Friday, December 9, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/07/11

December brings a bunch of comic sized gifts for today's Moments of the Week. Defenders starts up with a call to arms, Action Comics brings the first appearance of Steel in the NCnU, Spider-Man is both Amazing and Avenging this week, X-Club attempts to have Dr. Nemesis steal every scene, Swamp Thing brings the beauty, and Animal Man brings the beast. As always, much more after the jump, so let's ho-ho-hop to it!

Amazing Spider-Man #675
In comics, the amount of money at your disposal greatly increases how cool your belt is. Spidey probably shows it off to the other Avengers all the time.

I get a feeling it's not just tingling, it's trembling in fear of what's about to happen.

Avenging Spider-Man #2

Change the book to Avenging J. Jonah Jameson, it will always sell in the six digits. What Jameson doesn't realize is he signed up for a gladiator fight with the new underworld king.

Awww, little Moloids, there's room in the Baxter Building for you all.

Trust your instinct, Jameson, you know he's the real villain here!

Action Comics #4

Super-cape stays durable and fresh, even in the middle of fighting alien robot conquerors!

The Bottle City of Metropolis, has a nice ring to it.

Also of note this issue is that we have the first appearance of Steel, and we learn why USB ports are so important.

Animal Man #4

Socks the cat, cuddliest avatar of the Red out there. Pet sidekicks forever.

Even tough cookies crumble, and while this will probably be reversed next issue, it looks like Cliff and his mullet are done for the time being.

Defenders #1

Intelligent Hulk is always the best Hulk, it makes everything else so much easier for your former teammates. And humility is always a nice trait to have as well.

I would guess Shang-Chi probably invented Zero-G fighting back in the day, only way to find out is in a cage match fight in space!

Huntress #3
Huntress cheated, she had her crossbow already drawn.

That was just ruff, Helena.

Looks like Huntress has been playing Arkham City a bit with those takedowns.

Justice League International #4
Yeah, right, "sorry."

We're just a mineral rich egg waiting to be cracked. And not even a thank you.

Lovely Aaron Lopresti splash page, that's just good old fashioned superheroics.

Static Shock #4

One of the more interesting twists with this reboot is the reveal of the Pale Man being an undercover cop on the supervillain crime circuit. We even get the origin to his appearance, Joker Gas is no laughing matter.

Swamp Thing #4

Marco Rudy does a fantastic job this issue, when he wasn't even the originally solicited fill-in artist for this issue. That last page is JH Williams good, put the guy on the book full time. For a largely exposition and dialogue heavy issue the art still shines through.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael

Raphael is Batman. Or rather, Batman is Raphael.

Not only does this issue introduce Alopex, but it also shows us the first appearances of Bebop and Rocksteady.

Venom #10

Man, Cap, why are you always raining on people's parades. And no good comeback for that last line, huh?

One of the funnier moments, just throwing the Sentinel of Liberty into a tree, why not. Suffice to say, Cap does not shut Project Rebirth down.

Villains For Hire #1

Tiger Shark, Bombshell, Crossfire, Nightshade. These are basically Misty Knight's equivalent of the Secret Six, being used to help destroy Purple Man's little VfH consortium and place Misty on top, almost like a quasi Kingpin.

X-Club #1

Cyclops does his best to remain the perfect PR spokesman for mutantkind. Maybe Dazzler should take that spot.

Oooh, science burn.

All scenes he sees, Dr. Nemesis steals, with rather delightful dialogue.

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Klep said...

That last ASM page also has me scared....that Peter and Carlie might get back together. I realized recently that whatever his intentions, Slott really has set up Mary Jane as the kind, loving friend who only wants what's best for Peter and for him to be happy, and she'll go out of her way to see it happen. In other words, she's still the perfect girl for him. Meanwhile, Carlie is paranoid, selfish, clingy, and obsessive.

X-Club was definitely one of my favorites this week. I was really glad I picked that up. We can only hope it has 4 more issues of Dr. Nemesis being awesome.

I know this is already a long post, but it's a shame you weren't able to fit in Jubilee going after the Sentinel army. That was another great bit.

Logan said...

Pretty sure Batman's "that's not my belt" line is straight from ItsJustSomeRandomGuy.

Médard said...

Bebop and Rocksteady appear in TMNT: Rapheal?
Interesting, this would've never happen in the Mirage comics.
I'm looking forward to your review of this issue. I haven't picked up myself because I'm still on the fence about the regular TMNT series from IDW.

Steve said...

I know it's an inconsequential continuity-nerd nitpick, but it's a shame seeing Avalanche in VfH acting all super-villainy when he's recently shown up in Uncanny X-Men having totally turned his back on the costumed antics.

Ultimecia said...

Damn, they friendzoned MJ

Ivan said...

Huh, what? Cliff is right there, cowering in the left corner. The snack is the police investigator the Hunter was impersonating.

Ken Boehm said...

Ivan, you're absolutely right, my mistake. Cliff's face like that made it look like it was his Mom in shock, and the similar clothing.

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