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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/21/11

A year end splash by the publishers means it's one of the biggest installments of Moments of the Week ever! So everyone get ready for a year-end push as Darkseid appears in Justice League, Batman does some sleuthing in his youth, Wolverine and the X-Men become friends with nature, and the new Ultimate Spider-Man shows his skills. We've also got some winter moments in Daredevil and a big villain reveal in Batman: Leviathan Strikes, plus lots, lots more, so hit the jump to start your holiday season!

Amazing Spider-Man #676

Sinister Six vs. the Intelligencia! Two villain groups enter, one group leaves! Welcome to Thunderboltdome!

Whose legs will give out first?

Poor MODOK, having to swallow his pride and admit defeat. Now the Sinister Six are in control of the Zero Cannon, a device which can pick any place on the globe and fling it into orbit. So there you have it, everything in place for the next Spider-Event in 2012.

Avengers #20
After Osborn ruins the Avengers little media show by saying how he was mistreated and making Cap go super grumpy face, Cap splits up the team to go find him, and Clint and Jessica head out to Thunderbolts Mountain.

Spider-Hulks smash everything a spider can.

Batman #4

So lil' Bruce goes investigating, like he was one of the Hardy Boys, and winds up at an abandoned old hotel. If only he had Ace the Bat Hound with him, it could be just like Scooby Doo!

On top of being a strong way to add something to Bruce's history, Greg Capullo does a fantastic job with the flashback scenes, giving them a contrast similar to David Mazzucchelli's work on Year One. Consistently the best DC book by leaps and bounds every month.

Batman: Leviathan Strikes!
That's not the kind of training that should be done at a preparatory academy. Lady Gaga is a bad  influence.

Super assassin academy, with the Son of Pyg helping to brainwash them? Batgirl is right in her league (a blurb in the book says all this takes place before Flashpoint).

And in the second part of the issue, Netz finally meets his end after giving Batman alzheimer's and brainwashing some of the other Inc. members. But there's a few members who died, like Batwing, the Outsiders, and The Hood. Again, this was pre-Flashpoint and Batwing seems to have gotten better.

There you go, the real mastermind behind the Yang to Batman Inc's Yin. You have to hand it to her, though, new levels of crazy never seem to be a problem with Talia.

Daredevil #7

Matt was going to take some blind kids on a Christmas vacation but their bus overturns in the middle of a blizzard. What's a hero to do when the snow messes with his radar?

Spider-Man pees his pants all the time, because he's always scared by how cool Daredevil is.

And the kids save the day, this is just like the Mighty Ducks rallying behind Coach Bombay. Brave kids, who never realized they saved Daredevil. A nice stand alone issue from Waid and Rivera that doesn't cross over into a sappy emotional story. I'd actually like to see the kids pop up in a future DD story, where maybe they don't have to fight against the elements.

Generation Hope #14
I wonder what the Jean resurrection pool looks like, it's probably in the millions of dollars.

Martha's new look, do you like?

I hope to see more of Jin Billion in the future, he's the right balance of quirky and a logical progression of a villain. The dumpsters of Stark and Oscorp are probably a goldmine.

Green Lantern Corps #4

Another new revelation, that Guy and J'onn never met until 2011, yet J'onn has also said he served in the Justice League in the past. So Guy has never been a JL member, but all that stuff that happened in the previous GLC series still did, as the issue specifically mentions certain characters. J'onn also seems a lot more angrier and hostile here, can't all green people get along?

Justice League #4
Cyborg becomes active, and shows white noise definitely took an upgrade with the reboot.

We finally see what the Parademons are attempting to do, which is just cull the earth for resources. It still looks like they take living things and just make them mindless slaves, so I still wonder about the constant killing of them by the heroes so far.

Hal was really jacked up to 11 this issue with his personality, so good to see him get laughed at.

Darkseid is.....big!

Legion of Monsters #3
Monsters fight!

Monsters make up! Awww.....

That's just a cool prep montage, the holy water bath just tops it off. Is it Rambo or Bloodstone?

