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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/14/12

March Madness has taken hold, not only on the court but also in this version of Moments of the Week. Have a look at Fantastic Four reaching the finale of Hickman's years-spanning story, Batman and Robin fight a nobody, Saga makes it's anticipated debut, and Avengers Assemble arrives to build up some momentum for the upcoming movie. Much, much more after the jump, so make a fast break for it! 

Atomic Robo: Real Science Adventures #1

The most fiendish way to get revenge. I particularly like the Germany panel where Doctor Dinosaur is holding the gun to the guy's head at a tech expo.

Avengers #24
Norman jacked himself up with Adaptoid powers, and turns into Purple Hulk. Red Hulk does what many wish to do to all those ninjas running around everywhere.

Too many powers really mess up the guy with existing mental problems, who'd a thunk it.

Avengers Assemble #1

The new Avengers title featuring the heroes from the upcoming movie, it really was rather light on the continuity and used the more common or widely known Marvel references (for instance, this scene takes place in Latveria). Tony also has a bit more RDJ to his talking than normal.

Batman & Robin #7

Some vicious fight scenes by Patrick Gleason this issue, just seeing that panel with Bruce falling on the ninja knives makes me grimace.

Damian kills Morgan by taking the knockout move he learned to the next level, and it looked pretty real. Good way to show that Damian will still cross that line in order to protect his family, which now puts him at odds with his father's big rule.

Fantastic Four #604
Future Franklin needed the power boost from regular Franklin, which is why he was telling him to not use it so much. But Franklin vs. three Celestials is unfair, so he evens the odds.

The line that really sells this moment? That Franklin has only had one herald, that's pretty cool in showing just how powerful he would become.

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #7

Ray Palmer still has the moves, even if he doesn't have the costume anymore.

Frankenstein won't just kill you physically, he will kill you with words, so eloquent, and a true gentleman in the DC community.

Green Lantern #7
Despite having the green ring again, Sinestro still continues to play from the yellow playbook. Naturally, Hal does not take this lightly. Mahnke just sells that scene though.

Indigo Tribe shows up for Sinestro, and they only nok once.

We already saw what happens to people who become part of the tribe during Blackest Night, looks like in trying to "save" Sinestro we'll get more insight into the tribe.

Saga #1

Saga's origin is pretty much right in these pages, as the basic conflict stems around two planets fighting for no real reason, and outsourcing the fight to include everyone in the galaxy.

A cat that can tell if you're lying, that's just cool (and then gets uppity when you tell the truth). If you haven't read Ryan or Grant's reviews on the issue, check them out to go with these moments and see if it's a book that's up your alley.

Scarlet Spider #3
Web swinging superheroes learn the hard way that not every place is like Manhattan.

That's a brutal way to break an arm.

The Assassins Guild now knows Kaine is in town, looks like Houston got a little more heated in terms of superheroes and villains.

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #3
That wasn't a very nice way to treat your roommate.
I really dig this way of showing the Autobot/Decepticon feud, coming from a former Decepticon playing up how noble they were.

That's not a good sign, especially when peace, or at least an end to a six million year old war was kind of established.

Wolverine & The X-Men #7

He's ok, folks!

I just realized that the psychic color is often gender specific in X-Men books, pink for the ladies, blue for the guys.

Broo loses his calm demeanor, but it actually sort of saves his life by not making him out to be the mutant evolution of the Brood and a threat to galactic civilization.

X-Men Legacy #263

A good, even handed moment between the kids of Utopia and the Jean Grey squad, as they level some pretty good points about being raised to fight but still working out ok. This is the kind of thing that really seemed skipped over during the formation of the two teams, often filled with a lot of passive aggressive gestures.

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maybetoby said...

Cyclonus was never a Decepticon in this continuity, he left Cybertron long before the war ever started and returned near it's end.

David said...

Rocker69 said...

Hopefully you'll post a full review of Fantastic Four 604...because that was THE most amazing comic I've read in a long time. I almost choked.

Ivan said...

Wolverine the hypocrite gets schooled. Classic.

maybetoby said...

Love how it was pointed out that they're only fooling themselves thinking they're any safer at the mansion. Seriously, how many times has it been destroyed?!

The Dangster said...

atomic robo came out this week?

Anonymous said...

Dangster: it was up on comixology, it might be online only.

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