Friday, October 28, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 10/26/11

Beginnings and endings are the theme of this week's Moments of the Week, with Spider-Island swinging out the door and Wolverine and the X-Men showing that school isn't always like Saved by the Bell. We also have Volstagg telling a much better version of Fear Itself, Daredevil running into a new billboard of a villain, and Nick Fury has to do something he's never done in Ultimates. All that and much more after the jump!

Venom #8

You could cut the sexual tension between the two with a spider stinger. Venom gets moved up this week simply because it leads into Amazing #672, because of what happens below.

Flash saves the day, but only for the Queen to fully grow and shed her skin. This is where the heroes would do well to have giant robots on standby to combine and defeat the giant monster.

Amazing Spider-Man #672

Everyone should have a clone to help out with their secret identity. Reed also has a really good confused look, because it's rare we see him like that.

There has top be a Spider-Man Monopoly somewhere out there, right? Daily Bugle or Avengers Tower would be Boardwalk and Park Place.
And Spider-Man saves the day, using a variation of Pym's helmet to release a lot of little spider-slayers filled with anti-venom cure. But while this one spider saves lives, the other decides to finish the job. Spider-MJ needs to stay around, though.

And there we go, Kaine puts down the Queen for good, and still fulfills Madame Web's prophecy since clones still count!

Annihilators: Earthfall #2

This is one of those comic fights that really goes the way it should, with the Annihilators pretty much having their way with the Avengers with the exception of Red Hulk, but Beta Ray Bill still knocks him over the head a bit. That stab by Wolverine? Gladiator just shrugs it off and ignores Logan and Iron Man.

Humanity: bringing the galaxy together by their mutual hatred of us. This issue does have a lot of good lines about how the Avengers have a habit of interfering in space stuff while at the same time ignoring the bigger things like Annihilation and Realm of Kings.

Quasar and Ikon sitting in a spaceship that looks like a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Aquaman #2

Aquaman needs to french fry instead of pizza, or he's going to have a bad time. Really nice scene where the only remaining meta-couple is happy together.

Let's give the cop some credit, Aquawoman was a good guess, or Mermaid.

Mera gets irritated easily these days, could you imagine her getting upset after falling down all the time trying to ski?

Astonishing X-Men #43

Ah, the truth comes out, the real reason Beast left Utopia was because Cyclops would pet him on the head for doing a good job.   

 Emma commenting on people's fetishes, oh the irony.

Nice scene that shows Emma is a teacher at heart, explaining to essentially a teenage robot what it means to be human. Nice touch too with the girl talk about icky boys. The whole issue does a good job of showing that Emma is really gentle at heart but puts up a facade of being cold and vein, I look forward to James Asmus taking over Generation Hope next month.

Daredevil #5

Whoever creates night vision goggles that turn on and off automatically is going to make a lot of money. Turns out that the blind translator overheard a way to use Latverian cargo ships as a way to funnel goods around the world for the various baddie groups.
Where hitmen fail, send in the big bad villain covered in villain advertising like he's a soccer player. This is Bruiser, a guy who beats up people just to see how tough he is.

And it looks like he's tougher than Matt was this issue. But look, five issues in a row of a happy Matt Murdock where no one close to him was killed or locked away in an asylum or had a mental breakdown, it's a record!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2

New universe, same old jerky Guardians.

Journey Into Mystery #630

Volstagg-Popeye  doesn't eat spinach, but golden applesauce.

Thor probably gets upset when Thunderstrike or Beta Ray Bill show up too.

Volstagg tells a much better Fear Itself story, and Rich Elson provides some truly great artwork. Forget whatever the Point One stuff is going to be about, just have Volstagg tell the tale in one issue and that will be that.

Justice League Dark #2

And in a WTF moment for the week, here we have Deadman trying to get intimate with Dove by using a married man to possess for the evening. Even though the idea is established that the posessed man was a cheater beforehand, this comes across really creepy.

Secret Avengers #18

Shang Chi thinks MC Escher is a chump.

