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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/18/12

If it's Friday, that means another big installment of Moments of the Week! This week has Batman slowly going crazy, Spider-Man deals with going through the wrong door along with fighting Warcraft moloids, and Wonder Woman runs into her uncle and brother. We've also got Daredevil showing some clever billy club tactics, Boomerang calling King Arthur a punk, Uncanny X-Force heads to Otherworld, and an Orange Lantern Orange. Yep, you read that right, so hit the jump to see these moments and much more.

Amazing Spider-Man #678
The doorway of tomorrow, today! So of course when Peter steps through the time jump door, the Parker luck arrives in spades, as in the whole city is destroyed.

If Punisher can have Microchip, surely Spider-Man can have Grady-Train!

Remember FACADE? He showed up for a few issues in Web of Spider-Man in the early 90's and whose identity was never revealed. Looks like we will still have to wait.

Avenging Spider-Man #3

Believe it or not, that's how Spider-Man won the fight and put the Mole Man back in power, saving the day. So always remember to put on your unstable molecule clothes when you fight.

Batman #5
Trapped in a maze for eight days, drugged and slowly going crazy, Bruce thinks he's finally won....

...only to realize the proverbial princess is in another castle.

I've got a suspicion this page was intentionally left blank so it could be made into a "U Mad?" meme or something similar. This is a book with a great story and a clever use of page layout that I highly recommend you pick up and see for yourself.

Daredevil #8

Clubbing is taken to new heights with that move.

I guess these villains firmly fall into the side that thinks Daredevil isn't the blind lawyer who can't see holograms.

Continuing the score from last week, Daredevil 2, Spider-Man 0.

Generation Hope #15
Dr. Nemesis' scene stealing tally is now up to 54, give or take.

And then Hope becomes the Phoenix in a few months and remembers that slap and destroys the Earth.

She just told you the truth, Random. It's not like you're going to die or anything, you were created by the current CCO of Marvel.

Pixie's got a dirty mind, those New X-Men kids were a bad influence.

Green Lantern Corps #5
Meet the surviving members of the Mean Machine, the baddest dudes on Oa. Or the Green Lantern version of the Expendables, if you will.

Really Guardians, stop being jerks all the time, because it always comes back to bite you guys in your blue butts.

Legion of Monsters #4
 Looks like Manphibian was watching Four Lions recently.

The wacky sound effects continue on in spirit from Incredible Hercules!

New Mutants #36

Sunspot sure knows when to flirt, what better time than when Magma is trying to stop an earthquake from destroying Chicago.

I guess this puts to rest the debate of techno vs. death metal, right?

Thunderbolts #169
Seems like Kev Walker was playing Assassin's Creed recently with Boomerang's getup.

Aiming high, this is the greatness of the Thunderbolts. Don't just call anyone a punk, save that for King Arthur.

Tiny Titans #48

So many puns. The Lantern Core is pretty accurate, bananas strike fear because of their peel. Just ask Dr. Hurt.

Ultimate Spider-Man #6
 I guess the Morales luck is that you're constantly going to take the first punch in fights.

When you don't have webshooters, you have to improvise and just throw the crooks in a place the cops can't miss.

 $4.99? That's a buck away from comics these days.

Uncanny X-Force #20

Looks like AoA Kurt bamfed from the wrong side of the bed, ruining a nice VR training get together.

Deadpool was such a fan of Headpool, he decided to become one himself.

Venom #12

Looks like between this appearance of Toxin and the current Carnage mini, there's something in the pipeline regarding the symbiotes. Along with a new Scarlet Spider, it feels like the 90's never left!

Flash is now at such a low, he's hanging out with Mole Man.

Wonder Woman #5
Diana is probably one step away from being her own Grandma, too. Greek mythology, never wacky enough.

This issue also sees the introduction of Lennox, who is Diana's half-brother, and as we see, used his natural abilities to fight some krauts during WWII.

Diana says hello to Uncle Poseidon, who is this big fish/frog thing now.

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David said...

I also post images, although not the whole page like you, while I review the books. I review them here:

Anonymous said...

Fish/frog thing? More like a whale/frog/octopus/seastar thing.

Cuda B. said...

Gotta say, some of these moments make me want to pick up more comics. Loving the Samnee USM and Medina Venom, which I was very unsure about.

There sure are a lot of great artists out there.

pat said...

...really annoyed how tim drake is being left out of all the bat family stuff. Its like he is written out of it since the revamp

David said...

I thought Poseidon looked dumb. My wife thought it looked cool. Seriously it was like a child created it. Mash 5 animals together and whallah. I wrote about it here:

Rocker69 said...

I look at all these and think "Man, comics sure are great these days". People complain but man...I'll tell you...comics were NEVER THIS GOOD EVER. Period.

PS: Although we do have to endure things such as Avengers: X-Sanction but that's a small price to pay.

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