Friday, August 26, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/24/11

With this week's installment of Moments of the Week, you will gasp with the revelation in Wolverine, laugh with the hijinks of Justice League Retroactive, and cry as Superman wraps up his married life in Action Comics. Plus, Robin's new hairdo in Batman: Arkham City, learn the origin of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' names, and see what happens when you refuse beer in Ultimates. Much more after the jump.

Action Comics #904

And there we go, the last issue of the longest running comic from the big two publishers. It was nice of Paul Cornell to kind of brush off both the Grounded story and Superman renouncing his US citizenship, and Lois hits the nail on the head about why Clark is so great. You will be missed, current version of Superman.

Batman: Arkham City #5

That is the videogame version of Robin (Tim Drake). The blond hair doesn't bother me as much as the idea that Tim is as tall and as built as Bruce is. No bookworm in this world I see!
And so the gauntlet is thrown, be here in October when you can determine if Hugo Strange succeeds or fails. Two men enter, one man leaves!

Batman: Gates of Gotham #5

The twist of the series is revealed, that the journal that's been narrating the series isn't exactly written from a sane playing field, due to the pressurization sickness the suit creates. Bridges are saved, the bat-family rejoices, but not all of them....

And that does it for the second iteration of Dick Grayson as Batman. Maybe the third time's the charm?

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #13

Batman and Guy save an innocent city from space station wreckage, and capture the League of Shadows operative who murdered one of Bruce's friends on the station. His punishment? One punch.
 I was kind of hoping for Guy to get a punch in (and then fly all the way back to Oa) before the relaunch, just so they can be on equal footing for all the new readers. You know, make a construct to slap him upside the head or something.

Retroactive 1990's: Justice League America

Two revelations in the flashback issue: that the cat that caused so much trouble when it first appeared in Justice League America #37 is named Theodore, and that Guy's middle name is Darrin. All of this while a piece of Apokolips tech makes Big Sir into a giant Parademon rampaging through the city. What more could you really ask for in a comic?

Retroactive 1990's: Superman

See the foreshadowing from the kid building the Snowman (or is that Snowsteel?). From one extreme to the other, Mullet Superman loses all his hair due to the slug's acid and becomes Mr. Clean Superman.

It has been a long time since I saw Jon Bogdanove's art, and the guy seems to have gotten better with age. Bashing genetically modified slugs back into the earth never looked so good.

Clark is looking a bit like Bibbo there, but look at that apologetic face of his, how can you stay mad?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1

Leading with the jokes, that's how you start a reboot to a TMNT series. Raphael isn't part of this opening scene fight, but rather rummaging through garbage cans for food, seemingly separated from his family.

And April's connection to the Turtles is modified, as is how they got their names (Raphael is the best ninja turtle).

Raphael might not like the shirt, but surely Michelangelo would, right?

Ultimates #1

It's not like that, honest! The Asgardians actually stole a whole bunch of beer from a German brewery, the freeloading hippies. Meanwhile Tony pilots his Iron Man armor in South America via mental command in Tokyo (gotta love technology):


It was really not SHIELD's day, was it? Also in Germany was the Dome, Reed Richard's world where everyone is advancing humanity, similar to the World from Morrison's New X-Men or even the Vault from Mike Carey's X-Men run.

Wolverine #14

The Red Right Hand does not mess around. That's like something out of an Asian revenge movie right there.

X-Men Legacy #254

Magneto makes sure that opposites don't attract in this fight. After helping the Shi'ar, he finds out about some humans helping those Grad Nan Holt soldiers (test tube species who rose up against the Shi'ar after War of Kings). Who, oh who, could those humans be?

A schism on Earth, a schism in space! Will mutantkind ever get along?

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Daryl said...

That TMNT comic looks great, thanks for the post!

Steve said...

As a HUGE fan of all things TMNT, I'm glad the new series is looking so good. One question: does anyone know how IDW's trade collections are? Are they pretty reliable? I'm a trade-waiter through-and-through, but if they don't collect everything or if it takes them years to do so I'll have to get some floppies.

Also, Donatello is the best turtle.

Glad to see the JLI Retroactive issue got some love. Kevin Maguire absolutely killed this issue (no surprise there). I love Beetle's reaction when he walks in and sees the cat. Giffen and DeMatteis also brought the Bwah-ha-ha in full force.

maybetoby said...

Korvus is there, sweet! I was afraid we'd only see Rachel, Havok, and Polaris, and that he woulda been cast into obscurity. Really pleasantly surprised to see that isn't the case.

maskedmanissue1 said...

Hands down, and even with so many DC comics coming to an end this week, my moment of the week can be summarized in that panel with Thor having beer dropping from his mustache about to bring the house down.

Second place easily goes to Logan on his knees after the revelation from the Red Right Hand.

CombatSpoon86 said...


Not sure how IDW puts out their trades. Most likely probably like a month or two after the first story arc is finished. They already gonna release this fall Kevin Eastman old ninja turtle run this fall in Deluxe Ultimate collection. They run 50 bucks but on Amazon its 30 bucks.

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