Friday, February 17, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/15/12

It's a theme of good guys triumphing over the bad guys for this installment of Moments of the Week. Batman doesn't give a hoot anymore, Iron Fist and Spider-Man create a New Avengers combo, Wonder Woman gets her hands dirty, and the Green Lantern Corps make a definitive statement against the Keepers. We also have the debut of Peter Panzerfaust, a Transformer tries to create a new name, and much more after the jump, so let's be like Daredevil and take the plunge!

Amazing Spider-Man #679.1

The new era of sparkling vampires made Uatu take action, think of all the money he could make selling weapons to Elsa Bloodstone.

Batman #6

It sure feels like Bruce is letting loose with the catchy one-liners, although I kind of expected this fight to end similar to the film Hot Fuzz.

Daredevil #8
 Looks like it's time for a costume change, bring back the devil-armor!

That's just a nice two panel scene of a long jump to splash from Rivera, hopefully moloids can swim.

Black Cat is hovering around Typhoid Mary on the chart of Matt's love life, maybe Matt will send Elektra or Black Widow after her when he finds out what she did.

Generation Hope #16
Kenji's thoughts about Hope make it clear he's got a good reason to want her gone, maybe this whole AvX thing is a ruse and Hope dies next issue.

If Teon puts three of those things together, it will be the end of everything.

The series may be ending, but this looks like a nice romance to carry over into the other books.

Green Lantern Corps #6

John, stop killing fellow Lanterns, it's not a nice character trait.

Cue the Gap Band's biggest single.

New Avengers #21

Jessica, was that really the smartest thing to do, just go walking in the middle of a mob with your baby in hand? There's that Avengers sense of superiority for you.

We've had the revised fastball special, this looks like it's the fistball special.

Nightwing #6

Sure seems like a Court of Owls reference to Raymond being dead, and those eerie black eyes. Added with the ending in Batman #6, it looks like maybe Dick was possibly a choice for being one of their Talons before Bruce got him.

Peter Panzerfaust #1

Peter helps out a new version of the Lost Boys, this time French orphans during the start of World War II. If you're a fan of Fables and their interactions in historical events, this book has a similar vibe that you'll dig.

Thunderbolts #170
Man, dragons are always getting up in your business.

Moonstone sure doesn't like adultery.

Asgardians always wanted flying dragons instead of horses as kids, Gunna has finally gotten her wish.

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #2
Rip van Robo sure had a powerful battery to last that long.

No joking on Swerve's part, the latter is really what this group of Cybertronians are looking to accomplish.

Crusadercons is a very catchy name, keep it going!

Venom #13.2
 Pouty Red Hulk = best Red Hulk?

Cheap sneak attack!

Wonder Woman #6

That is just a nice way to show Diana doesn't play around, yet also isn't in your face with the violence.

Let's just say Hera doesn't like this proposal. Someday the gods will learn to share.

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maybetoby said...

I would also recommend:
- the two-page spread from Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes that features all the different time machines (Delorean, Tardis, Stargate, etc...)

- SpaceGodzilla on the final page of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters.

-Magneto on the final page of Ultimate X-Men #7

- revelations about Jason Todd and Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws #6

Sorry, just my two cents.

pendrake said...

1. For Generation Hope... So amusing to see Hope Summers in almost stereotypical evil attire, complete with super-villainess cleavage, even if it is in Kenji's mental-perspective.

2. For Green Lantern Corps... Between all the GL-titles, and the GLCorps' fatality rate if you are not an Earth human, it is a wonder there are any other Green Lanterns left to act as "red shirts" for the Earth Lanterns... ;( . What happened to the days when the GLCorps was about the strength of their diversity? Rather than acting as ablative armor that bleeds?

3. For Thunderbolts... The time-travel story-arc has been really good, both adventurous, humorous, and still allowing the characters to indulge in their darker tendencies. Moonstone, in particular, has really shone through for both costumes per era as well as great lines & attitude. Troll (& the others) has been a riot too, of course.

4. For Wonder Woman.. Wonder Woman has been one of the strongest titles in the flailing contradictory mess that is DCnU. And the part where Diana is lifting the truck, with hands & forearms dripping with battle blood? Bad. Ass. Imagery. Still wish they wore pants, but that is a very minor issue compared to how overall good this series and story has been.

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