Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cover of the Week - Secret Six & Jonah Hex

Welcome to another edition of Cover of The Week. This time around, it's a week of farewells as two series say goodbye with particularly strong covers. What are we talking about? See the winners after the jump.

Matt's Cover of the Week - Jonah Hex #70 by Ryan Sook

Matt: And the award for creepiest cover image of the year goes to...! Seriously though, this is a really intriguing setup, and the use of the colors is wonderful as well. A very effective and eye-catching cover. 

Ken's Cover of the Week - Secret Six #36 by Jim Calafiore

Ken: I always like covers that play with the idea that they can look into the comic itself, and the final issue of Secret Six does just that (the page is Secret Six #31). The cover also plays with the idea that it's the last issue, and that the team are taking the logo down. Except for Deadshot, who decided just to be a bad tenant and shoot up the place.

Runner-Ups:  Batman: Gates of Gotham #4, Mystic #1, Red Skull #2

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American Ritual said...

Secret Six beats Red Skull? How about no?

Shamus said...

But it did and does.

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