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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/14/11

Let these Moments of the Week brighten your spirits and and bring cheer for all! Avengers: X-Sanction starts up, Uncanny X-Force brings the Dark Angel Saga to a close, Green Lantern shows some rare humility, and Batman and Robin shows the coolest remote controlled toy for kids this Christmas. Also on tap is the debut of the new Ray, Loki has puppy problems in Journey Into Mystery, and Batwoman shows us how two page layouts are supposed to be done. All that and more after the jump!

Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #4

People will always raise their hands for science. And an excellent comeback for Tucker.

Ham radio was the internet back in the day, I reckon.

Avengers: X-Sanction #1

Cable is terrible at small talk, having to put Falcon in a booby trapped tank just to have meaningful conversation with Cap.

It looks like if Hope isn't there in the future, the Phoenix comes for the background of all panels. Or maybe all those time-displaced people in the Marvel Universe just sit around in limbo after the Phoenix destroys everything.


New Avengers #19

Somewhere around the middle of that second page that scene got kind of creepy. And with the Wolverine/Squirrel Girl revelation earlier in the series that had to have been a few years ago, just how old is Squirrel Girl?

Funny thing is the issue actually does have Hand helping out Osborn and his New Dark Avengers by leaking them PR specific information. Peter must be the next Madame Web.

Batgirl #4

Unless that reveal is actually a villain in disguise, DC has some explaining to do about Babs' mom. We just saw her six months ago in Scott Snyder's truly fantastic Detective Comics run.

Batman & Robin #4

That remote controlled toy car you get this season will be nothing compared to a remote controlled Batjet. Butler included!

Instantly iconic scene.

Ace now becomes Titus. Given Damian's recent attitude of killing everything smaller than he is, I get a little worried when he's alone with man's best friend.

Batwoman #4

.................oh, I'm sorry, those are just fantastic spreads and I lost where I was for a moment. Just the way one ends with leaving through a window and the other starts by entering a window, it's a splash page but at the same time doesn't waste the pages. Perfect.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #4
War Wheels controls just like a Katamari, only in this instance you run over everything instead of collecting things.

And with that, Frankenstein provided fish sticks for the SHADE team for a month.

Green Lantern #4
Silly Sinestro, thinking it was just that yellow suit that freaked people out. Green, yellow, it doesn't matter.

Sinestro apologizing, we will never see that again.

This brings new meaning to the idea of the power being inside you all along.

Journey Into Mystery #632
Based on Volstagg's girth, he is very jolly this time of year.

See, when Hel-Wolf and Garm fought during Fear Itself, they actually fell in love a little bit, and seven hel-pups were born, with one being a terrible little talking terror.

With all the other pups adopted, the worst of the litter is adopted by Loki. Loki and Thorsi, bestest buds forever.

The Ray #1
The origin of the new Ray's powers, getting bombard by cosmic rays! Wait, that's not right....

Sleepless in Seattle, sure, but naked in Seattle? That's a new one. This becomes a problem for Lucien, as any clothes he puts on burn away.

Super-heroing 101, Lucien gets an A+.

Hippie parents, letting their kids walk around the house naked while they get high, what has society come too.

Uncanny X-Force #18

One of the best revelations of this arc is that anyone, even Apocalypse, can be a hero if you give them Superman's origin, that's how strong it is.

And Psylocke finally does the job and kills Archangel. There's a lot more to this story that I didn't want to spoil, because it's a really good, satisfying ending, and we don't get that enough these days.

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Ryan K Lindsay said...

Uncanny X-Force, these 18 issues, are an instant classic and lucky/smart people will buy the omnibus when it eventually comes because this cannot be missed. Superhero book of the year, easily.

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Uh, and what the hell is with Squirrel Girl. Bendis' new plaything, alright, ha. Not to mention Murdock calls it the "Luke Cage/Jessica Jones baby,' way to be a friend, yikes.

Landon K said...

Man that Dark Angel Saga ending was so satisfying. I can't wait to see what else Rick Remender has up his sleeve now he is adding Secret Avengers to his list and just making his own little corner in MU.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

I'm definitely a DC guy but the Dark Angel stuff has looked fantastic from beginning to end. I'll definitely be picking up the trade

maybetoby said...

Agreed. Uncanny X-Force, especially the Dark Angel Saga, is an excellent storyline. How will the following issues top that?

CombatSpoon86 said...

X-force has been great. Remender has plan for his Secret Avengers, Venom, and X-force to come together just like what he said on his interview. Secret Avengers vs X-force crossover to come soon sometime next yr. :)

Ivan said...

Am I the only one who doesn't absolutely love Williams III's weird-ass layouts?

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