New Mutants #35
Like scolded children, Dani and Roberto follow Blink.

X-Man may be one of the strongest people out there, but he still gets no respect. Maybe if he put on a shirt it would help.

Nightwing #4
The evil eye, never a good sign. Dick really does have a preference for the redheads.

In Miami I guess you put a bat signal on the beach. I do wonder if another small change to the DCnU is that Dick and Babs were never a real couple, just crushing on one another pretty hard.

I just love Trevor McCarthy's art, the way he carries over the Scott McDaniel silhouette acrobatic technique, put this guy on a regular book pronto.

Thunderbolts #167

 It's like Castlevania, comic style!

Gunna is so happy, I like how she's been slowly built up over time as a supporting character.

And there you have why Satana and Hyde were off being bad, women witches are magically attracted to stronger women witches. Next stop on the timeline, Camelot!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5

A reincarnation vibe's showing up, poor ninja kids.

And with that, the series blends everything together, everyone gets their respective color, Raph gets his sais, a Merry Christmas from the Splinter family.

Transformers: The Death of Optimus Prime
Optimus exiles himself in order to calm everything down, seeing himself as the source for the conflict.

Bye bye, Optimus, good thing you aren't really dead, I'm getting horrible flashbacks to the animated movie. And the groundwork is laid for the two new Transformers series next year.

Ultimate Spider-Man #5
 Worst way to get knocked out, somewhere Ultimate Shocker is even laughing.

Miles impresses the teacher, will he get a shot at the job?

Officially licensed Ultimate apparel, hopefully Miles or Genke learn how to sew.

Venom #11

Jack-O-Lantern is definitely on the naughty list, for eternity. Stockholm Syndrome to the max on that origin story.

Wonder Woman #4

Nice moment, where Hera isn't so much angry just upset that she's not good enough for her husband.

Indiana Jones would hate Paradise Island right now. Good stuff from Azzarello and Chiang.

Uncanny X-Force #19
Deadpool's toilet paper talk is fascinating, especially when he's able to get in a decent line about why Wild Child was chained if he was so loyal.

When you have extra brains, it might be easier to just pour the beer on your head, that's probably the normal thing to do in The World.

Take that, bub.

Cyclops has a secret hit squad, Beast leaves and has a fit about it. Wolverine has a secret hit squad, and also has Kid Apocalypse in tow, on top of talking about having a safe school for kids, and it's no big deal. Double standards, Hank, not cool. NotWarren is also going to be attending the Jean Grey school for the time being.

Wolverine & The X-Men #3
Krakoa and the X-Men hugged it out, with some help from Quire. Turns out Krakoa's a mutant clone of the original island, being controlled by Hellfire Kids.

Poor Toad, I wonder if he would join the Avengers if they treated him with more respect as a janitor. This should be a major plot point in Avengers vs. X-Men.

So with an out of court settlement Wolverine will get what, 100 million or so? Matt will probably take 90% of that, for all those expensive suits.

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maybetoby said...

Did Batwing and the Outsiders actually die? Sure the space station blew up, but Metamorpho could just do what he did way back in Morrison's JLA #1 (which might kill him). But what about Batwing?

Pat said...

Yea, Talia could just be capturing Batwing, or laying down a serious beatdown, or Batwing could have flew away, its never shown what happens so there's no reason to imply he was killed. Also, that splash page of Darkseid is leaps and bounds more gorgeous than any other image on this page. Unreal.

Simon DelMonte's Escape Hatch said...

This should be said often: ten years ago, I dropped Nightwing for a few months until DC fired the new artist. A really bad excuse for a pencil man named Trevor McCarthy.

That was then. This is now. And McCarthy has really come into his own, and then some. I like Eddy Barrows' work as the regular NW man, but McCarthy has my vote as a solid replacement if and when needed.

maybetoby said...

Lady Gaga wasn't the only instructor in Batman Inc, they also had Rihanna and Amy Winehouse lol

Ivan said...

It saddens my heart that Guy and J'onn never met before in the New DCU.

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