Friday, March 2, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 02/29/12

Welcome to a leap day edition of Moments of the Week, which you won't be able to see for another 28 years! This week sees the conclusion to the first arc of Justice League, Human Torch gets caught up with what he's missed since coming back in Amazing Spider-Man, TMNT's Donatello has to deal with his arch nemesis, and even more smashing starts in the Ultimates. Many more moments as always, so hit jump to see this week's choices.

Amazing Spider-Man #680
When you've been on vacation in the Negative Zone for a few months, you have to quadruple up on what you missed. Clearly Johnny has done this before, probably around the Heroes Return era.

John Conner.......John Jameson......if you somehow add Ultron to the mix you could work out a Marvel Universe version of Terminator. Turns out Doc Ock took over the space station with his Octobots, and John was the last one to not get captured.

Astonishing X-Men #47
In case it hasn't been apparent over the last few years, even another multiverse Xavier realizes our Cyclops has changed from the standard Cyclops path.

Yep, Savior, this version of Xavier, just up and killed Hisako's family to increase her powers while he mind controlled her. Not a nice guy at all.

What goes around comes around, and that extra power up comes back to bite Savior on the butt. Nice use of the Magneto helmet to make the plan work.

Avengers #23
Daisy lets her presence be known to the Hydra base holding the Avengers hostage, in a rather massive way.

When I read "I hate Ninjas" in a Bendis written book, it takes me back to his Daredevil: Ninja mini-series where Matt let us know the same thing all the time.

FF #15
The only thing better than Katie punching Bentley straight in the face is Artie's reaction to the whole thing.

Like the man who named her, Val has no time for such petty fighting.

Justice League #6
Wonder Woman did say to blind Darkseid last issue, she's a woman of her word.

The DC version of the fastball special, courtesy of the fastest man alive.

Hey, everyone is smiling! That hasn't happened since the reboot began.

One battle with Starro later and it seems the name changes to Justice League.

New Avengers #22

Hand, meet fist.

Not only was Hand a triple agent, Skaar was also secretly working for Steve Rogers as well.

TMNT: Donatello
That's a cool scene, where the book kind of acknowledges the bo wasn't there to begin with, hidden under the usual TMNT hat and jacket disguise, and just has fun with it.

I've gotta say Valerio Schiti's art is really good in this one-shot, look at that bo scene, nice and fluid actions.

Donatello learns the hard way some people can't put aside their internet differences.

Ultimates #7
It seems like everywhere Fury goes, he brings trouble. Trying to broker an alliance between Tian and the US, Reed Richards realizes what is being planned and launches ships to the Twin Cities. If only there was a contingency plan....

Hulk? In space? Seems like earlier....

The best contingency plan to date, possibly ever?

Venom #13.4

I like to think that Red Hulk just leaped that whole way from across Vegas, instead of multiple hops.

Never trust Blackheart, ever. Especially near a ledge.

That is how you fight the son of the devil, with a mega combination of powers that a two wheeled bike just can't contain! Red Venom Rider, it has a nice ring to it.

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Enigma_2099 said...

Red... Venom... Rider...

I bet you can see my facepalm from space.

Jeremy said...

Red Venom Rider

Best character of 2012? Best character of 2012

Enigma_2099 said...

Well, now we know YOU'RE not playing with a full deck, Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

"One battle with Starro later and it seems the name changes to Justice League."

Wait, that's not what it said the last time I read this. o_O What, did you think that "reporter" comment wasn't good enough?

Brandon said...

Much more enjoyable week for moments. Thanks.

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