Friday, February 3, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/01/12

Welcome to another edition of Moments of the Week! This week brought us erasing in Defenders, bombs in Amazing Spider-Man and Justice League International, and Action Comics shows us Krypton bullfights, all while Uncanny X-Force and X-Club have a dance battle over who had the moments. Much more as always, so hit the jump to begin.

Action Comics #6


You walk around a farm wearing a red cape, bulls will naturally be around.

Up and at them!

Amazing Spider-Man #679
Spidey was pining for Black Cat a few issues earlier, looks like he should have just found the other white haired heroine in the city.

When you have a secret identity, it's sometimes good to have that ego in check and think about what you can do outside the costume to save the day. Although this adds another wrench into Marvel time travel, as usually stuff from the future stays in the past.

Animal Man #6

An intermission issue, where we see Buddy Baker starring as The Red Thunder in that movie from issue #1. For a world that has heroes like Batman on the streets, you would think kids wouldn't be so brash about beating up a guy in a costume.

Defenders #3
Costume change, no unstable molecules needed, just beating on reality.

A silent Prester, just sitting in the corner this whole time, solves it all and erases Nul from reality. This reminds me of that scene in the Simpsons where the yakuza guy is just standing in the middle of the fight and you know he's going to do something really cool.

Justice League International #6

 Spider-Man has spider-sense, Godiva has the folicule feel.

Bwhooom goes the dynamite. Not a very bwa-ha-ha moment today.

Swamp Thing #6

Alec should have listened to the trees last time, but he just had to go and fall in love with the enemy.

So The Rot is now taking cues from Resident Evil with their chainsaw quasi-zombie things.

Uncanny X-Force #21

Always tell a villain he's too dangerous as is, because it doesn't do your ego any good when you get smushed by magic.

AoA Kurt shows how to get things done, teaching these deadbeat 616 guys a thing or two about fighting.

Rainbow Kiss? Did they have My Little Pony in the AoA world?

Venom #13

 Hulk smash, Venom fly.

The villain responsible for Venom, Red Hulk, X-23, and Ghost Rider getting together in the first place? Blackheart, who has turned Las Vegas into hell. Real, real bad indeed.

Villains For Hire #3

When you have a name like Crossfire, chances are you're going to, well, get caught in the middle of it. Especially with other villains around.

Poor Shocker, that's two issue in a row where he looks the fool.

X-Club #3
Dr. Nemesis would beat Batman any day of the week.

It's been hinted at, but at least other people/robots recognize Jeffries' penchant for processors.

Man, what.

Moment of the Week, nay, the year so far.

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Klep said...

You actually missed the best moment. Nothing beats "SCIENCE HOOOO!" :D

Jeremy said...

Are we keeping count on all the awesome Dr. Nemesis scenes? Is such a thing even possible?

Anonymous said...

I'm really digging Defenders right now! This comic seems to be more in tune with Matt Fraction than the last couple of years of his X-Men stuff. It takes a certain type of writer for the X-Universe. Fraction had it in spurts, Brubaker didn't have it, and Remender/Aaron/Gillen do.

Anonymous said...

Red Hulk has been appearing in quite a few Spider comics, hasn't he? Spider-Girl, Avenging Spider-Man, and now Venom.

Deebo305 said...

I really gotta JuMP on X-Club

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can start blurbing the writer/artist combination responsible for each moment each week, at the beginning or end of the "moment"? For instance, the art for the Venom issue has actually piqued my interest. It wouldn't be a terrible idea to give credit where credit is due.

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