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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/17/11

Is is Friday already? That means another super-sized issue of Moments of the Week! This week, the conclusions of Batman, Superboy, and Ultimate Fallout, plus some big twists in Venom and X-Men: Schism. Also this week we see some major arm twisting in Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine. More after the jump? Do you even need to ask? 

Batman #713

And so the last issue of Batman wraps up, as a Fabian Nicieza penned story narrated by Damian to survivors of the No Man's Land incident. A good way to establish that over the past five years, Damian really has grown from being the spoiled rich ninja kid. And Dick really was a good teacher, probably even better than Bruce.

Daredevil #2 


Daredevil had to leave because there was an ambulance he had to chase. Nice scene where the two switch weapons in a light skirmish, although I take it Waid's run has to start after Fear Itself if Steve has his shield back.

Green Lantern Corps #63 

Don't mess with a human's hamburger, you anti-human space jerks. Next time we'll just let Nekron destroy the universe.

Journey Into Mystery #626 

Loki and his new pal the Destroyer set out to make the recently risen Dark Asgard fall back into the ether. After Fear Itself, who knows, maybe a buddy sitcom on basic cable, Destroyin' the House starring Bob Saget?

Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine #3 

Always stay two arms length away from infected savage superheroes, just in case this might happen to you. With Ben infected, the Baxter Building is destroyed and the remaining heroes rally scientists to meet up in New Jersey to continue to find a cure. Only problem with that goal is that the Hulk has gathered his own group of transformed superpeople to try and stop them.

A treat, as always, a Maberry written Deadpool, before he became infected and the Punisher's punching bag!

That was one powerful hand clap, Smokey the Bear could learn to use that move.

Ouch, Hulk looks like he's just eating a gingerbread man in that panel.

Superboy #11 

When life gives you lemons, just punch them until they give you lemonade. Superboy and his pals save the day, although the Psion subplot is pretty much dropped due to having to speed everything up for the reboot.
Nice final page, with Krypto and the gang just hanging out. I can't help but think the red sky looking sunset was a bit intentional by the creators.

Superman/Batman #87

Don't try and shoot the farm boy, it never works out well. Taking Clark as a hostage, the Joker decides to just jump out the window.

And in those thirty seconds Superman is able to tie up the Joker before he can even land after his handy dandy escape.

Thunderbolts #162

Satana has such a dirty mind, especially when flying water monster are attacking the third largest city in the US. Man-Thing continue to absorb the water monsters like he's eating power up mushrooms, ultimately becoming......

So in the future, look forward to a new Man-Thing, as he finally outgrew his current form. The story goes that a cow kicked over a lantern that caused the Great Chicago Fire, but I think it was because Man-Thing went back in time to spook the cow.

Ultimate Fallout #6

Hopefully Cap isn't quitting, but simply asking for a shield polish. Or maybe those budget cuts Fury is dealing with from last issue means no more shield wax. Fury steps out to talk with MJ, who just saw Aunt May and Gwen Stacy leave their house to go live in France, courtesy of Tony Stark.

Don't cry, Fury, there will be another Spider-Man for you to try and mentor. And there we go, the second deck clearing exercise for the Ultimate Universe in its ten year existence, next up is Hickman's turn on Ultimates.

Venom #6

Venom-dog is the best host for the symbiote. That is actually Samson, General Aaron's seeing eye dog, trying to stop one of those big human spider hybrids that was hanging around with the Jackal from destroying the base. 

Who really saw that coming? A nice twist here, coming in a tie-in book as opposed to the main Spidey book.

X-Men: Schism #3

Outnumbered after the Hellfire Kids take down a group of X-Men consisting of Iceman, Magneto, Colossus and Emma Frost, Idie does what she has to do.

And the second rip among the two top mutant leaders. On top of all this, what looks like a Master Mold starts to form at the wreckage of the museum while these two argue over the ethics of a teenage mutant killing to protect innocent people and their fellow mutants. 

Generation Hope #10

Schism itself didn't really show how far Idie went in saving the hostages, so Generation Hope shows how a mutant with control over extreme temperatures takes out bad guys. To say this has affected Idie mentally would be an understatement.

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Greg said...

My moment of the week has to be the speech page from Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine. Wolverine gives a short but inspiring speech, Hulk's two lines were bone chilling, and then Deadpool caps it off with a hilarious line.

Space Jawa said...

Did Starro turn green and make a trip over to Marvel, or what's going on with those green Starfish thingies?

Kevin said...

No Tiny Titans. Boooo!

I do need to check out Thunderbolts. I keep meaning to check the title out again but haven't gotten around to it.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Giant Size Man-Thing is golden.

That whole DD/Cap scene was glorious.

Golos said...

"Humans out?"
You could always join the less speciesist Blues, Kyle. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I assume that the three kids Damian is telling the story to are Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson. Nice touch by Nicieza.

The Dangster said...

I also love the fact that Bob Kane is the one that doesn't get it.

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