Wednesday, August 31, 2011

52 Pick Up - Weekly Crisis Roundtable Discussion

With all the new titles DC is releasing for their line-wide September revamp, it can be hard to know what is and what isn't worth buying.  We at the Weekly Crisis would like to help you navigate the DCnU, so we are taking it upon ourselves to help you separate the wheat from the chaff.  Every week, another edition of 52 Pick Up will go live, providing you with our thoughts on the most recent crop of titles and general goings on related to DC's new status quo.

To start things off, we got together for a bit of a roundtable discussion to offer our thoughts on the books that will be coming out throughout the month, from which books we're most excited for, to which ones we think will be the most successful, and more.  Hit the jump to see our thoughts on what's to come and feel free to join in on the discussion.

Which title are you most excited for?

Can you say no to this face?
Ryan: Easily, Swamp Thing. The combination of Scott Snyder, Yanick Paquette, and Francesco Francavilla is a major draw. Then there's the character himself. It's time for a major Swamp Thing comeback and I have faith Snyder will come up with the goods. This is going to be awesome.

Matt: I think it's a toss up between Swamp Thing and Demon Knights. We'll see which one wins the bigger portion of my comic-reading heart.

Grant: Definitely Wonder Woman.  I know that the character has historically had a hard time resonating with readers, but I think that Princess Diana is one of the best characters in DC's wide stable of heroes.  At the very least, she's one of the most underutilized.  Her somewhat convoluted backstory doesn't help matters, but I believe the main problem is a lack of top tier talent working on the title.  Greg Rucka's and Gail Simone's interpretations of the character are among my all-time favourite comics.  With Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang taking on the series, I think we're in for another classic run.

Ken: Batman. Scott Snyder proved he's got the talent to write Batman well, and Greg Capullo doing some big time work in a new style makes me not as bummed to see Dick no longer be wearing the cowl.

The book to beat?
Which title do you think will sell the most?

Ryan: Probably Justice League, although Action Comics may give it a strong run.

Matt: Justice League, no contest here.

Grant: Justice League is the definite winner for the first month.  We'll see if it can maintain that momentum in the months to come.

Ken: Justice League, it can't not sell the most, otherwise DC did something wrong.

Which title do you think will sell the least?

Ryan: This one has to be either Hawk and Dove or Voodoo. So long as it's not Army At War or All-Star Western I'll be fine.

Matt: The I, Vampire one looks like the more likely to fail to gain traction. It's too bad, cause had it been relaunched at another time, it probably would have stood better chances.

Grant: I feel like DC Universe Presents isn't going to do all that well.  The concept of a book to tell random stories from the DCnU sounds good, but starting it off with a five-issue storyarc doesn't make sense to me.  I also don't think that title is going to do the series any favours - way too bland.

Ken: I, Vampire, it just isn't in a position to draw readers on top of being really late to the vampire party of the past year or two.

DC's answer to Spider-Man?
Which title will be the dark horse, coming out of left field to surprise everyone with its goodness?

Ryan: I'm not sure how obvious this one is, but I think Grifter will come through as spectacular. Nathan Edmondson on this character just seems so right to me.

Matt: Justice League International is probably one to watch in this category, but it's not a sure thing. Resurrection Man is sure to under perform, but maybe DnA can bring some of that cosmic charm to the DCU.

Grant: I think that Batwing could potentially be a really good book, but it'll depend on which Judd Winick shows up to the writing table.  Failing that, I think Static Shock could do some great things.

Ken: Static Shock. Scott McDaniel's free flowing art with a teenage superhero, on top of having a mentor in Milestone hero Hardware? It's got the potential to beat out Blue Beetle as the new teen hero book.

Which title do you wish was happening?

Ryan: An actually anthology book, some sort of team up title. I'd love a book full of short stories set in t his DCnU.

Matt: A Challengers of the Unknown book would have been nice, as a way to explore the new DCU via a comic book that is designed about just that: discovering all the craziness of the Universe.

Grant: Similar to Ryan's suggestion, I wish there was a title that told exclusively done-in-one stories.  They could have some sort of over-arcing plot if you really want it to, but I think the world needs more single issue comic books.  There's something to be said for a self-contained story that says everything it needs to over the course of one issue.

Ken: A Booster Gold book where Michael still knew everything from the past, and is basically the POV character for longtime DC readers to learn about this new universe.

And with that, we'll turn things over to you, dear readers.  What are your thoughts on the DC relaunch?  Any books you're dying to get your hands on?  Any that you wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole?  Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget to check back later in the week to see our thoughts on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League!

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Simon DelMonte's Escape Hatch said...

Most anticipated books: Swamp Thing, Batman, Demon Knights, Batgirl

Books I Will Pretend Don't Exist: Suicide Squad, I Vampire

Surprise Hit: One of the two Lemire books, Batwing, Static Shock

Utter Flops: Mister Terrific, Suicide Squad, Men of War

Biggest Hits Not named Justice League or Action: Batman, WW, GL books, Batgirl

Kate said...

