Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cover of the Week - Animal Man and Punisher

Along with all the excellent books we had dropping this week, we had an equally solid batch of covers to pore over in this edition of the Covers of the Week.  What lies on the other side of the cut?  Well, there's some cinematic fare and beardy goodness, so let's give it a gander, shall we?

Ken's Cover of the Week - Animal Man #6 by Travel Foreman

Ken: A clever way to include the inner story with the main character passing by his own film. Add to it a clever use of the credits on the poster, and how nice and stacked all the information is in terms of title/character/movie title, one of the better covers from DC since the relaunch. If only Buddy wasn't into blood graffiti, not very sanitary.

Grant's Cover of the Week - Punisher #8 by Marco Checchetto

Grant: I'm super happy to have Marco Checchetto back on this book.  He and Greg Rucka really know how to make great comics.  And while they're doing great stuff inside the cover, Checchetto is also taking the time to do great stuff on the cover proper.  This picture may not have much to do what's going on inside, but when the Punisher is sporting such a fine facial hair, I'm not terribly concerned about it.  Seriously, Frank, that's one hell of a beard you have there.

Runner-Ups:  Fatale #2, Sweet Tooth #30, Defenders #3

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CombatSpoon86 said...

Great covers this wk. Sweet Tooth cover is freaking sick.

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