Friday, August 19, 2011

The Process - Ep 3 - Of Character Versus Plot

The Process podcast returns with its third episode on the Image Addiction network. Kurtis Wiebe sits down with Jeremy Holt, and me, Ryan K Lindsay, to discuss comic writing from people on the front line. If you're interested in behind the scenes information about comics, their creation, and other nerd topics then download this podcast. You can subscribe to Image Addiction in iTunes, or your podcast catcher. You can also see the Image Addiction website for updates, information, and live streaming of the pod. Hit the jump to read the show notes on this latest episode of The Process.

The third episode of the writing podcast, The Process. Hosted by Kurtis J. Wiebe (Intrepids, Green Wake), Ryan Lindsay (CBR) and Jeremy Holt (Joy Hog), The Process takes aim at the comic writing industry with the high hope of tackling a stack of interesting topics from collaboration to publication.

Special Appearance by Ryan’s crying and cooing baby in the background!

Wow Factor – A discussion about our favourite comic moments of the week, be it a specific panel, page or collection of pages. This episode we discuss Last Mortal, Mark Waid’s Daredevil, and Blacksad.

Progress Report – The gents chat about their victories in personal writing projects and Kurtis talks about the difficulties of beginning a new arc in a series once it becomes an ongoing project and Jeremy shares the frustration of receiving the almighty rejection letter.

Grill ‘Em! – We open the floor to you the listener, with this week’s question from James on our Facebook page, “writing for the audience – do you write what will be popular and change a story arc to be more commercial or do you write for yourselves?”

The Process – The heart of The Process series where the hosts talk about their personal spin on the creative development of their projects. Things get serious, the boys talk about death, love and family when they discuss how everyday experiences shape the stories they create. Less serious when Ryan makes a penis joke.

The Roundtable – An open talk about a random comic related topic, this week discussing if they gravitate towards characters or plot in their writing. Ryan outs Kurtis for rigging this week’s Roundtable.

Wrap It – Kurtis tries to sound half as intellectual and debonair as Ryan. (NOTE FROM RYAN: I did not write these show notes.)



Hope you enjoy the listen. If you've got any thoughts on the show, let us know in the comments below. We'd also like to promote discussion here on our pod topics; how much of yourself ever goes into your writing, and are characters more important than the plot (and, yes, you must choose one)?

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