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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/06/11

Shock and awe await in this version of Moments of the Week, when a sacrifice is made in Fear Itself, surprises show up in Batman: Knight of Vengeance, Flashpoint runs towards the final act, and the threat of losing Facebook friendships means little in Thunderbolts. More, as always, after the jump.

Fear Itself #4

The economy is in such rough shape, Tony has to give up his sobriety in order to secure a loan from Odin. This is what led to Iceland nearly collapsing years ago, norse gods are very stingy with their money.


Compared to the lopsided fights in World War Hulk, this should be a fairly even match. Hulk with hammer vs. Thing with hammer vs. Odinforce-less Thor with hammer, this is what they call a Norse standoff.

Flashpoint #3

Barry just needed to be shocked by a bigger bolt of lightning to get the speed force back. Comic book science, do not try it at home.

Lois Lane runs into the UK resistance, consisting of Grifter (without his cool 90's knuckle guns), Etrigan, Lady Godiva, Ms. Hyde, and the Canterbury Cricket.

Batman will join the Justice League now in order to get Cyborg to find out the location that Superman is being held. It's a super secret underground base, and we find out that three ships actually landed in Metropolis 30 years ago...

The saddest moment of the year in comics, right there.

And here is the Man of Steel, or rather beanstalk of steel. He's never seen sunlight, and is powerless. Barry is basically stuck with the comic version of the Bad News Bears. Which isn't very encouraging for a happy ending, right?

Flashpoint: Batman: Knight of Vengeance #2

Flashpoint's Oracle. Jim Gordon never married or had kids, and Selina was paralyzed by the Joker. Who is the Joker, you wonder? Thomas seems to know below.

That's right, it's Martha Wayne. Since Bruce was killed years ago, she's gone crazy and abducted and killed children in Gotham City along with the usual Joker crimes. She tied up Dent's daughter and made her look like the Joker, causing Jim Gordon to shoot her in the darkness. Such a terrible mother.

Flashpoint: Abin Sur the Green Lantern #2

Abin was sent to Earth to save the White Lantern entity from us silly humans blowing ourselves up in the coming days, but Cyborg convinces him to stay and help the world. It is his job, after all.

Looks like Sinestro read Brightest Day too! The Guardians are jerks in any universe or alternate reality, sure as the Sun rises in the East.

Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #2

Guy Gardner's a buddhist, in Australia of all places? I'm at a loss for words.

Heroes for Hire #9

Elektra is making out like a bandit, and Misty Knight is terrible in handling the Heroes for Hire payroll. Why, she could have gotten a part-time Solo and Silver Sable for that extra money she's paying out. Even Shroud would work harder if he got a raise, heroes unite for a livable wage!

Secret Six #35

Bane realizes if he's going to hell, he needs to go ahead and destroy Batman permanently, starting wtih his outer periphery of characters. Here the group hits the hideout of the Penguin to recruit him for the mission. King Shark also lets us know he's a shark. Did you know he was a shark?

He's also a shark who very clearly dropped some acid off panel.

Superboy #9

Super-clones! Spider-clones! Krypto-clones! Even Phantom Stranger clones, as that's not the real deal!

Thunderbolts #160

Moonstone wins the line of the week, trying to shake her moneymaker to calm down Juggernaut on his cross country rampage.

Satana has obsessive scribbling disorder, think of the money she could have made with her own demon tattoo parlor.

Relationship status: it's complicated.

Titans Annual #1

Who knew the way to snap someone out of their "killing everything in a fit of rage tantrum" was to slap them across the face? Superman should try this with Doomsday, and Batman with the Joker, see if it works across the line.

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Jack Tango said...

re: Saddest Moment of the Year

Especially after last week's Superman #712... :-(

Will S.C. said...

Not sure why any version of Kal-El kept under red sunlight would be scrawny. After all, it's not like Krypton was populated with malnourished citizens...

BroMan said...

Think about it, no sunlight or any form of exercise besides being in a box for Supes would mean that, its not that hard to understand.

King Shark has to tie funniest moment of the week or is the funniest moment of the week. I'm going to miss Secret Six, its DC's best book.

Anonymous said...

Kal-el would be scrawny because he was kept in a small room and likely had little exercise and was intentionally malnourished. The "regular" Superman grew up on a farm and would have done all the physical work that entails.

patrick said...

So if there are 3 subjects, one being Krypto, one being Kal-El, who is the third?

Space Jawa said...

Bane wants to wipe out Batman permanently? Associated characters included? I suppose he hasn't heard the news about Batman being a world-wide organization now, has he.

I can NOT see this ending well for Bane and his co-horts.

Anonymous said...

That scene with dead Kypto was indeed a very sad moment. I'm gonna miss that pup in the DCnU. :(

Ivan said...

How come Worthy Hulk and Worthy Thing vs. Thor should be an even match if just Thor vs. regular Hulk is usually an even match?

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