Friday, September 30, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/28/11

And the last week of the DC relaunch arrives! Busy as always with this end of the month installment of Moments of the Week, as Superman tries to recycle metal, Ultimates goes crazy with the fighting, Miles learns a lesson in Ultimate Spider-Man, an Aquaman walks into a seafood restaurant (stop me if you've heard that one), and Spider-Man gains an unexpected ally during Spider-Island. All this and much, much more after the jump!

Amazing Spider-Man #670
Spider-sinners repent, as Anti-Venom steps up to the plate to cure those turning full spider. This scene picks up in Venom #7, which we'll get to in a bit.

Best Spider-Man ever, or bestest Spider-Man ever? Spider-Jameson has no time for banter, only crass language and punching people who are cruisin' for a bruisin'!

Well, it looks like MJ hit the Jackal-pot, getting some spider-powers of her own. Will she be the newest Scarlett Spider? Red Widow? Spider-Model? The team-up possibilities with Spider-Jameson are endless.

Aquaman #1

Can Aquaman eat in peace? Apparently not, being accosted by onlookers and hipsters, and this wasn't even the full scene, that's how long Arthur sat there dealing with jerks. The moral of this story: be nice to Aquaman and he gives you gold. Surely the Aquaman jokes aren't worth losing that kind of money over, right?

Batman: The Dark Knight #1
And it looks like we have a new entrant into the Bruce Wayne girlfriends association, although she is missing half of her outfit. Speaking of half dressed women...

New villain White Rabbit shows up roaming the halls of Arkham, where a riot is in progress. For some reason Two-Face didn't participate in this riot, because Two-Face is dead! Kind of.

So many veins, it looks like he just got into a fight with Spider-Man and the webbing didn't dissolve. But you still have two faces, Harvey.

Blackhawks #1
There is nothing worse that having to go to the bathroom and having a bomb strapped to you. Blackhawks save the day in Kazakhstan, but Borat was lost in the fight, truly a sad day.

Hmm, why would they make a point about small things like nanites......

Ah, gotcha. If the Blackhawks are the DC version of GI Joe, then I guess whoever this Mother is might be part of the equivalent of Cobra.

Brilliant #1

What the cover to the issue didn't show you is that you may bounce a bullet off your cheek but it can really, really hurt.

And this is the general crux of the series; college kids try to expand on that connection between science fiction and reality by creating superpowers. And as the opening scene shows, they must be doing something right.

Flash #1
A nice way to lay out a page, with Barry going from place to place thinking about the guy he stopped as the Flash hours earlier, who just so happened to be one of his jogging/parkour buddies in college.

You can never run from yourself. Looks like Multiple Man on steroids.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #1
If Kyle has a flaw with his costume, it's his awkward crab mask, that kid knows nothing, swat him away with a giant green flyswatter.

Looks like Kyle hit the jackpot, he now has more rings than Michael Jordan.

The Savage Hawkman #1

So Carter tried to burn away the nth metal in a forest, and get rid of the Hawkman stuff, but it literally blew up in his face. Yet here is looks like it just came out of his skin, kind of like a DC version of Venom. If Carter starts talking about eating brains and using "we" a lot, DC have kind of gone too far. Also, the Hooded Lady just wasn't trying to hide in this issue.

Journey Into Mystery #628

Lil' Loki is mighty clever, trying to rewrite the book of fate that says Thor is going to die fighting the Serpent."And the two hugged each other and had frosty chocolate milkshakes, the end."

Justice League Dark #1

Crazy Enchantress seems to have carried over the idea that magic still does some damage to Superman, and down goes the regular Justice League.

I'm digging Zatanna's new outfit, and Mikel Janin's art this whole issue is really good and runs the gamut from action scenes to Shade and Madame Xanadu talking to one another.

Superman #1
That's the big reveal that ties into Stormwatch, released earlier this month.

The old Daily Planet building was demolished, making way for the new building. So Superman uses the old globe to take out this fire being. As you see on that last page, Jimmy Olsen is also sporting a Justin Bieber haircut this issue, and seems to have lost the freckles.

Teen Titans #1

Tim sure did kick that fake cop pretty hard in the neck, enough to smash his face into the side of the car and leave some blood.

Yeah Tim, you jerk, that name is going to stick now. This issue ties in really closely to Superboy, in that you kind of have to read one to get the other.

The Mighty Thor #6

Pastor Mike did stand up to Galactus before he and Odin let everything go, thanks to Loki hiding the Galactus Seed. But Silver Surfer uses this  as an opportunity to stop being Galactus' Herald. How this will tie into Annihilators, I don't know.

And here we have Mike cruising the cosmos, trying to tether Galactus to some sort of humanity when he tries to satiate his hunger. Interesting premise using a man of God to stop a godlike being from endangering other life in the universe.

Ultimates #2

Thor is not playing around this issue, taking on the Children of Tomorrow (those time accelerated people who were hanging out with Reed Richards) and having them realize it would be kind of fun to kill a god.

 So they decide to do just that, and pretty much rip through all the Asgardians.

