Friday, October 7, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/05/11

October arrives, and brings some creepy scenes for this week's Moments of the Week, with Swamp Thing and Animal Man leading the pack. We also have Severed showing what not to do with a bear trap, Thunderbolts using nazis for important science, Roger Langridge's new series Snarked, and Action Comics shows us how heroes can mess up your computer. All that and the final schism that will change the X-Men franchise forever, ever, after the jump!

Action Comics #2

A cape so tough and durable it will last long after it sucks you into a jet engine! Order now, supplies are limited! Shipping may take 3 months to 20 years depending on available Krypton rocket ships.

On the plus side, that isn't Krypto, so the super-dog is safe for now. Luthor's idea that the rocket is a bullet is a neat idea for justifying why he doesn't like Superman.

Animal Man #2

It's nice to see dead animals brought back to life aren't like Pet Sematary. Poor kitty sure would like some milk, although that can't be hygienic having dead animals all around the kitchen.

The neighbor did have it coming, and it's not really the worst thing to happen to you if you live next to a superhero family.

Spider-Island: Heroes For Hire #1

Spider-Paladin does whatever a a spider can, including the increased superiority complex.

And at the end Misty winds up getting powers too. I wonder if when she turns full spider she'll still have a metal hand or a metal leg.

Huntress #1

 High back kick!

High lingerie kick! (it's ok, she was breaking up a sex trafficking ring and had to look the part)

Super cool leg tackle! Marcus To does a really good job this issue in making the fighting Helena does really seem realistic.

Justice League International #2

Is no relationship safe with this relaunch? Gura fans unite!

Being a leader does have it's perks, it seems. One thing the issue does is let us know Skeets is still around, hanging back at the Booster-cave (which is probably a self-storage unit).

Severed #3

Jack and Sam run into the boogey man, now in his other disguise. And with a book titled "Severed," and you have a bear trap, I think we have a Chekov's gun thing going on here.

Snarked #1

 It's great to learn (when knowledge is power!)

So here is Roger Langridge's new series, Snarked, about a young Princess and Prince trying to find their missing father while having to avoid the dastardly plans of the Royal advisors. This book also has a talking Walrus and a Cheshire Cat, and the humor of Langridge's Thor: The Mighty Avenger  and Muppets work, so if you want a light-hearted story, look no further.

Static Shock #2

Virgil starts the time honored practice of checking out girls at school. Nice touch of naming the school after Dwayne McDuffie.

Static Scarface doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? I just like how during the fight Virgil is not only giving us science stuff but also commenting on villains learning their lesson. Some good internal dialogue here.

Swamp Thing #2

Creepy kid head on walking plague monster, creepy.

Neck snapping zombies all posing for the camera (with a kid to boot), super creepy. No running with scissors!

Thunderbolts #164

Troll is so happy, Parker has done a good job in making the character stay in the background a bit since she was created, and slowly build up interest in her wacky ways. Who doesn't like fish eating Asgardians raised by trolls?

Nazis, nature's Miracle-Gro. It's the only way to make sure new Man-Things grows up to be healthy and strong.

X-Men: Schism #5

And as always, while the adults argue the kids take up the initiative and help defeat the Sentinel. But this doesn't mean the two will stick together. Feeling that the kids shouldn't be taught to kill, Scott and Logan talk and amicably go their own way.

This seemed a bit contrived and artificial, what seems to be all of the Young X-Men siding with Logan, the guy who didn't care what their opinions were in defending Utopia, as shown in Generation Hope #11.

And Scott tells Logan what's going to happen, but still offers safe return. Hopefully the two sides stay separated for a year at least, and don't have a crossover six months into this relaunch of the X-titles.

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seanmills6 said...

I was bothered by that part with the Young X-Men too. Weren't they all just cheering the fact that they defeated the super-Sentinel? They kicked butt and volunteered to help Cyclops. Wolverine was the one threatening to blow them all up with a bomb. Why go with Wolverine? Don't they remember what happened last time they had a school in Westchester? Aren't these Young X-Men the survivors of a massacre?

Hopefully they'll show the scenes where they decide to join and why.

Klep said...

I really can't say enough about how awesome Huntress was. Not only are the individual panels in the fight scenes excellently composed, but if you look from panel to panel you can easily see the flow of Helena's actions and get a really good sense of how things moved between them. Such a great book.

pendrake said...

1. For JLI... Looks like DCnU has RetCon'ned out Guy & Tora's relationship too, which makes me very sad, for Tora was such a major factor in shaping Guy from being tedious and flat rage-a-holic character into the respected GL veteran he is today. What is next...? Katma Tui just gave John Stewart some "pity sex" after his arrogance got a populated planet blown up...?

2. For Thunderbolts... "Golden Age" Moonstone has been one of Karla Sofen's finer moments, and amusingly also has been one of her better outfits. God knows she has had some truly horrendous costumes across the years...

3. For X-men: Schism... Hopefully the Young X-Men will have a better showing under Wolverine's aegis. I had been missing Dust, Mercury, Rockslide, many other of the younger X-characters who had been cast by the wayside to make way for Hope Summers and her crew.

I-Van the Crippler said...

the thing about the NEW X-MEN is that although theyve always been able to fight back thyeve always resented the fact that theyve been turned into Soldiers..their ongoing showed alot of the grief they were going though they might be excited to be able to bring down the sentinel it makes sense that they want to go back to being normal teenagers...anyone remember the Stryker attack on the mansion and the Predator X attack in teh cemetery...

Radlum said...

Loved Thunderbolts, but I just realized something, what happenned to Shocker? Did he stay in the present? Did he leave the team to go be infected with the virus in Spider Island?

Space Jawa said...

@ Radlum: I've been wondering about Shocker as well ever since he showed up in Spider-Island sporting four extra arms and a new face. Kind of wish someone would have given an explanation for just what went on with him between the two series.

Anonymous said...

Why does an indestructible man need an indestructible cape? Seems like that cape could be better used by a less bullet-proof hero-- Batman, perhaps.

pendrake said...

If you wonder why a invulnerable hero needs damage-resistant clothing, just ask Caitlin Fairchild (Wildstorm Comics).

The long-time running gag (and comic-excuse for fanservice) was the curvy and long-legged Fairchild regularly becoming un-clothed through combat because she was near-invulnerable, but her clothes were *not*. A frustration which she both internally monologued and voiced often.

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