Friday, September 9, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 09/07/11

Today's Moments of the Week is packed with everything from everywhere, I think. We've got your Action Comics, your Detective Comics, some Thunderbolts fun, and spider-babies attack in Spider-Island: Avengers. A lot, lot more after the jump with most of the first week of the DC relaunch, so do it to it!

Action Comics #1

Superman tries to stop  a goon from killing Lois and Jimmy, but at the same time Luthor planned ahead to capture Superman with the biggest bullet he could find, even if it meant putting General Lane's daughter in danger. Luthor's speech about why Superman needs to be contained is a very good one, it makes you think he's perfectly sane, if only for the moment. If he ran for President again, I'd vote for him!

Animal Man #1

And one of the married couples in the DC Universe is still around, with family support to go beat up a guy holding children hostage at a hospital. That's how it's supposed to work.

The dog thing does seem to really be out of place. The baddie would expect super speed, super strength, but a dude barking? Yeah, it will throw you off balance.

Bloody Buddy, bloody Buddy, bloody Buddy! He says he's fine, but at home Buddy start to have weird dreams, leading to this last page....

See, when you daughter wants to have a pet, you get her a pet. Otherwise they bring zombie pets into the yard which is just really bad for the grass.

Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #1

Robo can't joke about Star Wars right now, he has to save trapped astronauts who will crash into a continent unless he and he alone can get there!

Satellites are the squirrels of space, always getting your spaceship's way.

New Avengers Annual #1

And in a move that surprises no one, Avengers Mansion is destroyed. Again. This time it's the Revengers, Wonder Man's new team that thinks everything bad happens because of the Avengers.

And in somewhat of a surprising move, they actually win. Next up, the Avengers team with a lot more heavyweights, in a book that has yet to be solicited (Marvel might want to make sure to fix that in the future).

Batgirl #1

That villain right there is the Mirror, a guy who kills people who have cheated death in one way or another. So he kills that guy there, and Babs freezes up because she keeps thinking about when she was shot and paralyzed. But the female cop, who saw the villain push the dude out the window, is so mad at Batgirl she points her gun at her and blames her for the crime. I mean, what?

Detective Comics #1

Naked Joker, in the first issue. Because you demanded it!

OK, now the next page is kind of rough,so just scroll down if you are squeamish.....

And two weeks into the new DCU, and I would say we have the current holder of the worst DC page yet. Dollmaker cuts Joker's face off with his consent, who creates a new word to describe how great it felt. And this is supposed to be a book rated T for Teen. Just over the top gore and a sense of being too extreme.

Batwing #1

Now this was a cool trick, showing that five years ago heroes were popping up not just in America but Africa as well, and that it was more of a global phenomenon much like Astro City handles superheroes. And heroes in Africa would have a much greater effect on their worlds than anywhere else in the world, a neat angle.

Green Arrow #1


I've never seen much of Smallville, but this sure seems like the TV version of Green Arrow. He's not as preachy, pretty insistent on having some cutting edge weapons, and really doesn't care to banter with villains, the punks. Plus no mustache, which makes Ollie look more like Roy.

Heroes for Hire #11

" could bite everyone on the backside." And Purple Man does escape. Misty's no killing policy sure blew up in her face this time.

Justice League International #1

And the team is assembled, just like that. Guy walks out when he finds out Booster is the team leader, which also makes Batman wonder just what the goal is for this other, more pliable Justice League team. But their first mission is to head out to save some UN scientists on an island...

I don't know how to respond to a Batman who was smiling last week and cracking jokes with Booster this week. Seriously, it's freaking me out.

Punisher #3

And it looks like nu-Vulture is dead. I mean, that means nothing when he was stabbed repeatedly by a guy who was Frankenstein for a year, but it sure seemed to be the end of the new guy.

Spider-Island: Avengers

Spider-babies are scary, but not as scary as Venom-babies. Now if Dani can defeat Squirrel Girl, and Squirrel Girl beat Doctor Doom, does that mean Dani is more powerful that Doctor Doom?

Static Shock #1

New Yorkers sure don't like superheroes in the DCU. Virgil does use a bit of science this issue, which is fun to read.

Those villains also have a gun that shoots laser CDs. Possibly ironically, since I didn't see an MP3 gun.

And Hardware shows up as Virgil's mentor, even giving him a lair to use at one of his New York factories. This is kind of cool, a real mentor, and a good way to let everyone know not all of Milestone was forgotten in this relaunch.

Stormwatch #1

So even Apollo and Midnighter's relationship seems to have been removed. And somewhere Batman is saying "I could have beaten those guys up quicker."

Swamp Thing #1

Picking up where the Search For Swamp Thing finished, Alec Holland just wants to be left alone, but the Green keeps trying to get to him. And even Swamp Thing shows up at the end. Probably because of what happened below...

Fly zombies, going in your ear, never getting out, making you snap your neck. If only that scene could have shown up in October for a real Halloween treat. And the source responsible for this swarm of insects are the remains of a Wooly Mammoth skeleton that got sucked into a tornado. This book still has a Vertigo feel, so don't think it's been neutered in any way.

Thunderbolts #163

Back in time, surrounded by Nazis, even villains know they need to kick some Kraut keester. But look who shows up to help!

Excellent attempt by Moonstone to change her outfit to be more appropriate for the time period. A classy doll, that Karla.

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CombatSpoon86 said...

That Joker Face cut off is eerie. Punisher, Tbolts, Animal Man, Swamp Thing were my absolute favorites this wk. Batgirl and Action had good solid outings as well

Steve said...

I picked up the New Avengers Annual hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Oops. Kudos to Bendis for really working to sell Wonder Man's motivation (it works for me), but he just burned up way too many pages doing so. I bought this book solely to see some Z-listers get some action, but half of them get zero dialogue. I get that this is a brawl book, but it still could have and should have done more.

And I was also surprised at the "to be continued" ending. Unless I missed something, that hadn't been mentioned before.

It's a shame there weren't any panels from the Wolverine: Debt of Death one-shot. The story was solid and entertaining enough, but David Aja's art was, as usual, out of this world. He's hands-down my favorite artist right now, and he proved why with this issue.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the Alex Alonso cameo in The Punisher will be mention, it was quite funny and totally unexpected ^^

patrick said...

by far Daniels best writing work on Batman. His art is still perfect. That ending had the best cliffhanger of any of the new DC books so far IMO.

Simon McDonald said...

@Patrick, did you read Batwing? I thought that ending topped Batman's!

patrick said...

@Simon...let me put it into perspective...Batwing getting stabbed or the THEE JOKER GETTING HIS ENTIRE FACE STRIPPED OFF!

Peter F DiSilvio said...

Batwing, 'Tec, and several other books from DC really knocked me for a loop this week. You have to give the reboot its due, the books are so far solid.

I was really surpised that I loved Hawk and Dove as much as I did. I think the story must be fantastic because usually I can't read anything Leifield draws

twobitspecialist said...

I love how Moonstone refers to the team as the "American Thunderbolts." When Baron Zemo came up with the team's name, he did it because he needed something that sounded like Blitzkrieg.

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