Monday, July 18, 2011

Moment of the Day - Got That, Mister?

Avengers West Coast #45, by John Byrne

USAgent joined the Avengers hours earlier and Hawkeye already doesn't like him. This is where the rivalry starts, time to cue a montage of the the two pulling pranks on each other.

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Anonymous said...

Gray, although this was vacation time, was the sort.

Anonymous said...

wow... the lust btwn these two is sooo palbable. No comics do not have any gay under pinnings LOL

Ivan said...

I remember that as a kid I thought the U.S.Agent was awesome merely because he wore a black Captain America costume. :P

Anonymous said...

I still think US Agent is awesome because he wears a black Captain America costume. One of my favorite costume designs in all of comics. I have thefirst issue that Cap wore it before US Agent ever did.

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