Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cover of the Week - Batgirl & Batman and Robin

Welcome to another edition of Cover of the Week. This time around, it's a good week to be a Bat-title, as they seemed to have stolen all of the glory with their wonderful covers. Hit the jump to see the winners.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Batman & Robin #26 by Chris Burnham

Matt: This cover wins just for the sake of its flat out insanity. Very creative and memorable visuals going on in here, with plenty of details to keep you gazing into the abyss. For example, I hadn't noticed that Nightrunner was hanging on the side until just now.

Ken's Cover of the Week - Batgirl #24 by Dustin Nguyen

Ken: If you have to cancel a book as good as Batgirl, you let the last cover be a great who's who of the current series. Add to the always lovely art by Dustin Nguyen and it's my choice for cover of the week.

Runner-Ups:  New Mutants #29, PunisherMAX #16, The Spirit #17

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