Thor has no time to play games. He sticks his son in the World Tree with Mjolnir and effectively becomes mortal along with the remaining Asgardians. Science 1, Magic 0.

Ultimate Spider-Man #2

Miles and his dad have the equivalent of "the hero talk," revealing that both Dad and Uncle have been in jail earlier in their lives. At this point it seems like either one will bite the bullet. Come on, we know it's going to happen. Miles at this point thinks he's more of a mutant, so the idea that his Dad doesn't really care for them works to stop him from reaching out about his new powers even more (someone is going to slip on that ice Bobby left and break their neck).

Venom #7

And continuing from Amazing Spider-Man, here we have Flash using the symbiote to freak Eddie out enough to willingly go help Reed Richards and the others to find a cure for everyone having powers. Really good comparison of the symbiote being similar to a drug or alcohol, and plays well with Flash's past.

Voodoo #1

Women! Empowerment! Boobs! Blood! Fun for everyone!

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Klep said...

Clearly if you're going to give a woman of color her own book, she needs to be both a stripper AND a literal monster. Nice work DC.

JargonPhat said...

"Cut out a hole for your moustache," literally had me on the floor! Kudos to Dan Slott for what looks like a fun read. Though I'm with MJ, it is about damn time she caught up to the rest.

Aquaman looks, dare I say, intriguing. I'm impressed by the art, specifically the ease in which they illustrate the shock of Aquaman drawing his (couple more than) TRIdent for dramatic effect.

And the new Batman villain is a Playboy bunny? Seriously, that's just Emma Frost's original costume with ears and a cotton ball on the @$$! Don't get me started on Two-Face.

Brilliant seems like an interesting concept.

Where did Kyle's ring go in all those panels? Was he not wearing it? If so, why was his costume still on. Seemed weird, especially with all those other rings weirdly hovering around him, that the artist couldn't be bothered to draw it in anywhere.

Loves that Silver Surfer is bound to Earth for awhile (though when did he become Galactus' herald again?), and the new herald seems ripe with story potential!

Is it wrong that I'm just completely tired of the Ultimate line? I'm not saying it was (all) bad, and certainly not in the beginning. But certain writers just ran with the whole "kill a character to sell books" plot.

Those few pages of Venom had me on a geek (and, admittedly, emotional) rollercoaster! I squealed with glee to see Eddie Brock as Venom (even though it felt wrong, considering Eddie's protestations at the time)! For the first time, I'm digging the concept of the symbiote staying away from Brock.

Love this blog!

nf said...

I miss Eddie Brock Venom.

Anonymous said...

To Klep: clearly people are not as familiar with WildC.A.T.S. as DC was originally led to believe.

pendrake said...

1. For Amazing Spider-Man... J. Jonah Jameson: the Sensational Spider-Mayor...One of the finest Jameson & Spider-Man moments in Spidey history!

2. Also for Amazing Spider-Man... Wall-crawling Mary-Jane is also one of the hottest moments in MJ history (the recent spider-signal MJ cover was good too), though once she also starts to mutate I am sure it will go downhill quick...

3. For Batman: TDK... Hulk-Face SMASH puny Bat!

4. For Justice League: Dark... So...they put Zatanna's fishnets on her arms and gave her Wonder Woman 2010's misfitting & clashing jacket...? I cannot say I like Zatanna's DCnU look, but not as nearly as bad as the recent "Slutfire" and "Harlot Quinn" controversies which make my eyes twitch.

5. @JargonPhat... The Silver Surfer was "re-employed" to Galactus as his herald back during the first Annihilation series. However, the Surfer does have a lot more leeway in his current service to Galactus (the "explanation" to why the Silver Surfer can still appear in other series as Annhilators and such).

6. @Klep... Voodoo got her start during the very beginnings of Image Comics' WildC.A.Ts as a stripper (or "exotic dancer", whatever "politically correct" term it is these days) when Cole Cash (Grifter) sought her out, and is an alien-human hybrid (albeit earth-born and -raised so she had no alien invasion agenda). But yeah, DCnU has NOT been batting well on their female characters' portrayals, in general.

Klep said...

@pendrake: I realize the character has a history, but that doesn't mean they couldn't have gone with a character who is NOT a stripper and a monster, like maybe Vixen, or Renee Montoya, or Cassandra Cain. Was Voodoo a stripper in the old DC, or is that a new thing?

pendrake said...

1. @Klep... Voodoo was indeed a stripper and monster (if "earth-born alien-human hybrid" counts) during the era of Image & (later) Wildstorm Comics rather than directly DC. She was a critical member of WildC.A.Ts for being able to detect the aliens whom had infiltrated Earth across generations. Despite later combat training and refinement of her powers, and innate alien heritage, "stripper Voodoo" never was never really gotten past (as the comic excuse for her often bare-naked moments...go figure).

2. As for female characters that do not set back womens' rights 50 years, I absolutely agree with you. The current trend of how "DC respects women" in DCnU leaves much disappointment in its wake. Though DCnU Wonder Woman is a thankful exception (so far).

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