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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/10/11

The second week of the DC farewell tour stops by Detective Comics, Red Robin and Batgirl for some truly touching moments in this installment of Moments of the Week, but we also run into orbital punches in Fear Itself, the Amazing Spider-Man having a case of stolen identity, and balancing budgets in Ultimate Fallout. More after the jump? Of course!

Amazing Spider-Man #667

Jackal rallies the gangs of Manhattan, with their new-found spider-powers, to partake in some random acts of violence, in a variety of spider-suits. Naturally, chaos ensues, as the Avengers show up to try and deal with hundreds of baddies having the same powers as Spider-Man. Even Carlie Cooper has spider-powers.

The Avengers probably knew that was the real Spider-Man, they just wanted to beat him up for all of his jokes.

New Avengers #15

Squirrel Girl takes out nazis with the help of her fellow Eichhörnchen. She'll probably be the one to defeat the Serpent in Fear Itself, have to keep that streak of beating the big name villains intact.

Batgirl #24

Batgirl was exposed to Black Mercy spores by her terrible father Cluemaster, but was able to fight off the dreams after being rushed to the hospital. And we get a nice touching moment between Stephanie and her mom, handled very well. Farewell, Stephanie-Batgirl, you were the DC version of Ultimate Spider-Man.

Detective Comics #881

One stab! James Gordon stabbed his sister in both of her femoral arteries, then ripped the knives out to speed up the bleeding. Babs won't go down that easy though. And neither does James.

And Dick arrives, having placed a tracker on James when they met a few issues earlier (James also put together that Dick was Batman and Babs was Batgirl at one point). While saving Babs by cauterizing the wounds. James escaped, only to be shot in both his legs and apprehended by his father Jim Gordon.

 That's one of the panels of the year, right there.
A great moment, and one of the closest admissions Jim has done to acknowledging what Dick, and by exstension Bruce, have been doing in Gotham City for all these years. If you didn't pick up any of Scott Snyder's Detective Comics issues, the whole run is collected in a hardcover for release in November, it's a must-read.

Booster Gold #47

Probably the easiest way to kill Doomsday since Imperiex vaporized him in Our Worlds at War. After this, Booster and Alex fly over to London to meet up with Barry, using the Speedforce to get Booster into the timestream to fix everything. In the process Alex is killed by an Atlantean laser beam thingy.

And that's how Booster Gold ends (there's one more page where Alex appears as energy and turns out to be the one who wrote the Flashpoint stuff on the chalkboard months ago). DC have said that with the new universe there are no outs or backdoors to undo everything, so I guess that also means Booster won't remember the way things were either, despite getting to Vanishing Point to make things right.

Fear Itself #5

The Serpent breaks Cap's shield, then takes his ball and goes home. Or rather, the heroes are so bummed out they kind of call it quits, with Spider-Man leaving the scene to be with his family. Meanwhile, Thor is beating on Thing and Hulk, and just punched a hole in Ben with Mjolnir.

Send Franklin to go stop the Serpent, problem solved. At least let him fix Cap's shield and clean up the city.

Thor is is switch hitter, he's only ever fought Hulk with his left hand. Switch to the right hand and you get greater distance on your swings. It looks like he knocked Hulk to Florida, although that might be Italy. Wherever he is, he's going to fight Dracula next.

War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath #2

I don't think Kyle quite got the message. Maybe a dragon construct will change his mind.....

....ah. Very well, carry on. Korugar must have their own version of Sleeping Beauty for Soranik to make a dragon. All this was over Soranik and her buddies trying to kill Sinestro, who was taken away by the Guardians to get the ring off his finger.

The Guardians sure aren't very nice immortals. The way you get a ring off a GL is by making a construct of butter, duh.

Red Robin #26

After setting up a scenario where Captain Boomerang made every possible decision to get himself killed by his own actions, including a showdown with Mr. Freeze, Tim still doesn't let him die. And then he hears it from both Dick and Bruce. Every hero gets one blemish on their record, this could have been Tim's, you know?

Ultimate Fallout #5

Sneaky, sneaky Pietro, who is also having bizarre moments where he sees visions of his dead sister Wanda telling him about a prophecy and directing him to Egypt. Let my people go, indeed!

Fury's got hundred of super soldier mouths to feed, how can he do that on such a budget? Thor should offer gold from his own Asgardian coffers to help out, the freeloading hippie.

X-Men Legacy #253

And in one of the fastest jumps from one story to the next that I've seen in modern comics, the Legacy team warps to go help out the X-Jammers in space. Magneto should have a field day in space with all the metal ships, he could become the next Shi'ar King if he really wanted to.

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CombatSpoon86 said...

Books like Detective, Batgirl, and Red Robin end in a good fashion but us fans are liking it. Luckily Snyder still gets Batman. But Batgirl and Red Robin gets the boot :(

Looks like I wanna get Snyder's Detective in the nice big Hardcover and keep the issues as well.

Golos said...

Budget cuts, scarier than the Hulk, alien invaders and Gah Lak Tus combined.

CombatSpoon86 said...

Mean't aren't liking it in my previous comment.

cubic_balloon said...

I love how Ultimate Nick Fury can stay calm in the most dire situations, but completely freaks out with the budget cut.

fodigg said...

So the end of Booster Gold is that instead of this fantastic destiny, he fails and the Time Masters all fail and Flashpoint/nDCU happen. And it happens not in spectacular fashion, but with a whimper.


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