Friday, August 12, 2011

Moment of the Day - The Adults in the Room

Fantastic Four Versus the X-Men #4, by Chris Claremont and Jon Bogdanove

Superheroes having to be put in their place by a little kid and a dragon with a penchant for alcohol is never something that should happen, no wonder the SHRA was a good idea.

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Bob said...

Anyone notice the placement of Lockheed in that second panel?

Jeremy said...

I love this damn story. It's just the sweetest thing, while still giving you the required amount of X-men vs the Fantastic Four.

Franklin riding on Lockheed just might be the cutest thing ever. And I love Magneto's body language there when he's letting go of his power. "Awww, but I wanted to blow up the plane :("

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