Friday, January 13, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/11/12

Welcome to the newest installment of Moments of the Week, where there is more than meets the eye! This week saw the relaunch of a new Transformers series, Daredevil and Spider-Man are up to street-level hijinks, and Scarlet Spider deals with reckless drivers in a very decisive way. We also have Wolverine & the X-Men with a reveal that will make you say "whoa, baby," Green Lantern continues to have Sinestro show up Hal, and Batman and Robin lets us in on Bruce's pre-Batman history. More as always, so let's hit the jump!

Amazing Spider-Man #677
Retaliation is in order, Matt should just call up Aunt May and say Peter's Spider-Man.

See no fear, feel no fear. Daredevil 1, Spider-Man 0.

Batman and Robin #5

No one cuts up Bruce's baguettes and walks away uninjured.

This is my moment of the week, seeing Patrick Gleason draw a great sneaking and entering with Damian and Nobody. The way the panels shrink up to show how rapid they knock out people is a really great storytelling move. They even brought steaks for the guard dogs, how thoughtful.

Batwoman #5

Ghosts are the worst, making people do bad things. If you ever need a splash page for anything, just give it to JH Williams.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #5
Lovely splash from Alberto Ponticelli, showing the OMAC/Frank fight from Frank's POV. Just a head's up, this isn't a Round 2, but more a mirror of Round 1.

Looks like this will be the subplot in the book, Frank looking to see just who he is a collection of.

Green Lantern #5

Sinestro giveth, Sinestro taketh away. I think his Corps needs a timeout in the middle of a sun, they've been awfully bad while he's been gone.

And much like the Coyote trying to catch the Roadrunner, Hal is just one step behind these days.

Scarlet Spider #1

Where are Kaine's manners? She could be the clone of Aunt May for all we know!

Seriously, wear your seat belt, Weekly Crisis readers.

Secret Avengers #21

I think Valykrie is just as confused why the re-team of Ellis and Immonen isn't providing the Nextwave humor, but freakish human lab experiments instead.

Anytime something comes out of a sealed up tube thirty floors below ground, just shoot it right away, we'll forgive you.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #1
Two days from retirement, too.

Prowl, you rascally rabbit you. Now Rodimus' side has to crash land and a few Transformers got sucked out of the vacuum.

Wolverine & the X-Men #4
I'm pretty sure this is why Apocalypse became evil in ancient Egypt, being picked on in school. Don't let the cycle repeat!


X-Men Legacy #260.1
That is how you make an entrance.

Again,  poor Toad.

Pretty sneaky, Rogue, absorbing the students powers to become the mutant version of Captain Planet.

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Anonymous said...

The X-Universe is in such a great place right now! Schism sucked, but it was worth it if only to get to THIS! Firing on all cylinders!

Kaine is badass, too! It makes more sense that he's the Scarlet Spider...what with all the blood and violence and all. Along with Venom and ASM, Spidey's corner in the MU is doing real well too!

maybetoby said...

yeah, let's pick on Genesis (aka Kid Apocalypse), that won't end badly for EVERYONE!

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