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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/13/11

The hot summer days bring with them a variety of emotions for today's Moments of the Week. We've got the saddest sad in Ultimate Fallout, the craziest crazy in Detective Comics, and the mutantisty mutants in X-Men: Schism. All that's left would be Hulk building sandcastles with Abomination and Loki making deals in New Jersey. What? You mean they're here too? Well then, hit the jump for much more!

Batgirl #23

Look out, DC Universe, it's the Fem Five! This is a really cool idea that has been missing from the younger heroes escapades, possibly because it isn't so depressingly sad.

What is with superheroines and smashing people's faces in?

Detective Comics #879

Joker, you so crazy. This whole issue you only see Joker's eyes, which reminds me of that Kevin Maguire Batgirl arc from Batman: Confidential. It really adds to the creepiness. 

And the buildup to James Gordon's plans come rather quickly this issue, as the sane Gordons catch onto his plan to make children even crazier than normal in Gotham.

Booster Gold #46

How many times has that been for Booster getting knocked around by Doomsday? 5, 6? On top of this, Doomsday still seems to remember the other world, as he heads for Metropolis just like he did years ago.

With this revelation from Alexandra, methinks she is that woman on the cover to Justice League International #1 that was airbrushed out of later solicits. She's basically Rogue without the memory transfer. Oh, and she touched Doomsday this issue too, that should be fun.

Defenders: From The Marvel Vault

This blast from the past sees the four Defenders (Namor, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, and Hulk) having their minds switched with some college kids. On top of that, every character seems to be experiencing their happiest dreams. So sweet.....

But good things never last. As it turns out, the whole world was plunged into happy dreams by an alien assimilation device, and the kid in Namor's body freed every Defender to save the day. Hulk  probably is dumb and smelly, which is why everyone is always trying to kill/capture him.

Green Lantern #67

Kyle's got the touch. He's got the power. When all hell's breaking loose he'll be right in the eye of the storm (and free the others trapped in the book with his artistry).

Sinestro wishes he knew how to quit the Green Lanterns.

And Hal goes mach five on Krona, killing him. When the dust settles, Sinestro's yellow ring goes off to find someone else, and he's still a GL. On top of that, the Guardians seemed more upset that Hal killed a Guardian (crazy as he was) than Sinestro being a GL again, and strip Hal of his ring and send him back to Earth. The Guardians never learn.

Green Lantern Corps #61

Qurina there is a new GL recruit, brought into the corps when Mogo was sending out all those rings. She wanted to prove being chosen wasn't a mistake, so she tries to stop a planetary war in her own sector by taking all their guns away. John tries for a more diplomatic approach. And then he blows up this planet too (not really, this time).

Journey Into Mystery #625

I'm less surprised about this secret dealing between Loki, Hela, and Mephisto to fight the Serpent than I am that they met in Newark, New Jersey of all places. That they weren't all shot amazes me.

Loki's too old for stories, so he's going to make sure Thor doesn't die as foretold. Right after he finishes swinging so high he nearly falls off the seat.

Red Robin #25

Cassandra Cain shows up this issue to "kill" Tim and find out who set up this Assassination Tournament. It's been someone around for thousands of years, and it isn't Vandal Savage

Superman #713

Superman no more! At least he still thinks truth, justice, and the American way is ok. Clark then runs into someone in town who explains that Superman does much more good than harm for the world.

Clark Kent is such a doofus sometimes, unable to realize that Superman's such an important symbol he doesn't need to hide his actions. And the issue ends with Lois being kidnapped and held hostage, with Clark running off to save her. Only one more month to go!

Ultimate Fallout #1

Yes, yes you were, Flash.

A truly touching moment from a comic, and I'm not one who usually fins them in this medium. There was much more impact here than when Peter "died" in the last Ultimate Spider-Man issue (we never see Peter's body so maybe he's not really dead like Andy Kaufman!)

X-Men: Schism #1

I guess the amazing thing is security just lets Wolverine continue on by after he clearly broke into a place full of leaders from around the world to discuss disarmament of the Sentinels. Quentin Quire then shows up and hits everyone with a psychic blast that makes them say the truth, just like Jim Carey.

Truer words have yet to be written in an X-Men comic, Emma.

Quentin Quire, the last remaining mutant hipster.

That kid with the popped collar is Kade Kilgore, the new Black King of the Hellfire Club. He's the one who broke Quire out of Utopia to cause this event, while he inherits his father's arms company. On top of this, every nation in the world starts to show that they all have their own Sentinel programs. Uh oh.

And Cyclops' position for this event becomes clear. No more talks or negotiations, you threaten mutantkind with weapons specifically made for genocide, we'll punch back.

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Anonymous said...

That entire issue of GL was amazing, and I would have never predicted that ending. Can't wait for what happens next!

patrick said...

Snyders run on Detective is seriously the best batman stuff ever. I really hope he carrys it over to Batman in september

Simon DelMonte's Escape Hatch said...

Wow. Bendis nails it.

Andrew said...

This was such a good week for DC comics.

It helps that my favorite books Batgirl and Red Robin were in the mix.

it's too bad that this reboot is ruining two of their most solid titles.

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