Friday, December 2, 2011

Moment of the Day - Save the Day, Eat Some Ice Cream

The Power of Shazam #18, by Jerry Ordway and Mike Manley

What better way to end a day than by enjoying a tasty treat? Sarge Steel needs to relax and switch his hand to an ice cream scoop and try the Rocky Road.

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Ivan said...

Guys, the reviews and Moments of the Week (and day) are great as usual, but I miss the opinion pieces. I guess Matt and Ryan have been too busy. =/

Ryan K Lindsay said...

Hey, Ivan. Yeah, pretty much got it in one. I wish I had more time to drop on gonzo pieces. I'm trying my best and will endeavour to get a bit more up - but until then, the other lads sure have been killing it with these weekly updates.

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