Once I heard they were doing a Grifter comic (so hyped about it!), I was really hoping for a Gen13 relaunch :( But plenty of other things look interesting!

I've never read Swamp Thing but you guys make me want to check it out.

CombatSpoon86 said...

My darkhorse pick would be Justice League Dark. Peter Milligan writing this cast of characters is gonna turn heads and is gonna be one of the most underrated books in the Dc Lineup.

Still wish they would have kept Secret Six instead. Suicide Squad isn't gonna live up to the S6 run.

Looking forward to Action, Animal Man, Batman, Batwoman, Justice League Dark, Swamp Thing the most out of everything else.

fodigg said...

"Ken: A Booster Gold book where Michael still knew everything from the past, and is basically the POV character for longtime DC readers to learn about this new universe."

Oh my goodness a thousand times yes to this. One of my biggest sad-faces re: the new 52 is the hit Booster is taking.

OscarV said...

Kind of hard to decide just 1 title I am most excited about.

Batman and Swamp Thing have Snyder writing it so they're can't miss. I've liked Ivan Brandon's writing on both the Nemesis minis that were released by DC not so long ago, so I am looking forward to Men of War. Lemire's Frankenstein and Animal Man should be fun. Grifter, Dark JLA, Aquaman arrgh.

Maybe: O.M.A.C; if this had another writer I could have been excited about it, especially with Giffen's art on it. However Didio's writing isn't my cup of tea. I might still check on the 1st issue to see if he can surprise me though.

Oh no you didn't: Hawk & Dove. I'm not one for the Liefeld bashing you see on many message boards. I am more of the "don't like it, don't buy it" crowd, hence I won't buy it.

Jon said...

Most anticipated: Action Comics, but I've become a Grant Morrisson fan (he basically got me back into comics, along with Johns` GL series)

Least excited: Hawkman. I hate the character, and I don`t really enjoy the writings of Tony Daniel

Suprise hit: probably JLI, and I have a good feeling on Nightwing. I'm hoping the Flash is good.

Flops: Suicide squad. That looks terrible.

Biggest non JL hits: Batman and GL

btownlegend said...

The truth is I was buying alot of Bat titles before so that will probably hold up.Morrison on Action, Animal Man has that buzz, Swamp Thing and JLA Dark are interesting me. The real stretches for me will be Wonder Woman, the Cornell titles and Grifter. Just can't say no to those.

Ivan said...

My most anticipated books are Action Comics and Animal Man. I don't have high hopes for Suicide Squad and the Lobdell books.

mrevansrm said...

Demon Knights has me stoked for some reason. Synder's Batman is a must, if just to see how we handles Bruce under the cowl.

Least excited:
The Wildstorm books. I am of an age where those stories were never part of my reading.

Surprise Hit: I can't pin one down as there are so many wildcards. But my hope is that one of the new solo books, focusing on a newer character will rasie somebody up to teh level of prominence, thus infusing some new blood into the A-list.

mrevansrm said...

Title I wish was happening:
An in-continuity All Ages books focusing on the DCnU characters. Even Superman can't be angry ALL the time, ya know.

Lucho said...

I will be picking up: Batman - Animal Man - Hawkman - Deathstroke.

I will be hc/trade waiting Justice League - All Star Western - Swamp Thing - Action Comics - Superman

themaskedndi said...

I'm hugely excited for Demon Knights and Stormwatch. I'm such a fan of Paul Cornell to begin with, and he's really been selling those books. I can't wait to read them.

I have a weird feeling that Animal Man is going to be a breakout hit. I hope I'm right, it's got a great creative team and I'm expecting it to be an excellent comic.

I hope people give Static Shock a chance. Rozum is one talented writer, and Static is a great character. One of those books I'm probably going to give out issues to to in an attempt to convince them of its awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

I'm not all up in arms about the new universe. But if JLA 1 takes place 5 years ago when heroes are new, how does Batman's and Green Lantern's continuity work? In 5 years Batman has had 4 Robins, and Dick Grayson has gone from 12 or so to 22 or so in that time? How does Cyborg Superman blowing up Coast City and all the resulting GL history which is key to Johns great GL run fit in that time frame, let alone Cyborg Superman in general cause I am assuming Supes hasnt died and been resurected in the new Universe. Just wondering how it all fits if they are trying to keep the successful recent Bats and GL history in this new world.

Dennis Kreative Idea said...

After reading all the reviews on the "52" personal assessment is reall7y short, if not sweet.

Comics are not novels wherein your imagination is the source of the pictures for the stories. Comics are a visual medium first and foremost. That said, the art of a book should be pleasing to the eye to capture my attention and interest.

Many of the books given good grades have very poor artwork. The story doesn't matter a bit if the artwork is so shoddy that my eyes bleed. Again, it's comics...not novels.

Batwing is great art...Captain Atom is done in crayon. Aquaman has beautiful visuals...Omac is blocky with rough lines that were great for the 60's, not so great in the age of Alex Ross and Frank Cho.

After reading comics for 34 years and amassing a collection of over 40k books...I have certain standards after seeing it all, and much of what I have read here falls below those standards.

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