Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 11/02/11

Happy Post-Halloween, everyone!  I hope the occasion treated you well and I hope you're ready for another round of Post-Crisis Previews, because that's exactly what you're getting here.  Unfortunately, like a parent's counsel to children to avoid eating all of their candy the day after their haul, my repeated calls for financial restraint when it comes to my comic book purchasing are going unheeded.  Was that too much?  Either way, I hope you'll forgive my irreverency and hit the jump to check out my thoughts on some of the great looking books coming out tomorrow, including Heart #1, Infinite Vacations #3, and Mystic #4!

Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Rags Morales, Brent Anderson, & Rick Bryant

“Superman, Go Home!” In a startling tale only Grant Morrison could bring you, the people of Metropolis turn on their new champion! But why? Plus, shocking secrets from Krypton revealed!

Grant: I was super disappointed with how short last month's Action Comics was.  Paying $3.99 for twenty pages of comics is never something I want to do, so I'm hoping that the creative team has smartened up this month.  This terrible price point also certainly isn't helping the fact that this book hasn't been quite as exciting as I imagine most readers were hoping for.  It's been cool, but not quite on the same level as All-Star Superman, which although it isn't too surprising, is still kind of disappointing.  Hopefully things will pick up.

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Stefano Caselli

It’s the morning after for New York City. See how everything has changed for Peter Parker and the spider-crew now that he’s once again the world’s only Spider-Man… or is he?

Grant: Oh man.  Spider-Island is probably one of the best comic book events I've read in the past five years.  Frankly, I might go so far as to say it was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of going through.  It didn't shake up the status quo, and that's perfectly fine with me.  Unlike most every other event you'll encounter, Spider-Island's main focus was telling a good story, and it accomplished that without a doubt.  I'm not a big fan of the $3.99 price point (at least when it isn't for thirty pages of comics), but I'll be willing to make an exception for Amazing Spider-Man as long as Dan Slott keeps writing this well.

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Jordi Bernet

In the middle of the brutal Indian Wars an unspeakable evil is released on the world. Meanwhile, the friendship of Skinner Sweet and James Book is starting to fracture. Featuring amazing guest art by the legendary Jordi Bernet (Torpedo, JONAH HEX).

Grant: The first issue of the new "Beast Cave" arc was pretty darn interesting.  Looking further into the friendship between Skinner Sweet and James Book is more than enough to get me on board, but the constant hinting that this arc will reveal how the American Vampire came to be is too much for me to resist.  These killer covers are just an excellent added bonus.  Cannot wait.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Travel Foreman

Maxine and Buddy swim to the heart of the Life Web and come face to face with the Totems...caretakers of the Red. But before they can get answers, the Hunters Three attack. Meanwhile, Ellen and Cliff fight for their lives back home. The Hunt heats up!

Grant: Animal Man has been one of the best comics of the DC Reboot, offering a story about Buddy Baker and his family that is approachable to readers both new and old.  Jeff Lemire is outdoing himself on writing duties, and while Travel Foreman's artwork can sometimes be a tad off-putting, it is also really effective at creating the creepy mood that sometimes seems all-pervasive in this book.

Written by Judd Winnick
Art by Ben Oliver

Massacre’s crusade of blood continues, and the only one standing in his way is Batwing, who finds himself fighting alongside a legendary hero of Africa: the mighty Thunder Fall! As more heroes are targeted by this madman, the mystery of why begins to unfold, as does the story of Batwing’s dark past.

Grant: I've been having a wonderful time seeing the Batman of Africa try to make it through his first adventure.  The action has been intense, and the story has been good.  Batwing is a pretty interesting character, and I'm definitely digging his supporting characters.  Massacre is a fascinating villain thus far, and I can't wait to find out what the method behind his murder madness ends up being.  Hopefully Batwing will survive long enough to find out!

Written by Tom Waltz
Art by Xermanico

Duke’s traveled back through time to battle ugly aliens, big aliens, and hot aliens—but will he be able to finish off the Vril World War II flying saucer threat once and for all and get his never-ending thirst back to the present in time for happy hour? In this explosive series finale, it’s time to kick butt and chew bubble-gum… and Duke’s all outta gum!

Grant: I'm sad to see this series end, but I'm so happy that it had the chance to exist.  There's no reason that a Duke Nukem comic book should have been worthwhile by any definition of the word, but this miniseries has been more fun than I could have ever imagined.  It's everything I love about cheesy action movies, but better and more offensive.  And its self-awareness of that fact is a big part of the fun.  I will definitely miss this guy, but fortunately there's one more issue of Duke before all is said and done.

Written by Blair Butler
Art by Kevin Mellon

Mixed Martial Arts and comics collide when an office drone named Oren “Rooster” Redmond follows his older brother into the fiercely competitive world of professional MMA. With nothing left to lose, Oren hopes to find his purpose in fighting – but does passion equal proficiency? Does Oren truly have the heart of a champion? Find out in the first chapter of this four-issue series.

