty. But imagine if it was actually awesome, and it won an Eisner, and sold 70k. Imagine that world...

The Coolest Things In August

Secret Avengers #16

Not every superhero comic needs to look the same. People talk about the best superhero artists currently working and I look at their work and realise I don't dig the standard superhero art style. I dig Jamie McKelvie's work. The guy knows how to get story across and just seeing his cover for this book is enough to pique my interest. Couple with that the fact Warren Ellis is writing this, and each issue is a standalone, and I'm so far sold.

I liked some of Brubaker's run, though Deodato's work does nothing for me, and I'm not buying into Nick Spencer's run, but I'll hop back in for this run and I think it has a large part to do with the issues being standalone and McKelvie being on art. I want to see more of his work. Notice how I'm also completely happy to have a gap in my Secret Avengers run. It's not going to bother me one bit.


I just said I don't buy Spidey, and I probably won't dip into this storyline, but I think it sounds cool. I'm also strangely happy to see Dan Slott get the room to cut loose a little bit with a big story. Once he took over Mighty Avengers, I wondered if he'd ever get an event. He's not an Architect at Marvel but he is pretty damn important and I'm really keen to see him succeed with this one. Go forth and prosper, Mr Slott.

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CombatSpoon86 said...

Big Month in August, I agree Fear Itself has taken a little fall. I hate slow build ups. Flashpoint has been ok, but Ive liked the minis alot more than i would have. Severed and Red Wing are two image books Im looking forward to with two of my favorite writers, Hickman And Snyder.

The last issue of Secret Six, That has to be my favorite book in DC. Its sad its ending, but for a book that's put out 2 minis and 36 issues is an accomplishment with a bunch of b-lister mercenaries which I think they're A listers in my eyes. I'll truly miss this book and thank Gail Simone for putting a fine book on the stands.

Is there anybody who can shine some light on Adam Glass who's doing the new Suicide Squad book? Need to know if the book is worth giving a try.

The Dangster said...

RIP secret six. You will be sorely missed. I swear to god, I was fine with the other changes.

This one almost crosses the line with me.

Sean said...

Gail Simone has confirmed that Secret Six will be cancelled

Jeremy said...

Fare well, Secret Six. May one day Ragdoll finds out what it truly feels like to fuck a butterfly.

Also, X-Statix isn't THAT old, that came out during the early 2000s alongside Morrison's New X-men. Marvel was really open to experimentation back then.

Kirk Warren said...

@Jeremy - Ah, you're right. I could have sworn it was the very tail end of the 90's, but seems it was 2001 when he first started his run.

Akylle said...

DC actually has been using the omnibus format pretty often as of late. You have the Starman omnibuses, the Jack Kirby Omnibuses, and the recent Green Lantern and Flash omnibuses. Judging by the price point ($50) on the LXG it will be normal sized as opposed to the oversized GL/Flash ones ($75).

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