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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 01/25/12

Welcome to January's last Moments of the Week! Start your weekend off by checking out a Green Lantern beat down in Justice League, nullification in FF, the debut of the second new Transformers ongoing, hardcore parkour in TMNT, Thor becomes mighty again, and Aquaman gets made fun of again. As always, much more, so let's hit the jump to check it out.  

Aquaman #5
Atlanteans sure don't care to follow orders, and now Arthur's lost in the desert.

The Aquaman jokes have been more miss than hit so far, but that headline is pretty good.

Only the best food for the puppy prince, will Mera pay in gold coins too?

Astonishing X-Men #46

Magneto helmets will become the new fashion trend, keeps your head dry and safe from psychic attacks!

Aww, everyone in the multiverse has their Cyclops and Wolverine as buddies, except the Age of Apocalype, why can't they hug it out?

Fantastic Four #602

Reed calls back Galactus to break up the fight between the Kree and Inhumans, but the big guy is kind of upset that he was called for such a minor skirmish. But then stuff happens in FF just moments later...

FF #14

Who knew severed Celestial hands were actually Transformers? And a god-mode too?

Ultimate nullifier ultimately nullifies the Evil Reed, leaving Doom to stand alone.

Doom the White says the Celestials shall not pass, will he now show up as Doom the Adamantium?

The Celestials finally break through, leading to a showdown with Galactus next month. The kids did good though.

Justice League #5

 More than one punch at least, but one krakk puts Hal down for round 1.

Not knowing who Bruce Wayne is, either Hal's just really behind on everything or Wayne Industries isn't that big in the DCnU.

Mighty Thor #10
Those jeans really hamper Surfer's strength in lifting with the legs.

Pretty cool scene, Thor and Mjolnir are like peanut butter and chocolate.

Secret Avengers #21.1

The new Masters of Evil, Vengeance, Whiplash, and Princess Python help out Max Fury. Looks like he isn't completely forgotten since Brubaker's run.

Purple isn't really a secret color either, Clint's just a rebel with a cause.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6
Raphael and Leonardo always had a little sibling rivalry going, but who'd a thunk Donatello and Leo would be bickering brothers?

Mikey makes things simple.

Looks like the reincarnation angle really is going to play a part, and isn't just a dream or a story Splinter heard.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise #1
Prowl doesn't have the best way with words when it comes to keeping order on Cybertron, even if the Decepticons are being idiots and beating up Nails (non affiliated indigenous lifeforms).

RIP Horri-Bull, you had one of the better names. You mess with the 'Bee, you get the stinger.

Ultimates #6

No man without a country here, although I get a Rambo III feeling coming up to make Steve come back to the fold.

And the question about Jamie Braddock being Captain Britain is solved, as we find out those first generation suits give you cancer.

X-Men Legacy #261

Teachers shouldn't be kissing their students!

So Exodus leaves after a misunderstanding, and goes to take out Cyclops. That didn't really go as planned.

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Klep said...

I hated Justice League this week because of how dumb it was. That moment where Bruce reveals his identity to some jerk he doesn't like that he thinks is incompetent and only met a couple hours ago is so wildly out of character that it completely ripped me out of what is passing for a story in that book.

On a much more positive note, Hickman's endgame for the Fantastic Four continues to get more and more awesome. I was giddy reading both FF and Fantastic Four this week and can't wait for next month's installments. Galactus versus the Celestials! Battle of the Eternity! And I don't believe for a second that Doom is out of this yet.

Anonymous said...

TMNT 5 and 6 were great enough that I can overlook the whole reincarnation thing. Not thrilled with the idea that they just reincarnated these skills, but hey they're mutant turtles, it's not THAT far of a stretch. Just keep writing good stories with my childhood faves and I'll be there.

Deebo305 said...

Guess Marvel forgot about Exodus' change of heart after he disbanded the Acolytes

Naymlap said...

Deebo, Exodus's behavior are in character. The guy still thinks all mutants should be united and he took what Xaviar told him to hear. He's just a bit of a zealot, so you can guess how he reacts to Schism. (Poorly)
I'm more weirded out by his powerset. I know he's the most omnipotent character in the Marvel Universe but has he ever really teleported prior to this issue? Is he going to get a new power each new appearance until he's so powerful that he can treat Galactus like a manservant?

Pat said...

in defense of Justice pretty much always has been a mindless summer blockbuster. if you think of it as a Transformers movie, youll have fun reading it.

Steve said...

Naymlap: I don't know about the regular timeline, but Exodus could definitely teleport in the Age of Apocalypse storyline. Since that was technically the same dude, it stands to reason he can teleport in regular continuity.

David said...

Do you guys ever get in trouble for posting these images? I do the same thing, not as much, when i write my reviews. They are here:

Klep said...

@Pat - If I think of it as a Transformers movie I feel exactly the same way because the Transformers movies are terrible in any context.

Deebo305 said...

@Naymlap I suppose his reaction is to be expected but just attacking a school full of Mutants still felt off base to me. And yeah he could always teleport, guys got a tons of powers at his disposal

Bond said...

616-Exodus could mass teleport since his first appearance in the Fatal Attractions crossover. He used that power to bring the former New Mutants to Avalon.

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