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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/23/11

Welcome to the day after Thanksgiving version of Moments of the Week, where it's always a Black Friday for comics! This week sees the Fantastic Four reach a milestone, Aquaman still can't get any respect, Wolverine and the X-Men puts everything on ice, and a surprise reveal occurs in The Mighty Thor. If that's not enough, we have talking dogs, crazy purple people, mutants fighting (as always), and the newest way to get demonic powers. All that and more, so hit the jump to gobble up the moments!

Annihilators: Earthfall #3
Whenever villains look like kids, just throw them into the sun, no exceptions.

One hundred million strong, and growing! On top of this, Ronan also sent down Kree Sentinels to kill those infected with the Magus' essence in order to stop any further spread around the world if they can't reverse the process.

This little barcode reader really doesn't mess around, so always be nice to you TV remotes just in case this ever happens here.

Aquaman #3
They just keep chipping away at Arthur's patience.

 I fully support the inclusion of Arff-qualad into the series!

Really, one day everyone's going to wake up and it's going to be on the news that Aquaman just went around stabbing an entire city of people with his trident just because they wouldn't stop making fun of him.

Astonishing X-Men #44

 A nice callback to the Claremont era when Cyclops would slow a fall by shooting at the ground.

A crazy laugh for a crazy situation. That isn't the regular Storm, but one from another timeline.

Secret Avengers #19
Knight. Moon Knight. On Her Majestrix's Secret Avengers Service. So much classier than a cape.

This is something new that could only come from Warren Ellis: bones of gods from millenia ago being ground up and smoked to gain enhanced powers.

Absolut Fire.

Blackhawks #3
 Moment of the week. How can villains be bad when they have dogs like this?

And they're so obedient too!

Fantastic Four #600
That's Reed's way of politely saying "I'm more important than you."

And the big reveal that was that Johnny returns, surprising no one. Johnny did die, multiple times in fact, but we are told that you can't really die in the Negative Zone, so Johnny was fixed up by worms and bugs constantly and made to fight for Annhilus' enjoyment.

I was expecting Johnny to say "Are you not entertained?" But with the help of fellow prisoners the Inhuman Light Brigade, Johnny defeats Annihilus right before the Negative Zone gate was opened earlier in the issue.

And now for something completely different, when you have a kid create a universe and lock it away in his closet, playtime is always fun. Except for that annoying narrator who was suggested to be either older Franklin or Jonathan Hickman himself.

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #3
Salaak said knock you out.

Glomulus is the last lantern standing. Or is he?

Bring the pain, Larfleeze.

Teen Titans #3

The introduction of new character Bunker, an openly gay hero whose powers are controlling psionic bricks.

The Mighty Thor #8
At least he didn't pull out the "you're a doo doo head" line.

And here we have an unexpected twist, that Tanarus is just Ulik the Troll in disguise, all part of a plan to take control of Asgardia, a new republic consistting of all nine homeworlds. But as for Thor, he's on a boat headed for literal (and literary) death. Unless his little brother can save the day....

And what better way to make friends than to call them names when you need their help?

Ultimate Hawkeye #4

Ok, so here we go: of the The People, the SEAR created super race, there exists two with amazing powers. Xorn, the guy with the orange flaming head, and Zorn, the guy with the purple/black head. Xorn believes that the world needs to be enlightened and share The Source, while Zorn is much more protective and isolated with the outside world, and calls humans Deviants. Xorn leads a group of followers called the Celestials, Zorn leads the Eternals.The live on a floating city called Tian, which is now accepting refugees from around the world. Confusing? Yes, but still not nearly as confusing as the regular Marvel universe stuff involving Xorn.

And there we go, Jean seeks asylum, and Hulk is sent back to Tibet to chill out and learn how to handle his anger. And then Hawkeye still got a sample of The Source for Fury, when all was said and done. Just realize all this took place during the time everything fell apart over in Ultimates.

Wolverine and the X-Men #2
One's an enlightened alien from a species that impregnates you through touch, the other is a mutant who hates that she exists. Together they fight crime and form the oddest couple this side of Ronan and Crystal.

 The Icemans cometh.

 Whoa whoa whoa, not cool Bobby. Peter, in his current form, will kill you for doing that.

Lockheed does a good job putting the situation to rest, for now. But he will be watching, as fire and ice will always be in conflict.

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Rocker69 said...

I'm not enjoying Wolverine & The X-Men. I did like the first issue but then those Hellfire Club kids are extremely annoying. I hate it when writers come up with "the baddest villain ever"...all those cruel and evil things these kids say they do or have done don't make any sense. Until Aaron comes up with a good explanation for the way they behave I won't change my opinion.

Ken Boehm said...

I agree that the Hellfire Kids are some of the worst villains in comics in the past five or so years. They go beyond obnoxious and are simply very bad cliches that drag not only this series down but pretty much killed my interest in Schism. It's hard to get any interest going in the idea of Logan running the school when every other page or so you have those kids showing up and talking in what seems to be villain hipsterism.

Naymlap said...

I like the Hellfire kids. While the geezers are either fighting among themselves (Xaviar vs. Magneto, Cyclops vs. Wolverine) the real danger is going to be the next generation, which is more powerful (Quire, Hope, etc.) and smarter (Kade) than them. Wolverine either has to teach the kidsright or be destroyed by them.
My only worry is that they won't stick. For an ancient evil secret society, the Hellfire club has had no consistancy since the early 90's.

Rocker69 said...

The problem is that their very existence doesn't make sense, and I'm talking in "comics book reality". How can a kid do all those awful things at age 4 and where did he/she get so many resources? And it's a little embarassing (and not very creative at all) to see the school attacked and destroyed on the very first day it's rebuilt. I enjoyed the move from the mansion to San Fran because the school was attacked pretty much every month.

Just lazy storytelling...of couse, if you're a 10 year old picking up your first copy of an X-Men comic you might find it awesome...but, then again, you'd find anything they do awesome so I stick to my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I like the Jonathan Hickman theory on who's the mysterious figure teaching Franklin. Mine is Michelangelo, another Hickman character with a beard that crosses universes.

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