Friday, October 14, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/12/11


Regenerating is all the rage in this version of Moments of the Week, as the X-Men get over their schism, the Amazing Spider-Man finds that a vat of former super-villain is nature's miracle cure, and Generation Hope shows how to eat mutant burgers. Also on tap is Sinestro teaching Hal a lesson in Green Lantern, the return of a famous canine superhero in Batman & Robin, Fantomex has the worst encounter ever in Uncanny X-Force, and Miles Morales adjusts to his new powers in Ultimate Spider-Man. All that and more after the jump!

Amazing Spider-Man #671

You never want to see how the sausage is made, and in this case a cure for the spider-infections in the city might come from a big vat of Eddie Brock. Ewwwww.

The jammers used to stop The Queen from communicating with her minions is down, giving Peter his spider-sense back and letting Julia Carpenter see into the future again. Although that also lets The Queen be in direct contact again.

And Kaine is all nice and clean now, looking like he will be that new Scarlett Spider being teased.

Batgirl #2

Maybe it's just me, but Babs' new roomate seems to be wearing a lot of stuff that says "I might become the new version of Livewire!" Simone did bring her into the comic world in her Action Comics run years back, only makes sense she would do it in the DCnU.

Batman & Robin #2

OK, I get that Damian has some anger issues, but killing a bat like that is what serial killers start out doing. And I get that Damian was raised to be a killer and remorseless, but man, all the rehabilitation Dick did when he was under the cowl is gone. Alfred's frowny face is not frowny enough.

On the plus side though, looks like Ace the Bat-Hound will be showing up again! Please please please don't have Damian snap his neck, too.

Demon Knights #2

You could say boom goes the dino-mite. Vandal Savage gets a gold star for that rhyme.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #2

Continuing one of the neater ways to establish exposition, SOMBIE is something every team should have. Poor kids in that last panel, being thrown into the water like you're releasing fish.

Generation Hope #12

Rockslide appears in what is his best performance to date, it's a shame he's going to Westchester. And man Kenji, what do you hope to prove by feeding Kenjiburgers to everyone?

And so Kitty leaves with some words to consider, but it sure seems like everyone is being nice about this whole split (more on that below). Pixie also joins the Generation Hope squad this issue.

Green Lantern #2

In one of the bigger "Hal Jordan is terrible" moments, Sinestro shows exactly how to fix everything at once with the ring instead of just saving a pretty lady in distress. In case you're wondering, Hal is using a loaner power ring that Sinestro made from his own in order to show Hal that while he's crazy, he's at least darn good with the ring.

Legion of Monsters #1

Monster jail looks like it's one of the better jails, with the Disney merger we need to have a Legion of Monsters/Monsters Inc. team up!

See where the plot is going? And a good excuse for Elsa to do her job.

Ultimate Spider-Man #3

Miles says he can't do it, and for a few weeks it seems like he can focus on his schoolwork. But then the students have to evacuate to the gym on night during the Avengers/Ultimates fight on the bridge and finds out Spider-Man has been shot. What's a a fellow spider-man to do?

Uncanny X-Force #16

Yes, in case you might have missed that, Fantomex is eaten by Age of Apocalypse Blob.......the reverse way.

Still not the worst scene of the issue.....

Ah, there we go, Blob fat everywhere. Saving the world can wait a minute, a bath is the highest priority.

X-Men: Regenesis

Psylocke also told Wolverine that while she won't join his side, she will still participate in X-Force because it's something that needs to be done.

Scott practiced that line all night, thinking it would be the best speech yet. Dazzler still decided to stay, maybe we'll see her in New Mutants or the adjectiveless X-Men book.

Sometimes it seems the younger mutants have the more insightful conversations than their older x-gene counterparts.

And just to show that Scott knows exactly what it looks like having all the former villains on his side, a little help from a fellow leader seals the deal. It does seem like Storm is doing everything but talking to her husband these days.

And a scene that was kind of spoiled by revealing the lineup months ago, Emma thinks about leaving to go teach again, but instead becomes the Scrooge McDuck of the team with Warren either dead by the end of the Dark Angel Saga like Ryan mentioned or he's back in the Age of Apocalypse world being his evil self.

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Naymlap said...

For me the moment of the week was in X-Men Legacy when Glitter hits on Havok. Best banter in a long time. Though the rest of the story hasn't been as great as some of Carey's earlier run.

Bradley said...

Cyclops to Psylocke: "No killing unless absolutely avoidable."


Either Scott meant to say to exact opposite, or he's become extremely bloodthirsty.

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