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Top Ten Tuesdays - Ten Daredevil Team-Ups I Want

Daredevil is generally a character that plays well with others. He has a long history of palling around with Spider-Man, the Human Torch, and even the Punisher, to a degree. But there’s plenty more people in the Marvel U and I’d like to see Daredevil branch out a bit. Some of these pairings he’s had before, over his stories career, but with the new run from Mark Waid starting these are the ten team-ups I’d love to see Daredevil get amongst.

Gorgeous art by David Wynne
DD & Man-Thing

Man-Bull is out and he doesn’t look the same anymore. There’s a handsome man on the outside but on the inside he’s very afraid. Afraid he’ll go back to his old look, and afraid of the person who helped fix him. What will this new Man-Bull do to start a new life? And how is Man-Thing connected to this whole tale? Could the Man-Thing be a messenger for Man-Bull’s secret benefactor sent in to collect a debt? When these two beastly individuals meet in Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil is going to have to get to the bottom of things.

Amazing art by Sam Cavanagh
DD & Nick Fury

Nick Fury needs to hide. He’s on the trail of something big, a terrorist plot, and he has to drop off the radar. He thinks Hell’s Kitchen is the best place to hide, but he doesn’t mention that it’s also the target. He feels this might be linked to Daredevil and it is, the terrorist is The Gael. Fury, in typical arrogant fashion, wants to draw the villain in and hope for an eleventh hour defeat. What will Daredevil make of his home turf being used as bait?

DD & Namor

There’s a legal problem in Namor’s kingdom. He needs Matt Murdock even though Namor doesn’t like him. Murdock is brought underwater and is quickly winning the waterlogged hearts of ladies and enjoying himself. He becomes surprised at how good he feels away from dry land. He feels free. He feels happy. Namor only gets angrier but that may have more to do with the case than just Murdock challenging him as the best looking man in his kingdom. How will Murdock win the case, get the girl, and quell the emporer of the seas?

Absolutely cool art by Sam Cavanagh
 DD & Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew is on the run. She has no costume, she has no ID, and she has no chance unless she gets help from Matt Murdock. Of course, he helps her. Hell, he even gives her a bed. But this isn’t Jessica Drew. This is a clone, an LMD, and she’s escaped from HYDRA! and now doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do or how she’s going to do it. Could she actually be good? HYDRA! start door knocking in Hell’s Kitchen and Murdock has something to say about that.

DD & The Irredeemable Ant-Man

Two ladies' men; one effective, one not so much. They’re put into play together when Daredevil raids an AIM warehouse and recovers a secret they were hiding and protecting. Daredevil doesn’t know what it is but he knows if AIM want to hide it then it’s worth recovering. He is about to take it to someone to find out what it is when he realises Eric O’Grady is hiding out on the item and he has a lady with him. Why would the Black Cat want to hang out with the Irredeemable Ant-Man or was she there to get this item away from AIM as well? This love triangle will surely end in tears but whose will they be?

DD & Steel Serpent

Davos, the Steel Serpent, has been off the radar for a while but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been busy. He’s been in charge of plenty in K’un L’un and he’s also been playing HYDRA! off for some secret gain. Has Steel Serpent returned to his old ways? Matt Murdock isn’t sure but he knows he has to help because one day Davos comes to him and the very next day a young lady from K’un L’un comes to him claiming to be a mole for Fury there and she also needs the assistance of our favourite legal eagle. Is there something Matt Murdock doesn’t know, and will that ignorance kill him or save him? Only Davos has the true answer that will illuminate all.

DD & Reed Richards

Mr Fear has been out of action for some time, and it’s been a good time. However, Reed Richards has been working on some samples of the fear gas and he’s made a great breakthrough as well as a great mistake. He’s synthesised a gas for nearly every emotion and those samples have been let loose. The other members of the Fantastic Four have been afflicted and Reed is seeking Murdock for help. Can the Man Without Fear stop the family gripped by it? They’ll need the help of Mr Fear for this one and his conditions might be worse than the problem he’s solving.

DD & Bucky

It’s a dark and cold night, Daredevil only wants to return to his lovely warm bed but then he catches sight of something that strikes even fear into his trained heart. Events have gone wrong, heroes have died, but now the world will have to deal with “Bucky: Agent of the Hand!” It’s going to be one long night in Hell’s Kitchen.

DD & Emma Frost

There’s a young mutant dead in Hell’s Kitchen. Emma Frost is sent out to investigate but all she finds is Daredevil. The two bond quickly and Frost arranges to have dinner with Matt Murdock. He’s been a lady killer all his life and suddenly he finds someone on an even playing field, she can read his thoughts and she knows all the little stuff. But Murdock has some ninja tricks up his sleeve that keep certain things secret and one of those things is the identity of the killer in Hell’s Kitchen. Is Matt Murdock stalling to let the killer get away free or does he just want one more date with Ms Frost?

DD & Crossbones

Legal eagle, Matt Murdock, has earned a price on his head. That’ll teach him for defending a supervillain informant. Henry Ell is going to spill his guts in court about the Red Skull’s operation but he’ll be spilling his guts elsewhere if Crossbones does his job right. The question becomes, why would Daredevil pull the strings to make sure Crossbones is there? It’s a sour deal and once Steve Rogers sets foot in Hell’s Kitchen the bones won’t just be crossed, they’ll be broken.


Mostly this is just a bit of fun, but I would like to see Daredevil interact with some new characters and I think Mark Waid will be the man to bring that about. If he wants to steal these ideas, he can go for it, and if he wants to see them as me pitching for a one-shot then he's entitled to see that. What team ups would you like to see Hornhead in the middle of now he has a new lease on life? Let us know in the comments.

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altonralston said...

I'd read the Emma / Matt issues first. That'd be a cool run and *amazingly* mix a mutant with a non-mutant in a story line. Someone at Marvel needs to make this happen.

Anonymous said...

The 'Winter Kills' one shot paired the Young Avengers and the Winter Soldier and showed that there's a lot of mileage in the younger team interacting with a role model. Matt's all about the focus and could help the YAs to develop their powers, especially characters like Wiccan and Speed. Add Captain America's protectiveness of the group and Daredevil's questionable hero status to the other Marvel supes after Shadowland and you could have a storyline where Daredevil and Cap face off and the YAs show how far they've come as friends since the divides that formed during Civil War / Daredevil realises Cap respects him a lot more than he thinks.

Or, y'know, Carnage or whatever.

max "nekron" power said...

you could really change the name to top ten daredevil (because of the previous post) and i think nobody will complain about it

Ken Boehm said...

I really like the Mr Fantastic idea, the only time I remember them ever kind of talking was in DD: Yellow when they hired Matt as their lawyer.

Ivan said...

Namor is the "emporer" of the seas? :P

Fun post. In DD & Emma, when Cyclops shows up we're guaranteed to have a bad joke about eyes.

Daryll B. said...

Actually I have been itching for a Daredevil / Crossbones rematch since Streets of Poison in Captain America.

Not on list, I always wanted a Howard The Duck / Daredevil meeting. The introverted Murdock, the wild and crazy Howard...

See the sparks fly....

Jared said...

I can't imagine Waid would want to use any of these HORRIBLE ideas. Don't quite your day job as a "journalist."

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Seems the Emma one could work. Nice, that would be on of the top ones I'd pick.

@Daryll B - I LOVE Streets of Poison. Someone needs to call back to it.

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