Nice scene by David Aja that gives off a Donkey Kong vibe, if instead of a hammer power-up you had a martial arts master just kicking all the barrells in his way.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3

And there we go, how the turtles and Splinter became what they are. Raphael is still lost, and doesn't even know his name.

Ultimates #3

The Children of Tomorrow probably never learned about simple arrows, that's the secret to beating them. The nuke, meanwhile, does nothing to slow them down.

And with that the Ultimates retreat from Europe, while Thor teleports back into the Children's home base on what is basically a suicide mission.

Wolverine and the X-Men #1

School Inspector 1, Kitty Pryde 0.

Poor Toad, he just wants a place to sleep, is that so hard to accommodate?

That is Broo, from the recent Astonishing X-Men arc. Gotta be careful with even mutant Brood and that whole impregnating thing.

Danger bathroom seems like it could kill a few kids,but more importantly why did Wolverine turn it on in front of the inspector?

For being a wunderkind, it seems kind of dumb for Kade Kilgore to go up to Wolverine and spell out his entire plan. And what appears to be Krakoa appears below the not even rebuilt school, school is definitely out for summer.

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pendrake said...

1. For Amazing Spider-Man... "Parker Brothers" had me wiping my eyes in laughter, though the "Spider-Mayor" part with JJ still holds the top gut-busting laughter moment for me. Also nice to see that Kaine can get spider-snarky too.

2. Also for Amazing Spider-Man... Mary-Jane as "the Scarlet Spider" (hah) would be all sorts of awesome. Spider-powered MJ has been one of the finer (and hotter) moments in the character's long history.

3. Yet more for Amazing Spider-Man... Someone was reading Timothy Zahn for how this story-arc would end... [Force-imprinted mental-command]: "Mara Jade, you will kill Luke Skywalker!" *Mara Jade kills Luuke Skywalker* (clone, thus extra "u". I'm not kidding, this was actually printed and sold :( )

4. For Aquaman... I have liked Mera a lot more ever since The Blackest Night event and her short-tenure as a member of the Red Lantern Corps. It would probably help the woefully weak Red Lantern Corps series if Mera made appearances there. It would be nice if Mera also used a bladed trident like Arthur as well, to show both equality and bad-assery between the couple, but that is a minor thing.

5. For Astonishing X-Men... I like Danger, hopefully she will learn/evolve to adopt a more human form in the process of character growth. It would be a good irony in counter to how "less human" the mutants have become (physical appearance-wise) because of their mutations.

6. Also for Astonishing X-Men... Emma Frost's character really shines (so to speak) when she plays the teacher/mentor role, both personably and bad-ass when being protective of her students/wards.

Klep said...

I really hope the end of ASM means that Peter&MJ is coming back. That's a more genuine moment than any I've seen between him and Carlie.

Mewzard said...

Lots of good moments here, but why didn't you post the last page of New Guardians? Figured, whether or not it sticks for long, Kyle as the All-Lantern (or whatever he'll call it) would warrant a picture.

mugiwara said...

I spend my time ranting about the characters from New X-Men Academy X not being used But when I see Hellion reverted to the bully he was in the first issues, all the character developpement flushed in the toilet, I wish Aaron would forget his existence.

Naymlap said...

I think it's within character for Hellion to bully the Brood mutant (Broo? Really? That's its name?) Yeah he has developed, but he has been leaning back to a jerk and bully since he lost his hands.

Jean Claude said...

Really good week!

Love the "I am going to save everybody" line from Peter in ASM. Really resonated with the aftermath of Marla's death.

I wasn't expecting anything from Wolvie & the X-men, but boy was it a fun read. Hope they can keep this book so lighthearted.

Issue of the week for me was Journey Into Mystery. Ever since it started with the younger Loki it was a good read, but having Volstagg recapping a more enjoyable Fear Itself was amazing!

Jule said...

The Wolverine & the X-men, was a pleasant surprise,the bachalo art make me remember the generation x comic and "force me" to buy it...

Anonymous said...

What's with Steve, is he being possessed by Walker or Ultimate America? Cause that sounded/acted NOTHING like Steve.

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