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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 7/20/11

This version of Moments of the Week is filled with revelations, twists, and things that will make characters lose their heads, literally. We have Avengers, Batman, War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath, and the relaunch of Daredevil. As always, more after the jump.

Avengers #15

Good thing Hawkeye always keeps a mouthwash arrow on hand for these types of situations. The Worthy have terrible dental habits, compounded with Hulk's normal hygiene, that's can't be pretty.

And instead of saving the world Hawkeye and Spider-Woman decide to make out. The priorities of superheroes, I swear...

Batman #712

Harvey kills Mario, then you have perfectly normal couple bickering with Gilda. And then Batman ruins everything and gets shot for it. He's ok of course, bat-kevlar always causes richochets. So that's how Tony Daniel's Batman ends for this era, as next issue is a stand alone Fabian Nicieza issue.

Oh, and Riddler gets his information that Gilda was hiding from him in order to retain his services, and then kills Enigma. I am at a loss for words on this one.

Batman: Gates of Gotham #3

And that is how you get Damian to shut up. I knew Tim was still holding a grudge since Damian tried to kill him when he first appeared on the scene. And Trevor McCarthy is just killing it on art, only Joker has a higher body count.

Captain America Corps #2

After breaking out of prison in this altered future, the Caps finally figure out that without Steve joining the Avengers, the team simply doesn't stick together, ushering in a government run superhero team to fill the gap. A little bit of a callback to DC's Trinity series, I think.

Daredevil #1

The puns, the glorious puns. That page alone almost makes up for Shadowland, eh?

And in two pages we get a recap of everything Matt has had happen since the last series. This really feels like a fresh start, and like Grant wrote in his inaugural review, is a must read. If you liked Mark Waid's Captain America or Ka-Zar runs, pick this issue up.

War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath #1

Sinestro doesn't want the ring, the Guardians are freaking out that an immortal could be killed by a Lantern, and everyone in the room realizes humans always seem to be saving the Guardians. And Kilowog calls it a day. At least until September.

Humans get no respect in space, we should just let them all die when the Dominators or whatever come around, that will teach them.

Invincible Iron Man #506

Tony gets whisked away (or is that whiskey'd away?) to Svartalfheim where he hangs out with dwarves while concocting new weapons to counter The Worthy. And sure, what's another drink or 6 matter anymore?

Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine #2

Frank seems on point about what to do. Reed tells Wolverine that since Frank is immune to the virus, he has the purest blood sample to develop a cure and that they need to head to the Baxter Building. And in under 30 minutes, the building is ruined and filled with the dead. Why?

Boom, head shot. The Thing became infected and broke Spider-Man out of quarantine, and stretched Reed Richards across the entire lab floor, on top of eating Hank Pym and Bill Foster. Now it's a race against the clock to find Spider-Man to develop a cure.

Ultimate Fallout #2

Thor dreams about everyone chilling in Valhalla, or rather Brohalla, verily.

Mary Jane continues her story that SHIELD is the real cause of Peter's death. How? By going undercover as the next Spider-Man! Not really, but maybe!

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Yash said...

Guys...I have followed you for the longest time but your attempts at humor are just getting worse and worse. Please. Stop.

Just include some kind of honest analysis of some page. People won't mind that.

Ivan said...

Great moments, but you posted all the build-up and forgot to post the page where John tells Kyle to fuck off.

Golos said...

What's the difference between BL John and "regular" GL John?
It sounds to me like another cop out, Parallax style.

Ken Boehm said...

Yash: when the pages kind of explain themselves some levity is better than just rephrasing what is on the page.

Ivan: I thought about that, but I was holding off on the result for next issue, whether they patch up or not (which they might not if John is hanging out with Guy in GLC). Like Kilowog, he's going to show back up in September.

Steven said...

@Ken - Not if the alleged humor is forced and unfunny. In this particular posting the attempts at humor were incredibly sophomoric and and completely lacking in any kind of funny. There is no levity in making an article a chore to read.

Ivan said...

@Golos: Yeah, at the page I mentioned John tells Kyle he is full of shit and John knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to kill Mogo.

patrick said...

I just don't know how Tony Daniels gets to continue on with Detective Comics in september. it boggles my mind. His art is excellent but his writing is terrible. At least we got Snyder on Batman to make up for it

maybetoby said...

who's the girls hanging out with Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the rest in Valhalla?

Ivan said...

Oh, and does anybody else hate these "confessions to the camera" thing Bendis has been doing?

max "nekron" power said...

that must be wasp

Nathan Aaron said...

Uhm... what's up with Tony drinking again? Cause alcoholics can't just start drinking again and be fine. Is Fraction heading towards a Demon in The Bottle 2 (or is it 3? Didn't Quesada do something way back when with this, also?)

Jon Q. Citizen said...

I like your Guy's "attempts" at humor....keep it up.

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