Friday, August 26, 2011

The Process – Sensation Spectacular Ep 1 with The Intrepids’ Scott Kowalchuk

The Process podcast unlocks a new special feature in the Sensation Spectacular. In these special episodes, some of the regular crew chat to another luminary from the comic field and discuss that person’s process. To kick things off, Kurtis Wiebe invited his artistic collaborator on The Intrepids from Image Comics. Scott Kowalchuk drops some knowledge on his comic creation process, hit the jump for links to make with the downloading.

Logo by Kevin Dazet
This episode is a special one if you’ve been enjoying The Intrepids as the two creators go back and forth on how this book came into existence and rocked the shelves like you all know how.

To get to the podcast you can:

Subscribe on iTunes

Play from the Image Addiction website

Show Notes

The Process Sensation Spectular!

Special Guest: Scott Kowalchuk of The Intrepids from Image Comics

The first attempt at a special edition of The Process where current creators are brought into the mix to discuss their work and act as a sounding board for the crew.

This episode is a special retrospective look back at the origin of the series Kurtis and Scott created, about the growing pains of developing a new series and the realities of working in a co-creator relationship. A real intense look behind the scenes of independent comics!


Thanks to the Image Addiction crew for hosting the podcast. Check out their other chats and interviews. I’m absent from this Sensation Spectacular but I will be present for one in the future and I’ve lined up a very, very special guest. Stay tuned.


Have you listened to this inaugural Sensation Spectacular? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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