Friday, November 18, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/16/11

Gasps, shocks, and awes are the watchwords of this installment of Moments of the Week, as Justice League shows a hero's love for ice cream, Batman reveals something creepy behind the walls, and Spider-Man still can't buy a break from the law. We've also got moments from the first issue of the new teen hero Mudman, a longtime member rejoins the Avengers, and Generation Hope does its best to be the funniest book of the week. All that and much, much more after the jump!

Amazing Spider-Man #674
Spider-sense jammers plus infinite ninjas to sit in the shadows equals a pretty smart way to have spider-sushi on Saturday.

This is all a sham, as Spider-Man builds the NYPD suits to go toe to toe with those with superpowers, yet he breaks them, probably so he can be paid again to fix them and buy more chalupas! We're on to you, Spider-Man....

Why is it everyone but the guy named Spider-Man has had the short end of the stick when they are given spider powers? When Peter shoots webs from his butt he can stop making fun of others on the subject.

Avengers #19
Jessica, if you take the baby from Luke it just means he's now able to oggle Storm with undivided attention.

So we know there is an upcoming Ultron event in the coming year, and that Ultron created the Vision. And Vision just happens to reappear, having been "fixed," despite a part of him currently merged with the younger Vision over in Young Avengers. And still everyone just acts like it's nothing suspicious at all. Read between the lines, guys. Especially you, Tony the futurist!

Batman #3

Owls, inside your homes, watching you while you sleep, probably doing that freaky thing where they spin their head around 180 degrees. Pure evil. Fantastic pacing all around from Snyder and Capullo.

Generation Hope #13
Making fun of Boom-Boom always gets points.

And making Namor think he's fighting a pirahnna is another treat. Pixie gets a gold star for that.

Velocidad's not really rocking the beard, he needs to use his powers som more to really have it settle in. Don't want to be known as the hipster X-Man, that's probably reserved for Quentin Quire.

Teon's just using pirate talk, that's all.

And that's the moment where you throw up in your brain a bit. A really strong first issue for James Asmus, check this book out as it does double duty in establishing the Five Lights as well as showing the other teen heroes still on Utopia.

Green Lantern Corps #3

That's Porter, a Green Lantern who looks a lot like the male Indigo tribesman from all the goings on during Blackest Night. It's never really confirmed but he can teleport just like the guy.

I sometimes wonder if Green Lantern colorists get paid by the intensity of their green. Oh how the coloring technology has changed.

Justice League #3
Instead of being an ambassador to Paradise Island, Wonder Woman should just open up an invisible ice cream store.The flavors could be Hiketia Hazelnut, Grape Healing Ray, and the Golden Lasso of Tutti Frutti.

A scene that got a bit of attention this week, as Superman casually just kills a couple of Parademons like it's no big thing. I understand he's a little more brash and not much like the old Superman was in his youth, but the Parademons did look like they're at least half living beings.
Get a room already, you two.

Mutton chops must make you be a bit more cocky than normal. Or this was Arthur before he was constantly bombarded with fish jokes.


Exfoliating mud facials everyday, think of the healthy skin! When it's not turning into mud, that is.

So here is the general idea of Paul Grist's new series Mudman: high school kid was looking around an old house on the beach, when he's shot and collapses over some magic mud. But he wakes up the next day to find out his body is made out of mud. It sounds totally silly, I know, but it's played straight and Owen is a likable character. If you're a bit uninterested with other teen hero books out there right now in terms of their pacing, I think this might be more up your alley. I mean, it makes mud an interesting ability!

New Mutants #34
She's a doombot, has to be. Think about it, would Doom actually allow someone to emigrate from Latveria?

Warlock must be a Hitchcock fan.

Nothing wrong with a nice home entertainment system to watch after a long day of saving the world, Moonstar is oppressing the mutant right to 3-D! If Wolverine catches wind of this, he might lure Roberto over to New York just for all his money. He is a man of means, you know.

Red Hood & The Outlaws #3
Two coughs, and Jason's world was never the same again.

D'awww, so the crazy murdering ex sidekick has fond memories of his time with Bruce. A nice moment to show he isn't all about being the anti-hero.

Thunderbolts #165
Troll must have watched Scent of A Woman before they went back in time. 

Such a nice line of dialogue from Cap, having a suspicion but not wanting to believe people, let alone these "heroes" could be like that.

