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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 07/27/11

What's in store for this installment of Moments of the Week? We've got some relationship troubles in Green Lantern Corps, Venom, Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men: Schism, money issues in Ultimate Fallout, and some extra creepiness in Detective Comics. All that and more, like superhero poker and Superman being shot out of a cannon, after the jump.

Action Comics #903

Don't listen to him, Lois, he's just going to leave you in September. Doomslayer has let loose the Doomsdays around the world to target nuke silos and other "Doomsday" places, while Superman plans to break back into the super big spaceship the best way possible: with a big cannon.

That's actually Eradicator, in the body of one of the Doomsdays. Nice moment between the three replacement Supermen (Cyborg Superman had his robot heart ripped out last issue).

Amazing Spider-Man #666

Phil Urich is a jerk, like a Cobra Kai level jerk. And throughout the issue there are instances of people developing power sets from Spidey's arsenal, set in motion by The Jackal and a mysterious lady. Clones were also involved, of course.

Ben Grimm is great, he hearts MJ too! And Susan is perceptive as well, the New Avengers are just the biggest slackers in the superhero community.

See what I mean? But Spidey isn't the only one who would cheat at that table. Spider-Woman would use her pheromone powers to lower everyone's guard, and Wolverine could probably smell if you're lying.

Detective Comics #880

Joker just wanted to be left alone because he misses his Batman, awwww. Since Joker escaped Arkham, Barbara Gordon, Jim's ex-wife, was infected with an older version of the Joker toxin. It's not hard to think Joker was just torturing yet another Gordon named Barbara, is it? But here's who really did it.

Yep, it was her son, James Gordon who poisoned her. And he found Babs' location, this is going to create so many problems at the family picnic next year.

Flashpoint: Project Superman #2


Someone at DC really isn't a dog person, are they? Subject Zero initiates Krypto going feral in order to have Kal-El break him free. Also note that Lionel Luthor pushes Lex right into Krypto, what a bad father. I mean, Lex probably deserved it if he's trying to experiment on his dad while he sleeps, but still, a messed up family.

Gotham City Sirens #25

So the trio was effectively broken up last issue with Selina turning Harley in, but Ivy springs her out in order to get their revenge. Enemy of my enemy and all that jazz.

Who knows, maybe they will kill each other? Go for broke, it's not like you have to worry after next issue.

Green Lantern Corps #62

So Miri essentially called Kyle and Soranik one of those dream couples, but they're relationship has been estranged since War of the Green Lanterns (FYI this issue takes place after the unreleased Aftermath #2). Miri's solution is to go crazy with love and attack a planet to make the two feel that love they felt during the heat of battle. While the Star Sapphires are all sorts of crazy, Miri and Carol Fenris seemed to do a good job of keeping it in check since the buildup to Blackest Night. The whole Star Sapphire Corps did, actually.

It's more like you chose lie, Kyle. A love so powerful it brings you back from the dead, and you think about someone else? That's ice cold, bro. 

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #12

That Lantern with Guy is named Theodoric. He has authority issues. Guy rounded up a group of GLs to go stop what was essentially a space Moby Dick from eating up lantern energy (and by connection other GL members), but most of the group gets snatched up. So Guy tries his more diplomatic route.

And the beast is killed, but all the lanterns are dead. Next issue: Batman gets punched in the face (hopefully)!

Ultimate Fallout #3

Four days prior to Peter's funeral, Tony had to deal with his own brother's funeral and wound up being invited into a double secret club that Gregory was a part of, filled primarily with first-generation billionaires who want to control the direction humanity goes. They probably have the best liquor, too.

Kitty Pryde, the new Aunt May?

Johnny's laying it on a little thick, literally kicking the can down the road. Perhaps he could draw  some big puppy dog eyes with fire to really get his point across. Or go back to live with Susan and Ben.

Venom #5

Betty's the best there is at what she does, and what she does isn't celerey. Flash has to pass on the dinner when his mom calls him letting him know his father has fallen off the wagon, and is drunk somewhere in the city. He asks for Peter to help find him, which turns out to be his old NYPD station.

Flash would really be justified beating up his drunk abusive father, he could also say that he was staying in shape when he wears the symbiote suit. After this, Flash's dad is revealed to have cirrosis, and Flash leaves his father, writing him out of his life. Despite what the solicit for this issue said, there is nothing in this book that would deem it a Spider-Island prelude.

X-Men Legacy #252

Gambit brings back the boom stick from Age of X. For when playing cards just aren't up to the task.

This personality of Legion, Styx, bears little resemblance to the band. Anyone he touches loses their soul and basically becomes his puppets. And he's got Charles under his control. So what is Legion to do?


 Xavier said knock you out.

X-Men: Schism #2

And there we see probably the first event that starts the rift between Cyclops and Wolverine. While Cyclops was pretty spot on last issue about no more talks for diplomacy when everyone has weapons made specifically for genocide (75% of those Sentinels don't work, we find out), this is kind of a ridiculous move in hiding Quentin Quire from the authorities. Just say the X-Men caught him and are doing the right thing handing him over, people will love that, a great PR move.

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Steven said...

It's looking to me like Wolverine will be leading a "friendly" or "hopeful" X-Men post-schismn to Scott's more hard-line X-Men.

I like the introduction of Apollo in Subject Zero. It will be interesting to see whether they integrate this Flashpoint origin into the DCU proper or go with something entirely different. It'll also be interesting to see if Apollo's marriage goes the way Superman's is rumored to post-Flashpoint.

Ivan said...

The notion of Wolverine being in the "happy" or "hopeful" side of anything cracks me up.

Matt Duarte said...

What is up with Cho's Cyclops? He looks way too skinny and with a huge head.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Matt, Cyclpos looks awful in the Cho's way, an enormous head and way too skinny

Enrique Gonzalez

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