Grant: I've actually already had the opportunity to read through this opening issue, and the solicitations don't lie - this book is a gem.  There story is really interesting, and the storytelling is even better.  The fights in this book are incredibly well done, and I can't wait to read through this book again.  If you have some extra change at the store, you should consider picking Heart #1 up.

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Christian Ward

Mark's on the run from the makers of the Infinite Vacation, a commercial venture that allows users to move between alternate realities. After learning more about the Vacation's secrets from a mysterious woman, his newfound enemies call upon a deadly alternate version of himself to deal with their problems once and for all!

Grant: It feels like ages since I read the last issue of Nick Spencer's mind-boggling Infinite Vacations.  Regardless, I was still quite excited to see that the next iteration this book was finally coming out this week.  Nick Spencer is a name that you can usually trust, and I'm pretty sure that this will hold true this time around.  I'll just have to read through issues #1 and #2 to remember what the heck is going on...

O.M.A.C. #3
Written by Dan Didio & Keith Giffen
Art by Keith Giffen & Scott Koblish

Kevin Kho is arrested and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit. There he is confronted by the mindaltering power of the former super-hero the Psi-Fi Man, whom Brother Eye considers one of its greatest threats. Meanwhile Sarge Steel and his Checkmate Elite, under orders from Max Lord, begin their hunt for O.M.A.C.

Grant: Oh, O.M.A.C., you are so much better than you have any right to be.  I can't help but rave about how impressive it is that Didio, Giffen, and Koblish have so ably recreated the fun of the Golden and Silver Ages of comics without falling prey to the less desirable elements of those books.  As long as they can keep it up, I'll keep buying this book, which is something I never thought I'd say, considering how much I thought this book would suck when I first saw it on solicitations.  And yet, here we are.

Written by G. Willow Wilson
Art by David Lopez

It all ends here with MAXIMUM DARKNESS! Giselle is captured by the revolution and must find a way out and back to the palace before Verne’s moons fall out of alignment. Can Genevieve, burned by Giselle’s betrayal, find it in her heart to believe her? Or will her anger allow the destruction of Verne’s entire civilization? 

Grant: There are no words to properly express how much I love this comic.  I picked up Mystic #1 on a whim three months ago, and it's one of the best decisions I've made in recent memory.  The wonderful world that G. Willow Wilson and David Lopez have created is the perfect combination of Victorian sensibilities, steampunk style, and magical imagination, and the story they're telling is timeless.  I hope they collect this book in trade, because more people should have the chance to read this story.

Written by Roger Langridge
Art by Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge - the Harvey Award-winner behind The Muppet Show and Thor: The Mighty Avenger - continues his all new side-splitting adventure that can only be explained as...SNARKED! Journey with Langridge as he pulls the carpet out from under such Lewis Carroll classics as 'The Walrus and The Carpenter', 'Through the Looking Glass', and 'The Hunting of the Snark', creating an all new world of humorous grandeur. Join Princess Scarlett as she, her baby brother Rusty, and the Walrus and the Carpenter outwit the villainous royal advisors to save the Kingdom and set sail in search of the missing Red King. It's a rip-roaring issue that you won't want to miss!

Grant: Snarked #1 was a ton of fun, and I'm rather certain that Roger Langridge is just going to keep things going in much the same manner.  Langridge has a very strong sense of storytelling, and it shows on every page and every panel he does.  Fortunately, his writing is just as good as his art, making this book one of the best all-ages titles coming out right now, while still being a great read for older readers.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Matt Kindt 

SWEET TOOTH’s most unusual storyline yet, “The Taxidermist,” continues. Thacker and his men are taken on a journey deep into the frozen heart of Alaska where the origins of the plague may lie hidden deep below the ice! Jeff Lemire and guest artist Matt Kindt continue their mysterious mini-epic!

Grant: While I was impressed with how different "The Taxidermist" arc is from the rest of the series to date, the opening issues wasn't quite enough to completely sell me on the concept.  I'm hoping that this issue will provide enough information to the reader to explain how it has anything to do with the events happening throughout the rest of the series, but considering how good Sweet Tooth has been on the whole, I'm willing to show a bit of patience.

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CombatSpoon86 said...

I had to drop Action bc of lack of funds. I have a feeling Dc will try to do extra stuff like that Batman Noel or extra bio content in all their books. So the 20 pgs. for 3.99 sry not for me. Plus I was eventually gonna get it in trade to add with All Star so I save money.

This week. I am getting Amazing Spider-Man, Animal man, American Vampire, Infinite Vacation, Swamp Thing.

Jon Q. Citizen said...

I agree with you completely on O.M.A.C. Grant!! I sneered at the solicitations, but just picked it up to page through it at my LCS. I was awestruck! It's just a fun book to read!

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