Friday, February 10, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/08/12

If it's Friday, it's another Moments of the Week, so welcome! This week we see the weirdest baby shower in Wolverine and the X-Men, storybook foreshadowing in Green Lantern, Rick Remender's official start of Secret Avengers begins, and New Mutants shows us a date with a devil. More moments as always after the jump, so let's smash our way to discovery!

Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #5

You'd think with that kind of explosion an evil AI wanting to wipe out the world would be done for, but these are comics, you know..... Robo thought ahead and adjusts his gameplan.

Batman & Robin #6

Is that Bruce Wayne or Hulk? It's hard to tell when your assassin mentor tries to have his son kill you after you realize he lied to you about "capturing" fugitives.

Bat-teeth, show only when you're super pissed off.

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #6

Frank tries to take care of an immortal Dr. Manhatten analogue (they even fought in Vietnam together), but it doesn't go as planned. For the first minute, anyway.

Ray Palmer is on a science roll with his inventions.

That's how you use your extra hands, four guns would just look silly.

Green Lantern #6

Looks like Sinestro spills some Kool-Aid during this whole Third Army thing. Ohhhh, I see.

Peeping tom, abuse of lantern power!

New Mutants #37
I hope we see more of the Hel-Hounds across the Marvel universe, they're bundles of flame breathing cute.

Mephisto has pretty good reasoning there, corrupting souls is a long term business plan, like the stock market.

Hell won't freeze over but it sure will blush.

Scarlet Spider #2
Interesting to see how Kaine doesn't even flinch when using the gun.

Punch - punch - web, Kaine doesn't know how to jab.

Looks like Kaine is going to take some getting used to helping people, but it looks like Houston is glad to have him around.

Secret Avengers #22
Dry British humor arrives to the Avengers.

Brian and Clint will next fight over which country's football is better.

Hank Pym vs. Ray Palmer for the battle of the miniature secret bases that fly around the world.

You can't just think these things, you have to tell your hotshot leader how he made you break your hand punching an Adaptoid.

Superboy #6

Kon-El is what they called abomination clones on Krypton, who then revolted and seemed to cause the destruction of Krypton in this new universe.

Venom #13.1

Red Hulk gets no respect these days, not without good reason though.

Looks like the saying is true, blonde sociopaths do seem to have more fun than brunette sociopaths.

Pop eyes, interesting, I wonder if they get stale as quick as popcorn. If not, Blackheart may be on to something.

Wolverine & the X-Men #5

Toad gets no respect, how is he supposed to clean up vomit on his own brain?

Microscopic Brood entering the air ducts, attacking Kitty specifically. Nice try Jason Aaron, but still not as unbelievable as Xorn was.

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JargonPhat said...


Mephisto stole Spidey's love to hit on chicks in New Mutants?


Anonymous said...

love when johns does those teaser images for future storylines..indigo lantern sinestro? hal jordan dead? white lantern ring? crazy guardians? bring it on!

MomarVanDerCamp said...

Hank Pym has had his secret mini-lab floating around the Earth since at least the beginning of Avengers Academy (and probably before that).

I'm not saying Jeff Lemire stole the idea. I'm just saying that Christos Gage had it first.

Anonymous said...

What's Harley Quinn doing in Venom?

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