Monday, January 23, 2012

Moment of the Day - Big Blue Drain Stopper

Uncanny X-Men #337, by Scott Lobdell and Joe Madueria

Maybe this will teach Hank not to scare people in the bathroom, lest they be replaced by their alternate universe doppelganger. Again.

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JargonPhat said...

This was my favorite epilogue, or one-off, of Uncanny X-Men ever, right after Onslaught. Gambit's obsession with Joseph/Magneto still cracks me up; "Gambit? No, I'm 'James' (especially after noting Joe Mad's rendering of Gambit looking like Josh Holloway, from "Lost")."

matthew. said...

Joe Madureira has the most bizarre understanding of anatomy I have ever seen. I remember this issue from back in the day and I totally thrown by how weird Beast's arms look. Plus, Scott isn't really a bodybuilder-type so why is he three hundred pounds of muscle here? I never understood the appeal of Joe Madureira....

jacksyattering said...

It was something clean and new after all the Jim Lee/Rob Liefeldian Image knock-offs that Marvel had been dishing out since those guys defected.

I enjoy his art butHATE his work ethic (or lack thereof).

Unfortunately, Marvel did the same thing with Joe Mad as with the Image guys. So instead of poor Jim Lee clones we got the Marvel age of "American/Manga".

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