And Karla pulls a Back to the Future. With that the Golden Age Thunderbolts move on to another time, no doubt hijinks will follow.

Venom #9

Yep, that just happened. Punk villain Hijacker ran over an innocent mother and child (and another guy) robbing banks after Spider-Island ended. Flash rightly loses control, and catches up with the monster.

Really well done scene, as Remender makes sure the situation gradually exceeds normal superhero fanfare. Can't really fault Flash either for what he did.

Wonder Woman #3
Yep, in this new DC Universe Hippolyta and Zeus are the parents of Wonder Woman.

That's my torch.

Sure Diana wasn't Dionysus' daughter with that flammable breath range? And thus Diana leaves, never to return, wanting to be called only Wonder Woman.

X-23 #17

Do all heroes have nuclear bombs sitting around, within reach of mad genius daughters?

Marvel Universe babysitting tip: never turn your back on the kids of superheroes, ever.

See what happens when you turn your back on superhero kids? That's not even a dinosaur!

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Klep said...

X-23 was adorable and awesome, so of course Marvel cancelled it this week. WHY DO YOU HATE GOOD THINGS MARVEL?

Steve said...

Dug the Scent of a Woman reference, plus new Paul Grist artwork? Yeah, this was a great MotW. Grist is one of the most talented artists around. If you haven't read his police series, Kane, you should probably go and read Kane. It's really, really good.

I can't believe I actually like a Venom series. Remender's Marvel work has been consistently excellent. I'm really looking forward to his run on Secret Avengers.

maybetoby said...

Stark always talks about being a futurist, but never sees threats coming until it's too late.

Snyder's Batman is awesome as always.

Supes has killed Parademons before, both in comics and even in his animated series/movies

pendrake said...

1. For Avengers... I really hope that the return of "classic" Vision does not mean we are going to lose Young Avengers Vision. I rather like the younger & personable Jonas-Vision to the always humanity-challenged Victor-Vision. If there can be two Hawkeyes (love Kate Bishop too!), then there should be room for two Visions.

2. For GLCorps... Even the sound effects have to be green too, apparrently ;) . On a different tack, I really wish that GLCorps would be less human-centric. I for one am so weary of the rest of the GLCorps and its variety of races winding up as Star Trek "red shirts." The Green Lantern Corps is supposed to be about the diversity of the Corps, not stepping over the bodies of other races and to repeatedly cheer, "woo Earth! we're #1! we're #1!"

3. For Justice League (& Wonder Woman)... It is a minor detail, but I still would have preferred the original artistic concept of Diana with pants. If DC wanted us to take Diana more seriously as fierce character, it would have helped a lot with pants over a bikini bottom. This is no way means we cannot see Diana's shapely legs either, as the original DCnU concept of tight pants showed you could be sexy without having an overt skin show.

4. Also for Justice League... I actually would not mind Aquaman being team-leader to start, Arthur actually would make sense for the role. Superman is still "young" rather than being the paragon of the DC Universe, Diana is still "new" to Man's World, Flash & GL have the "BFF's" angle going but neither are leader material, and nobody trusts Batman (yet). Although...while I get the chain linking the trident, which actually makes some sense if you use it as a ranged weapon underwater...what the heck is with the jeweled necklace...?

5. For Thunderbolts... As I have probably posted before, "Golden Age" Moonstone has been one of Karla Sofen's finer moments in her character history.

6. For Wonder Woman... Besides what I wrote above, I think it would have been more appropriate if they had made Diana the daughter of Hipplolyta and Hercules (or Heracles, depending upon Greek vs Roman myth). This would have been mytholgically accurate (see Hercules' Labour #9), and still would have included Zeus in the story, and Hera's hatred since she had the big hate-on for both men.

7. For X-23... I rather liked the more light-hearted story of "Adventures in Babysitting" for Laura. And if anyone was appropriate to have around for for some dragon-slaying, cannot do much better than Laura.

Anonymous said...

I gather the necklace is his royal badge of office - like the ceremonial chains mayors wear.

Ultimecia said...

I agree with pendrake on Wonder Woman. And taking what happened to Medusa (Poseidon), Hera would totally see the child as an abomination or something
But again, having Zeus using a eagle as outfit was a nice touch, it's one his most known signatures

matthew. said...

