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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/07/12

The first of the month brings with it decisions and battles for today's Moments of the Week. Swamp Thing shows up, Clark dons his armor in Action Comics, Venom wraps up the Circle of Four story, The Manhattan Projects delights us with science, and Age of Apocalypse begins again. Much more after the jump, including unsatisfying resolutions and a few talking animals, so click it for your ticket to the week's moments.

Action Comics #7

I don't know how to take that, really, that Brainiac was the internet in order to datamine our species.

And there we go, goodby jeans and shirt, hello Kryptonian armor that seems to create family specific patterns by DNA. Better than Martha Kent making his costume?

Age of Apocalypse #1

Matt Murdock in the AoA seems to only go to church to kill people. Heck, he's probably just called "Devil" in this world. I don't think I remember seeing him in the original AoA stories that dealt with all the non-mutant heroes trying to survive. That man he's after, Harper Simmons, is actually from our world who was sucked into this universe when Dark Beast blew up the portal at the beginning of the Dark Angel Saga.

Prophet, aka William Stryker, shows off his Batman-level skills of taking on supervillains.

Amazing Spider-Man #681

Now that we've seen the super nova fist, it's only right that it goes up against the iron fist to see which one is better.

Webbing not only insulates you from entering the earth's atmosphere, it provides your parachutes as well.

Animal Man #7
Only the best cat food for an avatar of The Red, there's no way you can make it otherwise.

That's the type of father/son bonding that can only happen in the superhero world, nice out of the blue moment.

Avengers: Children's Crusade #9
Cassie is dead, and because of that Iron Lad and Kid Vision have a fight, where Iron Lad just kills Kid Vision and everyone just kind of lets him go, and they stand around sad. What exactly was Iron Lad's point in all this then?

Talk about a completely underwhelming payoff for a book that took two years to come out and was supposed to have big repercussions for the Marvel Universe. Cyclops just lets Wanda off the hook and everyone just buys the theory that Doom was the one who orchestrated the whole thing, including conjuring up the demon that possessed Wanda. If that was really the case, shouldn't the X-Men or the Avengers have had a talking to with the FF about getting some justice? I would easily say it's one of the worst Marvel stories in the past ten years.

Justice League International #7

Looks like this is the first big hero death in the DCnU, as Gavril dies. I don't expect it to last long, as there is an out to this, as Rocket Red was hit with some information rays during the first arc while fighting the alien harvester.

The sit rep from Guy and Booster show the damage to the team, as the group's liaisons look to be dead for real. On top of that, the UN has ordered the team to cease and desist.

The Manhattan Projects #1

The US wasn't alone in having the best scientists available to create new ways to wage warfare.While the US was trying to pluck the Spear of Destiny from out of pocket space and create the first Artificial Intelligence with 150,000 mainframes, the Japanese were using their own techniques to attack us. Sentient origami? How was that not thought of yet?

Before Honda made scooters and cars, he made robot samurai. This was a great book, and anyone who enjoys Hickman's work, or even Ellis' work, will enjoy this book, and Nick Pitarra has lovely art that is reminiscent of Chris Burnham. I highly recommend you pick it up.


Talking animals spook a guy who just wants something to eat, this is a callback to the original OMAC and Kamandi series being connected.

Swamp Thing #7

Alec is protected by the Green and originally made to suffer in his chainsawed self for not stopping Abigail, but he convinces the Trees to let him turn into Swamp Thing. We never see Swamp Thing in a full panel, just in close ups like above or in the shadows.

Ultimate Spider-Man #8
Prowler's antics down south have brought the Scorpion up to NYC, and he's looking to be a bit more violent than other mobsters.

The Ringer is child's play for any Spider-Man, the real challenge will be the Shocker (yeah, right). Miles really does need some webs to help him out, he's going to get tired out just hopping around everywhere.

Venom #14
Red Venom Rider disobeys street signs and runs right in Blackheart.

And like that, the day is saved, hell goes back downstairs, and the group still has a debt to pay to Mephisto.

And that's how Venom shows up in Secret Avengers. All Cap wanted was his bike back though, don't know if it survived amidst the chaos.

Villains For Hire #4
This is why villains can never really compete against heroes, they just leave others to rot. Whenever someone hands you a grenade to hold, and it's beeping? Throw it away and run.

Not only is that one strong arm that can self-heal, it's even got an Iron Man repulsor blast in it. Tiger Shark never stood a chance.

X-Club #4
Is this the end of Jeffries? Will his love go unheard?

The space elevator wasn't made for travel, but rather to be a way to blanket the world in other dimensional powers and reshape the world in a manner an old nazi would prefer. Good thing there's a nazi killer on the X-Club.

Love conquers all! As for Danger being pregnant, it's actually an old angel type being that was trapped in nazi technology during WWII, and has been trying to use other robotic heroes over the years to be reborn into this world. So that's what all those flashbacks were in previous issues.

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Randallw said...

Matt Murdock was in the original AoA. He was an assistant to Michael Rasputsin.

David said...

I had the same question about daredevil. Thanks Randallw... I posted some pics from the comic too.

Anonymous said...

Avengers Childrens Crusade is so beautiful to look at, it almost makes me want to believe the story was amazing...but nope.

Anonymous said...

Age of Apocalypse was much better than I expected! And I expected it to be good. Lapham has assembled a great cast of characters with lots of personality. It's getting compared to The Boys quite a bit, but this stands on its own and has the potential to go a long way!

Anonymous said...

Dude completely disagree on Avengers Crusade. It cleans up the trash-mess that was Avengers Disassembled. Thanks to Disassembled now all Marvel comics read like scripts-pitches for future movies.

- Seafire

maybetoby said...

Why is there a statue of Scott Lang alongside Cassie and Vision at the end of Children's Crusade? He's alive, he's standing right there?

Anonymous said...

is that scott lang I wasnt sure who it was supposed to be iron lad what a terrible statue that would be then they would need to include doom since he killed cassie
so why is he included the memorial it made no sense

Howard M. Wright said...

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