Friday, November 4, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/02/11

Welcome to the first November Moments of the Week for the year, as Spider-Island has an epilogue that opens a few old doors, Uncanny X-Men starts over with a strong new direction, goblins fight dirty in Justice League International, and Fear Itself goes to infinity and beyond. All that plus Action Comics, Detective Comics, and much more after the jump!

Action Comics #3

The man harassing Superman, man! Fight the power!

And Clark slowly learns that maybe when you have some hard evidence in your real life job, your secret identity shouldn't scare a guy by having him fall 50 stories.

You know Clark, there were a few other ways to save that girl without wrecking a poor guy's truck. No way you can blame Glenmorgan for that.

Amazing Spider-Man #673

And now every time Carlie looks at her tattoo, she'll see Peter staring back at her, lying to her, making Spider-banter. How did Carlie figure it out though? Peter heads to Doctor Strange's place to see why that spell isn't holding up.

So there we go, the magic "stupid spell" that bailed Peter out of a few places (like Horizon) is gone, and someone will have to be a little more careful with what he does now.

Spider-Gal loses her powers, and Marvel loses what would have been their best selling book ever had they kept the concept around. Reconsider!

Animal Man #3
Slight change to Buddy's origin, where the aliens were actually working for the totem animal gods. Maxine is the real trophy, to be the new avatar of The Red. And while two of those monsters from last month head to the life tree, the other one tries to take out Mom and Son.

Good dead animals, protecting your new family.

Who knew super compact cars could pack such a wallop? Who are these shape changing monster things? Check out the Swamp Thing section below for more answer.

Detective Comics #3
Dollmaker's identity is revealed, and seems to be confirmed later in the issue as Gordon is being held captive, and Olivia sneaks out to deliver a message to Batman. Gordon's got some suspicions about Olivia too.

And in a what the heck moment, it seems Olivia is taking a bit of a crazed Stockholm Syndrome to Dollmaker or might be his daughter or something. And kind of a cheap moment by making the cop a little corrupt, too. Awkward all around.

Fear Itself #7.1

Bucky is saved by the last infinity formula, and everyone outside of Fury and Natasha thought he was dead until Fear Itself was over, and even then only Steve knows.

And Bucky goes back underground, to avenge his name and clean up his decades of loose ends. All he needs now is a talking car to really be cool, Winter Soldier just doesn't cut it these days.

Justice League International #3

August General in Iron is a cool character, quietly becoming the center of the team. Hopefully this gets his name out there more as opposed to the sadly under-read Great Ten mini a a year back.

This is why you always have your forcefield up, monsters fight dirty.

New Mutants #33
Sunspot takes his ball and goes home, to someplace wealthy no doubt.

Is anyone binary-lingual out there?

The Summers family tree was probably planted by the last generation but watered by the 5th generation, and then the Grey family tree became a part of it, can a tree go circular?

Static Shock #3
 Looks like someone wants to have the new name of Solid Shock, huh?

Static must have been a secret sidekick to Batman the way he's able to get information from villains.

And returning the favor from the first issue when he got his hand cut off, Virgil also turns Virule to some kind of sand. If you're kind of tired waiting for Miles to turn into Spider-Man, check this book out for the first arc at least, you'll get some good teen hero stories while you wait.

Swamp Thing #3

Yeah, this shows that not only can sick kids be, well, sick, but that you never mess with a bubble boy. That kid is actually supposed to be the avatar for The Rot, the thing that is currently in both Swamp Thing and Animal Man. While The Green is all nature and The Red is all about animals, The Rot is about death and disease. Even more, that kid is William Arcane, Abigail's brother.

Villains for Hire #0.1
 Sometimes villains just aren't smart, not realizing she could call herself Stilt-Woman.

Magic is just the dirtiest.

Uncanny X-Men #1
I like that Scott still sees himself as a hero, haters gonna hate. And outside of that time when he was possessed by Apocalypse, he's right.

I just like scenes like this, where everyone is just doing their normal routines, and there's no real reason for the A-Team to get into action. But then that Celestial acts up again...

Dr. Nemesis, authorized scene stealer.

Give Emma a hand, folks! Low hanging fruit, I know.

For something that felt kind of silly when originally shown, especially with Greg Land drawing it, the idea of Colossus having the Juggernaut's power is really becoming a nice subplot. You really get the sense that he's doing his best but will give up his soul in order to help out.

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Naymlap said...

If Winter Soldier's bike could talk that series would be a less awesome version of Heat Vision and Jack.

Space Jawa said...

Could it be that Dan Slott is setting up for an end of the BND era once and for all? *Hopes*

pendrake said...

1. For Action Comics... So far it has been a fairly interesting new perspective for DCnU Superman, even if it clearly has drawn inspirations from the now-ended Smallvile TV series.

2. For Amazing Spider-Man... I also thought the Peter & Carlie break-up was handledpoorly considering how much Marvel wanted Peter to have a non-MJ romantic angle for Peter after the equally awful "RetCon" of One More Day. The break-up really seemed uninspired and abrupt, leaving readers with a "wtf?" feel.

3. Also for Amazing Spider-Man... Mary-Jane as "the Scarlet Spider" would have been all sorts of awesome ;) .

4. Another for Amazing Spider-Man... The deus-ex-machina for covering up Spider-Man's secret-identity reveal since the Marvel Civil War was another eye-twitcher for me (the reveal itself back then also made me roll my eyes and sigh). One of the long-standing themes of Spider-Man is the difficulty of his keeping his secret-identity. Yes, he can call upon outside help from friends both mundane and in the super-community, but not some "magic bullet" (so to speak, between Dr. Strange and Mephisto) as a cure-all.

5. For JLI... I find that I like August General in Iron a lot more since DCnU JLI began. Originally I had hoped that DCnU would have reseurrected Ryan Choi (Atom IV) for the chinese member for JLI (and Choi could have served as Science Officer too), but I think August General is doing well, and could serve as Second-in-Command to Booster Gold's leader position in the team.

6. For Uncanny X-Men... Doctor Nemesis is such a fun character, he brings a such a great sense of humor to the X-community, yet still has a sense of class and style. I suppose that comes from being his being a "Golden Age" hero.

7. A minor point for Uncanny X-Men... For that one page posted here, if Psylocke is supposedly teaching the students martial-arts for hand-to-hand combat contingencies (which is a vastly good idea), why is she butt-posing (obviously for the readers for that bit) with two katanas...?

mugiwara said...

I really hope the break-up in ASM is not definitive. There is nothing that annoys me more than introducing a new character just to get rid of it later in order to bring back an oldface.

UXM was so good, it raised by hopes in the X Universe after last week's big desappointment.

Ultimecia said...

Actually that Deus EX-Machina in ASM had happened before at a DC title, The Flash.

For some reason Wally West revealed he was the Flash and for some other reason he had a change of mind (I didn't used to read then) so he had a deal with the Spectre (Hal Jordan by the time). Everyone forgot who the Flash was, but if Wally unmasked himself in front of somebody, this person would immediately remember everything.
Jay Garrick and Bart remembered, but not the JL. Even his DNA was listed as "UNKNOWN" in the JL main computer.

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