Friday, November 11, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/09/11

A bat and spider-centric installment of Moments of the Week for today, as we have some sidekick trouble in Batman & Robin and Batwoman, Avenging Spider-Man makes its debut, and Miles learns about power and responsibility in Ultimate Spider-Man. Also on tap is Marvel's Point One, Green Lantern has the page of the year, Uncanny X-Force brings back old friends, and much more, so click that button and let the moments commence!

Avenging Spider-Man #1
Jameson is completely in the right on this one, considering how many marathons are probably stopped by villains over the years. It's either that or hire the Punisher to fire the starting shot.

I think people would have been a lot more receptive early on had Marvel named him Kool-Aid Hulk. And think of the tie-in merchandising potential!

Batman & Robin #3
Alfred probably has a notebook somewhere counting how many times he's outsmarted the "genius" Damian. Just tally mark after tally mark.

Excellent middle panel by Patrick Gleason, showing just how much Damian hates iPhones.

Why did the Batman cross the road? Because chickens are, by nature, a cowardly and superstitious lot.

Batgirl #3
Uh-oh, Dick went there. And they were getting along so well before then. That hugging on the bike seems to be a callback to a similar scene from Nightwing: Year One.

Seems with the reboot it looks like Barbara might be a bit more skilled in hand to hand than she was previously, because even a former Batman who has a thing for redheads wouldn't get tripped up like that.

Batwoman #3

Ouch. If not for a Green Lantern moment later in this post, that would have been the page of the week. Both Kate and Bette get in some nice stabs at one another.

Demon Knights #3

Madame Xanadu manipulates Jason Blood and Etrigan like they're some of her tarot cards.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #3

You cannot eat that which was already dead, and also carrying around a huge sword. How could Ms. Frankenstein not like that?

Green Lantern #3

Page of the year, right there. Not just Sinestro having a laugh that goes beyond his usual evil smirk, but those last panels where Hal basically thinks to himself "maybe he's right."

Behind Sinestro's hundredth insult of Hal this relaunch, it is odd that he would have a failsafe to shut down the battery that rests on having his Corps most hated enemies just walk in. Methinks he doth protest too much.

Boom, headshot.

Huntress #2

Something about those panels where Huntress just pushes the thugs into the water makes me chuckle, I can't explain it.

Marvel Point One
And the biggest thing to take away from this issue is that the Phoenix is back, but it's cool because it's 80,000 light years away, no big deal. That doesn't appear to be Richard Rider as Nova, possibly Robbie or a new member, because this Nova uses terms like "epic fail" and cries. Richard Rider doesn't cry, he'd punch the Phoenix in the nose and throw its nest into another universe all before breakfast, that's our Nova!

Meet William Stryker from the Age of Apocalypse universe, part of the all human X-Terminated team, which consists of pretty much every human enemy our normal X-Men have had. I really like that line about not really knowing what it means to be a human being, humans are the best.

Kaine sorts out his killing issues for the time being, and also realizes a tough truth that you can't really webswing on highways to speed up your journey.

Ultimate Spider-Man #4

And then we jump to the scene from Ultimate Fallout #4, where Miles had a really rough first night out as Spider-Man. Hopefully he'll get in touch with Mary Jane for any future alterations.

Uncanny X-Force #17

Jerome Opena knocked it out of the park this issue, even more than previous chapters.

Fantomex is seemingly speaking to the editors in his critique of Psylocke's evil outfit.

X-Men Legacy #258

And here we go, the X-Jammers return home, completely unaware that the X-Men are on the wrong coast. Maybe that's really why Havok and Polaris join up with X-Factor, they can't deal with the Pacific Time Zone.

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Anonymous said...

For the record, I think the Sinestro bit makes sense. Sinestro in the Sinestro Corps War wanted the Guardians to release the Green Lanterns from the prohibition against killing. Not because he was like the Joker to Batman, but because he genuinely thought that the Corps should use such action.

Remember, this is a guy who thinks he's a good guy - and to him, the green lantern corps, while a nuisance, is still a force for good, just one he may need to whip up into the right shape every once in a while.

So in case he lost control of his corps, he setup a failsafe to allow the GLC to defeat his group, who would undoubtedly go evil without him.

matthew. said...

Okay, so Hal just blows a guy's head off? I understand that the Sinestro Corps War gave them the ability to use lethal action, but are they doing it all the time now? Just up and icing dudes? If I didn't already dislike Johns' writing....

Anonymous said...

To me, the biggest panel of the week was in X-Force when Archangel killed AOA Sabretooth. As someone who was a HUGE fan of the Exiles series, seeing one of my favorite characters go out like a chump was very disappointing. I felt the exact same way as he did; "Not on my belly *koff* Not like this..."

maybetoby said...

@ matthew, I was wondering the same thing. I mean, killing Krona had to be done, but when did Hal become so casual with lethal action?

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