Friday, December 2, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 11/30/11

With DC sticking to a four week schedule, today's a little lighter for the fifth week installment of Moments of the Week. But we've still got plenty of good moments for you, from Daredevil's new villain, A family reunited in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sinister's origin in Uncanny X-Men, kids on vacation in FF, and Ultimates ends its first arc with a rather ghostly statement. All that plus rock and roll in Riverdale, and the secret of the mysterious cloaked lady from the New 52 revealed after the jump!

Archie #627

We start with something completely different, those rascally kids try to unhaunt Riverdale but actually unleash a stable of classic movie monsters to make the town boring and uncool. But then KISS shows up to save the day, because that's what KISS does. They'll squash that strutter and put everything back in a New York groove so Dr. Love can reopen his clinic!

Daredevil #6
An interesting reveal of new villain Bruiser's powers, and he adheres to a belief that he needs to work his way up through the various superheroes and villains so he can one day fight the Hulk.

You can't trust the quality of Madripoor billy clubs, you need to go with that genuine Wakanda ivory/vibranium mix that just screams "class."

Down goes, Bruiser, down goes Bruiser!

That's how you handle the situation when five supervillain groups hold guns to your head (and each others). This macguffin everyone is after? A new use for the unstable molecule Fantastic Four badge, only filled with terabytes of data for dastardly deeds.

FF #12
When the kids teleported away in last week's FF #600, they arrived where everyone usually does, Latveria.

Bentley isn't the one I'm worried about going to the dark side, it's Darth Valeria. Vader, Valeria, Victor Von Doom, all begin with a "V."

At this point Valeria has more secret plans in motion than Nick Fury.

Thunderbolts #166

Say hello to the Londonbolts, set right during the year of 1888, they is. Boomerang's exaggerated Aussie accent should stay in place from now on.

My Fair Troll, it could catch on.

Tiny Titans #46
Now the real reveal just won't matter anymore, because it isn't Ambush Bug.

Continuity is so easy even the Tiny Titans get it! Now explain Hawkman.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4
That's just a cool moment, and the shurikens are making me have a flashback to playing the old NES TMNT game.

A family reunited, can you feel the joy?

Ultimates #4
Ouch, right in the shoulders.

Really takes the idea that the power was in you all along to a whole new level, doesn't it? Reed spares Thor and Captain Britain to go tell Fury that they will stay in Germany, and to leave them alone while they continue to evolve and grow. Of course the Ultimates don't know Reed is behind this, until now.

Reed was obviously a fan of Casino Royale.

Uncanny X-Men #2
Sinister's true plan, decades in the making. He continued to make himself perfect and thinks a world of him is the next step of evolution. And because Summers and Grey DNA was the most pure mutant samples out there, it helped Sinister make himself into his current "perfect" form.

And Sinister pulls a Dracula from MI-13 and throws around some racism.
Hope doesn't like racism. I wonder if she told Cable the glowing eye was a target, too.

How do you know it's the real Sinister? His diamond turns red. Colossus is going to have to crush a lot of heads to make this stop.

X-Men Legacy #259
There was a stowaway from the space group as they got back from earth, and it seemed to be connected to Korvus' sword. A doorway, any idea who it could be?

A doorway that Rogue isn't worried about, hmmmm.

I would have never guessed it to be Ariel, so nice job from Mike Carey to make the reveal count. Last we saw her, she died in an explosion during Second Coming.

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matthew. said...

So mainstream comics are all about just killing dudes? Colossus just crushes that guy's head? What in the world is happening to comics

Brandon said...

@Matthew - You are now just one more whiny fanboy who is scared of blood. What a stupid thing to complain about. Grow up already.

matthew. said...

It's stupid to complain about children's role models resorting to murder? It's stupid to complain about the aggressive "maturing" of comics which is essentially just blood and tits? Perfectly good stories can be told without cold blooded murder. Does the ethics of the modern superhero not bother you? Or I should say, lack of ethics?

Brandon said...

For starters, not all comic book material is or even should be geared toward children. I don't want to read about childish X-Men stories. If it is a good story that contains some violence, as long as that violence serves the story, I am not offended by it. As brought up in the first issue, this book is about Cyclop's team and the questionable group he has assembled. Especially considering Colossus's influence as the Juggernaut, I would think that acts of violence would possibly be within character.

If, for example there was such a scene in a power pack comic, I would be more inlined to agree that it is unnecessary and disturbing.

All you are doing is crying every time you see blood without given any thought to why, or how it effects the story. Instead of complaining that comic books are too mature, maybe you should take stock of your own maturity level.

Again I say, grow up.

matthew. said...

This discussion would be a lot more fruitful if you didn't consistently accuse me of being a child. I'm disturbed that in two major flagship titles, Green Lantern and Uncanny X-Men, the heroes have resorted to straight up cold blooded murder for the sake of completing their arbitrary goals. Those are the only two comics that I've complained about on this particular site. It bothers me that the violence is happening without the heroes OR THE WRITERS even questioning whether or not violence is the best means necessary. In Green Lantern, Johns is gleefully dismembering, murdering and mutilating anybody and everybody and at no point does a character stop and think to themselves, "hey, we're becoming that which we hate". There is no moment of self-reflection; it is simply an attempt to create a more "adult" tone, which comes off as puerile and adolescent.

Question: if Spider-Man had straight up crushed a guy's head, and didn't have that classic Parker moment of self-doubt, would you have accepted it? Bear in mind that both Spider-Man and Uncanny X-Men have both the Teen+ rating on their cover.

My qualms do not derive from my perceived maturity level. I fully accept violence if it serves the story: Marvelman, the Authority, Preacher, Animal Man, etc. The issue is that I am mature enough to understand that violence for the sake of violence is immature.

matthew. said...

Also, I fail to see how an acceptable level of violence that befits the story equates to childish. Anything lacking scenes of decapitation and we automatically label it "childish"?

Brandon said...

To your point about the characters questioning the morality or their actions, I hold that such a moment does not have to take place within the same panel or even the same issue as the act. The long form story can address such doubt at some other point and still serve the story and character. In which case you are complaining without allowing the appropriate time to see if this issue is resolved.

Such knee jerk reactions are exactly what I think is childish and immature.

I do not equate a comic lacking scenes of decapitation as automatically "childish". However, I also don't equate any work that depicts violence as lacking ethics. I label people without fully developed opinions as immature and childish.

matthew. said...

Fair enough. I take your point regarding the development of the story. However, experience has taught us that comics are rarely self-reflexive, and in particular with Geoff Johns, there are certainly no moments in his recent work that show this.

You've addressed only one of my points, and in doing so, found a way to insult me twice. One might not throw stones and glass houses and what not.

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