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Post-Crisis Comic Book Previews for 01/04/12

Welcome one and all to your first installment of Post-Crisis Previews for good ol' twenty-twelve.  As always, I'm excited for another week of comics, but there's some particular doozies coming out.  Hit the jump to see my thoughts on some of them, including Animal Man #5, X-23 #20, and more!

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Travel Foreman & Jeff Huet

With Ellen and Cliff’s lives hanging in the balance, Buddy finally faces off against The Hunters Three! But the fight doesn’t go as planned, causing the Baker family to go on the run. What dark new threat is chasing them – and why? Find out as the first arc of DC’s surprise breakout hit comes to a startling conclusion!

Grant: Wait, this is the end of the first arc?  How can the first arc be ending already?  Unless there's going to be a lot of stuff jammed into this issue, I'm mighty confused.  Fortunately, it should be a pretty good time, regardless of what goes down.  Jeff Lemire and Travel Foreman have been doing something pretty special, and while it hasn't been that great for the Baker family, it's made for some good comics, which is a good things for readers.

Written by Judd Winick
Art by Ben Oliver

The mystery of the Kingdom, Africa’s first and last Super Hero team, continues. When their former headquarters is opened to the public, its American benefactor, Bruce Wayne, is on hand. Will the villainous Massacre, who’s been murdering the lost heroes, stop by for the grand opening? If he does, it will be up to Batman and Batwing to stop him. It’s a battle of the bats!

Grant: Last issue was pretty darn fine, but I gotta say that I'm glad to see Ben Oliver back on the title.  CrissCross did a good job filling in, but the dark and gritty imagery that Oliver has been laying down every issue is a big reason of why I've been liking this book so much.  Fortunately, Judd Winick has been doing his part to keep me around too.  Massacre has been an intriguing villain, and this issue is looking to up the ante with Massacre Inc. in play.

O.M.A.C. #5

Written by Dan Didio & Keith Giffen
Art by Keith Giffen & Scott Koblish

Max Lord and Sarge Steel decide that in order to capture O.M.A.C., sacrifices will have to be made. They go back to the location of O.M.A.C.’s first appearance and target the workers on Kevin Kho’s floor, including Kevin and all his friends. Meanwhile, since O.M.A.C. is still on the loose, S.H.A.D.E. decides to send in their top agent, Frankenstein, to succeed where Checkmate has failed. This epic storyline continues in this month’s FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #5!

Grant: This looks like it's going to be so much fun.  O.M.A.C. has been a great ode to the wackiness of the Silver Age of comics, and I have a feeling that Frankenstein's inclusion is only going to help things get crazier.  I've a sneaking suspicion that he might not be successful in his bid to stop O.M.A.C. (considering that this is an ongoing), but I'm eager to see how this dust up plays out.  Should be good.

Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Michael Lark

• One long ago night, as the Punisher battled Daredevil, one cop’s life was forever changed

Grant: Seriously, Marvel's solicitations are the absolute worst.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive them.  That being said, this one sentence that makes up the solicit is kind of mystifying.  Last issue ended with the Punisher and Rachel Cole finally meeting in a pretty tense standoff.  Where's this Daredevil story fit into that?  I'm usually happy to have done-in-one comics, but throwing one into the middle of a storyline is frustrating, to say the least.  I'll be happy to have Marco Checchetto back on this book, because it will hopefully signal that things can get back to normal.  In the interim, this Daredevil-Punisher fill-in better be pretty great.

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Jeff Lemire

Part one of a new storyline and a great jumping-on point for new readers! Jeff Lemire returns as regular artist for part one of “Unnatural Habits.” While Jeppard, Singh and Gus make plans to head to Alaska, things start to deteriorate for the rest of the group back at the sanctuary in the dam. Plus: a variant cover by ANIMAL MAN artist Travel Foreman!

Grant: "The Taxidermist" storyarc with Matt Kindt was a nice change of pace and ended up adding a nice touch to the wider Sweet Tooth mythos, but I'm glad for things to be moving back into the regular swing. Jeff Lemire's writing is top notch, but I find it to be even better when it's his own art too.  Additionally, it'll be nice to spend some time with Gus, Jepperd, and the rest of the crew.  Can't wait.

X-23 #20
Written by Marjorie Liu
Art by Phil Noto

• Guest-starring Jubilee!
• X-23 goes back to Utopia to decide once and for all what side she falls on in the Regenesis

Grant: I think that I've already made it abundantly clear that Marjorie Liu has won me over to her excellent X-23 book.  Unfortunately, I've also been conscious of the fact that I've come to the book after it's cancellation was announced.  It's my understanding that this will be the last issue of what has been a much better title than I ever would have imagined.  Clearly I, and many others, should have figured this out sooner.  I'll definitely miss Laura's adventures, but at least Marjorie Liu has already been announced as the writer for Astonishing X-Men starting in March, which means I might actually start reading X-Men books.  If so, my New Year's resolution to buy less comics is not going to last very long.

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btownlegend said...

I know that the X books are a little much right now, but Wolverine and the X-men has become this silly, old timey, must read comic. Each issue is just fun.

CombatSpoon86 said...

Got Animal Man, Punisher, Swamp Thing, T-bolts, and Uncanny X-force this wk.

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