Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 11/16/11

The travelling continues, but I managed to find some time to write up another lovely set of Post-Crisis Previews!  After last week's dearth, we're closer to my regular comic book purchasing model of "far too many", so hit the jump to check out my thoughts on such exciting books as Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #3, Punisher #5, Wonder Woman #3, and more!

Written by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

It's a brave new city! As the costs of Spider-Island continue to rise, Spidey’s first enemy returns! High-rise robberies and teenaged jumpers force Spidey into a high flying new adventure…with a less than friendly partner.

Grant: With Spider-Island done, I'm curious to see what Dan Slott has up his sleeve next.  I've loved every single moment of Slott's latest stay on the Amazing title, but twice a month at $3.99 adds up fast, both in price and in physical comic book space.  I'd say that this issue will make or break whether or not I keep picking up this series, but if Slott keeps doing what he's doing, I'll more than likely keep picking up each and every issue.  It's just too good to refuse.

Written by Brian Clevinger
Art by Scott Wegner

Why aren't you reading this book? Look, I'll break it down for you. We've got a robot who's also a scientist. He fights monsters, sometimes Nazis, a mobile pyramid once, the planet Mars kinda, and also Stephen Hawking (though to be honest that was more of a metaphorical battle). His arch enemies include a brain in a jar, a time traveling dinosaur who isn't, and the spirit of Thomas Edison. Yeah, okay, this is the third issue in the sixth series, but it's still a great jumping on point. Check it: First issue Robo tried to rescue some astronauts. Second issue it all went horribly wrong. This issue Robo tracks down the true culprits! Read It!

Grant: It's really not fair, because Brian Clevinger's solicitations for this volume of Atomic Robo pretty much sum up all of my arguments for why you should be reading this series.  It is easily one of the best comic books coming out today, and it by far my personal favourite comic book on stands right now.  If you aren't buying Atomic Robo, then I don't know if we can still be friends.

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion

As Bruce digs deeper into the mystery of the recent owl murders, he soon finds himself face to face with a shocking enemy – an enemy the Wayne family has secretly been at war with for centuries. Be there for the first shots of the war for the soul of Gotham City. Friends will become deadly enemies and secrets will be revealed – revelations that will change the Bat-family forever.

Grant: You all know that I love me some Scott Snyder, and his work on Batman is among the best stuff that he's doing right now.  I thought his Detective Comics arc from earlier this year was classic Batman, but what he's doing on the eponymous titled book is possibly even better.  The intelligent writing remains, but there's also a healthy dose of humour thrown in among the high-stakes action and drama, making for one incredibly solid and balanced Batbook.

Written by Tony Bedard
Art by Ig Guara & Ruy Jose

Newly bonded with his alien armor, high-schooler Jaime Reyes must keep his symbiotic partner from enacting its mission: to conquer planet Earth. Can a teenager turn an alien weapon of mass destruction into a force for good?

Grant: I've been intrigued by Tony Bedard's take on Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle, but I'm not entirely convinced that all of his changes are for the better.  He has me interested enough to pick up yet another issue, but Bedard will have to really wow me to convince me that his version is worth reading when I still have all my wonderful back-issues from Jaime's first go around.

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

The superstar team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee continue to make history as they unleash the amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman, who joins the battle against a bizarre threat! And the not-yet World’s Greatest Heroes need all the help they can get!

Grant: Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's relaunched Justice League is moving at what could be called a snail's pace, but they've somehow managed to keep me along nonetheless.  Johns' writing isn't amazing, but there's some hints of interesting things to come that has been able to keep me on.  I am genuinely interested to see the new Wonder Woman written by someone who isn't Brian Azzerello.  I don't know if it could possibly be as good, but I'll give Johns the benefit of the doubt for this issue.  And at the very least, with Jim Lee on art, I know that this book will be a pleasure to the eyes, which is half the battle.

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Marco Checchetto

Frank Castle. Bloody. Hurt. Fallen. Getting there first is everything.

Grant: Greg Rucka is one of those writers for whom I will give any book that their written a fair shake.  Punisher has been a really exciting series thus far.  I've never been super into Frank Castle, but Rucka's magic has been more than enough to get - and keep - me on board.  Marco Checchetto's awesome art certainly isn't hurting things, as his grim and dirty New York is the perfect compliment to Rucka's interpretation of the character.

Written by Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft
Art by Attila Futaki

A young ambitious runaway encounters a travelling salesman with sharp teeth and a hunger for the innocent.
SCOTT SNYDER (American Vampire, Batman, Swamp Thing), SCOTT TUFT and ATTILA FUTAKI (Percy Jackson) are back with 2011’s most terrifying horror series. SEVERED.

Grant: Another great book from Snyder coming out this week.  Severed has been going on an incredibly slow burn, but unlike Justice League, it feels like there is a real narrative reason to support this choice.  The mood and atmosphere that Snyder, Tuft, and Futaki have been creating is an absolute pleasure to experience.  I'll admit that the solicitations are kind of terrible for the books, but what's inside is worth your while.

Written by Rick Remender
Art by Stefano Caselli

Flash Thompson has suffered great loss during the Infestation, but in the wake of the outbreak, the body count may rise. The dust has settled, the outbreak over, but the heartbreak has just begun. Rick Remender (X-Force) joins special guest Stefano Caselli (Amazing Spider-Man) as Flash Thompson tries to put together the pieces of a shattered life.

Grant: Flash Thompson as a military-employed Venom has been great since issue #1.  The past few Spider-Island tie-ins continued that trend, being especially impressive for managing to be an effective tie-in while continuing to tell the story that Remender has been building on from the beginning.  The fact that Stefano Caselli is on art for this issue only makes the deal sweeter.  Should be good.

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Cliff Chiang

Hippolyta, the queen of the Amazons, has kept a secret from her daughter all her life – and when it’s revealed, Wonder Woman’s life will shatter like brittle clay. The only one more shocked than Diana by this revelation? Bloodthirsty Hera herself – so why is her sinister daughter, Strife, so eager for the truth to be told?

Grant: It's admittedly a little early, but I think I'm ready to call Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's interpretation of Wonder Woman among the best of the past decade.  These two have managed to breath new life into a character that has historically had a difficult time gaining any traction among wider comic book readers.  Somehow they've managed to overcome all those challenges, providing some of the best stories Diana has ever had the privilege of starring in.

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Klep said...

It's worth noting that in the preview for ASM #674, Carlie Cooper looks completely different yet again. I really hope that Slott is going to be writing her out of the book in favor of bringing back Peter&MJ, but Quesada is still in charge so I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I thought Joe Quesada stepped down as EIC?

Space Jawa said...

Does it count if I buy Atomic Robo in TPB format rather than individuals issues?

Jon said...

Space Jawa: I really hope so!

Anonymous said...

I'd argue that since you love ASM so much, you should keep picking it up. I personally find the art on this title to be inconsistent and not my thing, but I wouldn't base your decision on keeping or dropping it on one issue alone (especially when it ships twice a month).

Remember, continued support helps keep the writer on the title longer, and I know I get more frustrated than anything when there's a writer switch on a title every 8, 10 or 12 issues.

Kevin said...

Justice League #3 is going to be a make it or break it issue for me. I've liked certain parts but the pacing is killing things.

I would say the same thing for Wonder Woman, though I did enjoy the second issue much more than the first.

CombatSpoon86 said...

Batman, Punisher, Severed, Thunderbolts, Venom, Wonder Woman for me this wk.

Eric van Schaik said...

Mudman (Grist)
Izombie (Alfred)
Gladstone's school for world conquerors TPB

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