Friday, September 2, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 08/31/11

A lighter version for today's Moments of the Week, but that should be expected when the second largest publisher only ships two books. But we will perservere! On tap this week is Flashpoint, the highly anticipated Justice League reboot, gods being jerks in Mighty Thor, literal public defenders in Amazing Spider-Man, and Ultimate Hawkeye being a very soothing hostage negotiator. Hit the jump for the good stuff.

Amazing Spider-Man #668

Spider-Man was benched by the other heroes for being too hard to distinguish from the bad Spider-Men, so Peter Parker does whatever a spider can by rallying John Q. Public to help squash a few bugs.

Flashpoint #5
Batman kills Professor Zoom, only to then be killed by Enchantress, who then..... killed by Superman with a "splat!" and then everybody is killed by Aquaman's earth splitting weapon. So Barry runs back in time to fix it, only to find this...

And that is how the new/old DC Universe is formed. To say that this comes out of nowhere (in a Flash) is an understatement, and it almost reads like Barry didn't really have a choice, it just happens.

Journey Into Mystery #626.1
Loki calls up a Teller to ask about how people view him, and as is his way the Teller decides he doesn't much like Loki.

Bailed out by Thor and one of Odin's ravens, the little rascal is saved. But like Rockwell, he'll always feel like someone is watching him.

Justice League #1

So here we go, the big reboot book arrives, and is mainly a Brave and the Bold starring Green Lantern and Batman. Hal's been made to be extra cocky, so much so I was expecting Batman to "one punch" him this issue. The two are both hunting down a Parademon and a Mother Box, and then head over to Metropolis to find Superman, because he's an alien too.

And Superman's first appearance in the new universe is one where he beats up Green Lantern for no real reason. Could be mind control, could be the new take on Superman, but it is certainly different from saving a space shuttle from crashing.

The Mighty Thor #5
Can't gods just get along? Odin kind of knocks himself out of commission with that headbutt, and Galactus continues his search for the Galactus Seed. But the Asgardian Dennis the Menance has it.

And away he goes into the World Tree, because where else would you put a seed?

Pastor Mike vs. Galactus. Who knows, it could work out like when Aunt May teamed up with Galactus.

Ultimate Hawkeye#1
Fingernails, glass, it doean't matter, Hawkeye will kill you with it.

And Hawkeye saves the day. Turns out SEAR had developed not only an undetectable virus that removes the x-gene from everyone, but they also developed their own superpower serum, which is what Hawkeye was dealing with above. This is exactly what happens when you cut Nick Fury's budget in half!

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patrick said...

as a DC reader of comics since Infinite Crisis,It's difficult to really get into Justice League because I felt i finally caught up and now they are resetting it. I mean, it isn't that hard to spend a day or two on wikipedia and see what you missed! Anyway, the first issue is fun and refreshing, and I'm sure its pulling in new readers which is the whole point of this. At least Morrison's epic Batman odyssey and John's great run on GL is roughly untouched. fingers crossed this all works out for the best.

Anonymous said...

you gotta start putting up moments from uncanny xforce cause it was absolutely amazing this issue so far

CombatSpoon86 said...

Man I was hoping for Uncanny X-Force moments.

maybetoby said...

agreed, missing Uncanny X-Force. The whole revisit to Age of Apocalypse was full of "moments".

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