Friday, September 16, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/14/11

If you thought last Friday's Moments of the Week was big, we're making this week's version as big as Amanda Waller used to be! Week two of the DC relaunch shows up, and gives us Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Superboy, and Green Lantern. But that's not all, as Ultimate Spider-Man relaunches, Uncanny X-Force delivers delightful drummings, Fear Itself enters the homestretch and we even have a real shock ending with Nate Cosby's new series PIGS. There's something for everyone this week, so hit the jump to find what's for you.

Amazing Spider-Man #669

See, spider-powers are all fun and games until people really start turning into spiders, like below:

Why Carlie, you've never looked lovelier. The big bad behind Spider-Island is The Queen, the villain from Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos' Spectacular Spider-Man run. You know, the one where Peter turned into a giant spider and gave birth to himself?

Batman & Robin #1

And so the first patrol of Bruce and Damian starts in Crime Alley, where Bruce finally sends his brooding down the drain. And of course Damian continues to poke at his superior, even if it's his dad.

No family sitcom ending for this duo, as the two would probably start stabbing one another with batarangs. Looks like Dick was the cool stepdad after all.

Batwoman #1

J.H. Williams brings the lovely double page splashes in force for this long-awaited series. The transition from the Bat symbol to the Flamebird design is a nice touch.

Hey, where did Bette get that bra, she was going without support in the panel above?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #1

Man, some bankers sure can be bloodsuckers, right?

Daredevil #3

That last panel is just great, and I can't explain why. Maybe it's because the cars are so polite, waiting for Daredevil to finish destroying Klaw?

Matt look out there's a devil behind you! Another nice touch by Paolo Rivera, as there is fun with word balloons when dealing with a guy who has temporary ear damage.

Fear Itself #6

Odin doesn't expect or like Steve's tone, so he just whisks him away back to Earth while he tends to his son's injuries. Meanwhile, Tony's putting the finishing touches on his Uru weapons...

And Steve Rogers decides to hold the line by himself while Tony gets the weapons ready, but is seriously channeling USAgent in that page. Which means he's going to defeat The Serpent by himself.

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1

Ray Palmer makes his first appearance in the DCnU, having designed SHADE's headquarters, which is called the Ant Farm. It's a three inch sphere floating around the world at Mach 1 that you can only teleport to and then shrink down to fit inside. Take that, Hall of Justice!

Frankenstein is a bit like John McClane, having to clear out a city to save his wife. If only Father Time chose the body of a fat black cop instead of a japanese schoolgirl. This really was a book that just threw everything out there, because why not?

Green Lantern #1

Sinestro heads back to his old sector, but finds Korugar is under the hostile control of the Sinestro Corps. Even worse, he almost gets snitched on. A wire made of willpower, the easiest and most deadly construct to make.

Hal has been out of the loop for so long with anything that doesn't have to do with being a Green Lantern, he pretty much deserves the to get wet there. Mahnke captures Carol's reaction perfectly.

Journey Into Mystery #627

In case it needs to be said again (and it looks like it does), DO NOT LISTEN TO MEPHISTO. The guy even has a machine to make ink out of blood, he's thought of all the options when offering you something, so just let the tip go, ok?

New Avengers #16

Daredevil proves he's the better babysitter by saving Squirrel Girl and Dani from the Nazibots and leading them to an underground shelter. Luke and Jessica are so touched by Matt going to save their kid during Fear Itself they try to give Matt something he doesn't have....

And there we go, Daredevil is now an Avenger, Luke forgives Matt for the Shadowland stuff, and apparently the good guys win in Fear Itself because this scene takes place three weeks after the event.


And for something that fans of Criminal and the Losers might enjoy, Nate Cosby's first issue of PIGS. The premise is simple, some sleeper agents were sent into Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and were recently activated, leading to a last page shocker. I put in those black boxes, because the book kind of has a potty mouth, but it's definitely worth a look for fans of the pulp and espionage genre.

Red Lanterns #1

Atrocitus soothes his rage by watching Youtube clips of cats playing with cardboard boxes and disliking all the dog clips.