The panel of Damian cuddling with Bruce totally made my day. That might be the sweetest thing I've seen in comics. Ever.

Anonymous said...

@ matthew: That was Jason....

Anonymous said...

(Sniffle) No one ever likes Jason. 25 or so years ago a more aggressive, "rougher" Robin was tried, and the readers vote to kill him off. But try it again in modern times, make him an even more obnoxious assassin-brat, and people loooooove Damien! (I've come around on him with his team-ups with Batgir- er, Stephanie, and after he paired so well with Dick, but still...)

Carol said...

Queen Hippolyta is NOT desperate to having sex intercourse with her grandfather Zeus. Ares is the father of Queen Hippolyta accordingly to Ancient Greek Mythology. Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. This scene is the reason NBC turned down Wonder Woman, Incest will not be made on television, no matter what.

Carol said...

Why is Wonder Woman stealing Ice Cream, when she has Ambrosia the food of the gods, to keep her young, beautiful?

Why is Wonder Woman need to use a sword to steal ice cream? Grabbing the throat of the vendor man would be much better.

Didn't the ancient Greek invented frozen Yogurt in BC?

Didn't the ancient Rome invented frozen Gelato in BC?

The history of gelato dates back to frozen desserts in Sicily, ancient Rome and Egypt made from snow and ice brought down from mountaintops and preserved below ground.

Persian traditions hold that "Abraham owed his fecundity and longevity to the regular ingestion of yogurt"

Persian had invaded Greek-In 480, the Persian king Xerxes (486-465) decided to avenge his father's defeat at Marathon. With a huge army and a large navy he invaded the Greek mainland, and defeated his enemies at Thermopylae.

Carol said...

Zeus the god is what in age 2 billion years old and Queen Hippolyta is mortal age of 26.....isn't he too old for her?

Ares the god of war is the father of Queen Hippolyta.

Ares is the only son of Hera and Zeus.

Otrera is the mother of Queen Hippolyta.

Why is it OK for Incest of this type in Wonder Woman?

Medically Wonder Woman would be insane and deformed to the extreme.

DC comics give back Women's rights back to Wonder Woman, Queen Hippolyta, Greek Amazons today.

Hera is the grandmother of Hera, she was planning to cut Queen Hippolyta's head all because she was forced to have sexual intercourse with her own grandfather Zeus.

Why can't grandparents, great grandparents act loving, kind like good Greeks, Italians would be?

Carol said...

Hera is the grandmother of Hippolyta, she was planning to cut Queen Hippolyta's head all because she was forced to have sexual intercourse with her own grandfather Zeus.

Why was Hera always in the nude? She cannot afford clothes whey she had the huge ax to chop Hippolyta's head?

Is Wonder Woman's ill? She should beat the crap out of Hera for turning her mother Hippolyta into a statue, and her biological sisters into snakes.

Ares is the father of all Amazons in ancient Greek literature.

Ares-Harmonia a wood or sea nymph the first generation Amazons.

Ares- Otrera (Greek: Οτρηρη Otrērē) was a Queen of the Amazons; the daughter of Eurus (the east wind), consort of Ares and mother of Hippolyta, Antiope, Melanippe, and Penthesilea.

Otrera is sometimes considered the mythological founder of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus,which was closely connected with Amazons. She is also sometimes considered the founder of the Amazon nation, though many myths place the first Amazons much earlier.

Carol said...

Some accounts Otrera was dancing in the nude and other accounts a dress, a gown in all gold before the Altar of Artemis.Ares the god of war, approached her and convinced her, he was a follower of Artemis his half-sister. They married under the law of Artemis and he personally name Hippolyta as the meaning Horse, he wanted her to ride the horse as fast of the wind. On Hippolyta's birthday, Ares had given his belt to give her strength, rage toward rapists. Hercules his unknown half brother, son of Zeus and mother mortal Alceme was ordered by the King to steal it but Hera stirred up trouble convinced the Amazons, Hercules was there to rape, kidnapped the Amazons turned them into slaves. Hercules kills Hippolyta and weeps for his insanity, wishes he was dead, begs for death and prays for Aphrodite to forgive him and bring Hippolyta back to life. He sees Antiope, they fought her beauty was equal to Hippolyta, they fled and married in Rome from his army and Amazon army.

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