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Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/21/12

This version of Moments of the Week should be called revelations of the week, as a lot of books show their hands for their respective stories. Batman drops a bombshell, Wonder Woman finds out about her lost brothers, Generation Hope ends with a bang, and Amazing Spider-Man starts Ends of the Earth with Doc Ock's big plan. This week also sees the launch of Millar and Yu's Supercrooks, the Avengers appear in Uncanny X-Men, and much more moments after the jump, so click the link to get started.

Amazing Spider-Man #682
Doc Ock's big plan is revealed, in which he has satellites heat up the earth to show what global warming will be like in a few generations, but all he really wants in his deteriorating state is to have the world's smartest people acknowledge he has the capability to fix it. So he's basically holding the world hostage with under the guise of good intentions.

Spider-armor, this time Rhino proof!

Avengers: X-Sanction #4

In case it wasn't apparent in other stories like Second Coming, Hope is the Phoenix, or hosting part of the Phoenix, at least. And she fixes her father, Cable, curing him of that pesky T.O. virus.

The last page of the mini is pretty much the key part for the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men story, as it's clear to Cyclops that Hope needs to join the Phoenix to fix that wasteland Cable saw previously.

Batman #7

Shock! Especially the trick to making Talon seem indestructible. Dick isn't so much worried about this as he is Bruce doing what he does best and isolating himself from others, this leads to some angry words...

That's a pretty big change-up to Dick's history, so much so that this same scene plays out in Nightwing #7.

Generation Hope #17

Maybe cliche super-villain is the best way for an artist to work on his masterpiece?

And with that Kenji is either dead or so messed up he can't form his body again. A shame that he never really cared for Martha, that was one of those completely out of the blue relationships that actually made a bit of sense.

Green Lantern Corps #7

Guy Gardner 100, Guardians 0. Means to an end is right up the Guardians alley too.

John tried to deliver Kirrt's body to his family, but still has to lie about how he died. He's just making it worse for himself.

Justice League #7

Five years after they formed, and Hal is still a cocky jerk. I guess that's one way to make him not be boring.

Poor Steve Trevor, having to be the nanny to the JL, and never getting to go aboard the Watchtower (no one else outside of the seven have been up, either). I don't know what's up with Batman and the JLI reference, since he was there when they started.

Supercrooks #1

And that is the main setup for Supercrooks, old time villain The Heat gets caught trying to beat teh house in Vegas, only to have the tables turn on him in a big way. This leads to some of his former proteges looking to help out.

In the Ultimate Universe there would be a Captain Spain.

Thunderbolts #171
Songbird's superhero scalp is messed with, for nefarious purposes, of course. What Dorcas did was actually fix Melissa's vocal abilities so that she can make her constructs without the use of the carapace.

So not only are the constructs back without the use of her carapace, but Melissa has a bit of mind control again. And she shaved the white part of her hair, so she's got a punk Storm vibe going on.

Wonder Woman #7
Crocodile Dundee, Greek gods style.

That's a revelation that kicks the wind out of Diana. When the Amazons go on their procreating journeys into man's world, not only do they kill the men they sleep with, but also throw the male newborns into the ocean. Hephaestus, being an orphan himself, instead offers to trade his weapons for the unwanted children, so they can live and work in his foundry.

Uncanny X-Men #9
Wolverine and Cyclops don't get a chance to say anything to each other, at least not this issue. That's going to be awkward.

Quips, no quips, half a page fight recaps that flow better than most full length issues, a nice way to deal with such a big cast of characters.

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Klep said...

Pretty disappointed by the Amazon revelation this week. Not only is it demonizing women and very sexist, but it's also been done multiple times in just the past decade so it's also extremely tired. Why is it so hard to tell a story where the Amazons aren't evil? Or is it that the writers just don't care to try.

I appreciate that the evil temptress is a classic horror trope and that Azzarello is telling a horror story, but there are plenty of horror tropes you can indulge without turning a race created to show off the positive qualities of women and the potential value of a matriarchal society into a bunch of succubi.

Rocker69 said...

Thats one way to view this. Amazons may believe men are trouble. They are usually power-hungry, nasty, heavy drinkers, they fart, they burp, they are aggressive...maybe they just dont wanna live this way. Maybe they are afraid men will try to subjugate them and make them believe they are lesser than them.

It is incredibly cruel yes but we are talking about barbarian women after all. In the context of the mythology is makes perfect sense to me.

En Sabah Nerd said...

@Klep - you are aware that this is the origin of the Amazons in mythology, right? What I find so interesting about the revelation about the Amazons is that for years people have been asking for Diana to have closer ties to Greek mythology, & the instant that she does, suddenly it's trashing the character.

Anonymous said...

does anyone think that spideys new armour is just a remake of the G.I.ant man suit that eric ogrady wore?

Nick said...

Am I the only one thinking that since Cable doesn't have the TO virus anymore that he may in fact become one of the strongest X-men? Afterall he used most of his powers to keep it in check, now that he doesn't, well I feel bad for whoever crosses him. Even though he supposedly lost a degree of his powers, they have been resurfacing.

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