Resurrection Man #1

Wait, you're only supposed to be sucked into jet engines if you're wearing a cape! Pixar got it wrong!

That firefighter is the same thing that Mitch was trying to stop from crashing the plane. Apparently someone who can never die has a soul so worthwhile in purity and power both Heaven and Hell are fighting over it.

Severed #2

Teenagers smoking? Unheard of! Jack and his new friend Sam don't find Jack's dad, but are instead told to head to another city, all the while Jack's picturesque idea of the world is being blemished bit by bit. Again, some lovely art by Futaki.

The walking embodiment of the Boogeyman strikes again, getting closer and closer to Jack. I'm pretty sure we'll see where the book gets its name soon.

Suicide Squad #1

And prime leader for the "what were they thinking?" category in the DC relaunch is that Amanda Waller, affectionately known as The Wall for her girth and hard nosed attitude, is now drawn to be just like every other woman in comics. Movies or not, there was nothing wrong with Waller's previous figure.

Superboy #1

Superboy realizes he's being monitored simply because he can't feel anyone else out there with his powers, a nice touch. By issues end he's given a chance to get out into the world thanks to his NOWHERE captors, but only to take down the other heroes who we'll see in Teen Titans.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1

Hey, haven't we seen this before? Miles is bit by a modified spider that his uncle, the Ultimate version of Prowler, unknowingly brought back from a heist at an abandoned Oscorp Lab.

And the first appearance of the new spider-powers appears, invisibility.

Uncanny X-Force #15

Feminism is sometimes a rough subject to talk about, because many a debate about the subject involved shutting up the opponent with umbrellas.

Cheetos probably didn't want to be mentioned in a book about a secret mutant hit squad.

Saving the best for last it seems, this is the page of the week, right there. It reminds me a bit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Everything from the "miss" of Fantomex firing the gun to Warren getting beamed on the head works.

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Space Jawa said...

Anyone want to explain to me why Shocker has six arms and is robbing banks on Spider-Island instead of hanging with the Thunderbolts?

Ryan K Lindsay said...

New Avengers - Really? They accept Murdock back so quickly after he killed a man. In fact, they take him back furhter than usual by offering Avengers membership. Cage has so often had issues with Murdock's way of doing things and here he sweeps it all under the rug because of a few weeks of not being a murderer and ignoring his problems.

@Uncanny X-Force - that sentient bullet is making the best face in that final panel. Golden.

Ken Boehm said...

Space Jawa: I don't even know if Fear Itself takes place before or after Spider-Island. This is the problem with having events on top of events leading into other events.

Ryan: On top of killing people in Shadowland, I'm pretty sure Matt killed a bunch of Nazis both in Hell's Kitchen and at Avengers Mansion. Maybe he thought they were all like the Hand, so it's ok? All I know is Frank Castle would probably buy him a beer now.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice these glowy robed watcher type guys in Grifter and Batman & Robin? In Grifter there's a white one floating in the sky after he escapes his captor(s), and in Batman & Robin there's a red one standing next to a pool.

Christian said...

Anonymous, its not just in those two MRW (Mysterious Robed Woman) has been the Where's Waldo of EVERY DCnU Titles so far and was first seen in the Flashpoint 5 "explanation" splash

matthew. said...

I was taken aback by Waller's physical transformation in Suicide Squad. I agree, there was nothing wrong with her figure before. Hopefully, Waller's personality stays the same.

Also, why is King Shark now a hammerhead? Is there an explanation for this, or is it simply the new way of drawing him?

Peter F DiSilvio said...

@Matthew, the only way I would be happy with the Waller change is if we watch her put on the weight. Like the stress of the team drives her to it. A kind of Waller Girth Secret Origins, if you would.

Also, as for King Shark, I think it was mentioned in a Newsarama article when the cover was released that it was juts a new design and nothing else.

matthew. said...

The more I think about Suicide Squad, the less I like it. Not only is the twist super easy to see coming (it's the same twist in every black ops/spy story) but it's simply more evidence of the confusion between telling mature stories and transgressive acts for the sake of it. When DC thinks "adult" they automatically think of ripping people's arms off.

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