Friday, December 30, 2011

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 12/28/11

The last Moments of the Week for 2011 brings with it the end to the arcs of Aquaman and Annihilators: Earthfall, while TMNT's Michelangelo brings in the new year turtle-style. Also on tap is Franklin Richards versus a Celestial in FF, and Cyclops versus a Celestial as well. All that plus Volstagg having bad manners in Ultimates, and Loki being a thief to his elders, so light the sparklers and hit the jump!

Annihilators: Earthfall #4
Belief based superpowers + faith based powers = a bad day for the Annihilator crew.

Humans and aliens working together, saving the day. And it didn't require extermination of a bunch of possessed purple people!

Good on Quasar telling Steve how it is. It's not like the Avengers don't also run into things not being able to explain. And they don't have a psychic dog leading them, so I mean, Annihilators all the way.

Aquaman #4

Finally, some respect for Aquaman. One can only wonder if that little kid was made to look like Geoff Johns did as a youth.

Aquadog is now the best new character of the new 52.

Astonishing X-Men #45

Cyclops never used anything from his belt full of pouches in the 90's, and yet in this outfit he can fit in a little pocket knife to save the day.

Well, looks like no schism among multiverse versions of the two mutants so far.

FF #13

The Ultimate Nullifier was all the rage for Christmas these days.

Franklin turns those Celestials' glower power into flower power.

Flash #4
The origin of Mob Rule is rather apparent in those layout designs alone, almost like the Sorcerer's Apprentice and those mops.

Flash Fact: a femtosecond is one millionth of a nanosecond, which is usually how fast computer processors work these days.

The Mighty Thor #9

This is what Asgard does, stealing beer from the Germans and taking a disabled doctor's cane!

I wonder if Beta Ray Bill knows who Thor is if he's off world when this amnesia spell was cast.

Secret Avengers #20
A heavy time travel issue where Natasha has to go and stop the team from dying, but starts out five years before the team dies. The solution? Go back to 1967 to get the original bad guy!

 A fun way to show the time difference, as we get a newspaper comic strip layout. Pretty clever.

Teen Titans #4

Bunker looks like he's imitating the Joker there.

Titans Together, for the first time!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Michelangelo
A simple plan to party on New Year's Eve turns into being mistaken as a member of thieves stealing a precious gem, how totally tubular is that?

I was expecting the tails of Mikey's bandanda to set off the alarm.

You close your eyes holding a gun to someone, they don't have to be a ninja to try and take it from you.

Ultimates #5

 Ghost farts are the worst, not even Slimer was that rude.

I believe this is the first time we've seen Ultimate Falcon, and why use a bird's eye view when you can sneak into a future world?

Uncanny X-Men #3

The tension is like wondering who is going to win your country's version of a music talent show. Look how scared Magneto is!

Darn right, Hope. Not only do the Celestials blink, the humans all see that the X-Men saved the day, and that they stood up to gods. No better way to say no more picking on mutants, right?

X-Men Legacy #260
Earth hospitality can only go so far.

Ariel lives! And so concludes Mike Carey's run on X-Men/X-Men Legacy, becoming the second most prolific X-writer behind Chris Claremont. A rather solid run throughout, always having fun with the B-listers and making the most of the time between those mandatory events.

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Akylle said...

Actually Ultimate Falcon has appeared in several titles before (Nightmare, Vision, Extinction, and Ultimates Annual #2).

Those Astonishing X-Men bits looks cool, I'm a sucker for a good multiverse story, so I might just have to pick those up.

Peter F DiSilvio said...

With the exception of FF and Fantastic 4 I only read Marvel in trade but the X-men stuff lately has made me seriously reconsider that decision

maybetoby said...

it's really annoying to see Avengers acting like Earth is the be all end all. Again. Stark didn't give a crap when Nova told him about the Annihilation wave way back when, and now Cap thinks the Annihilators a) can't "invade" Earth to stop the Magus and b) should leave the Magus on Earth. Good for Quasar not backing down. Hope we get more cosmic tales from DnA.

Naymlap said...

I'm going to miss Carey. His run on Legacy was great. I wish he could have finished some of the plot points he set up, like Gambit. Who knows, maybe he'll come back years later for a middling and divisive run on another X title, I'd settle for that.

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