Friday, March 30, 2012

Comic Book Moments of the Week for 03/28/12

March winds down, but the month's last installment of Moments of the Week sure packs some big surprises. Uncanny X-Force shows sibling pains, Avengers vs. X-Men gets a prelude, Superman sees a new creative team take over, and FF winds down Hickman's years-long epic with some new twists. All that and more, including happy and sad reunions, after the jump.

Aquaman #7
Arthur seems to have gone the renegade route, complete with evil face in the last panel.

The Others are set to appear one by one this arc, the quasi-Justice League team from earlier in Arthur's life. Far be it to let the subtext work, Johns actually has a literal cat fight in the issue.

Avengers vs. X-Men #0
How many times has this been for Vision to cry like that? And personally I liked the Wonder Man/Wanda relationship from Busiek's run

Does Hope think she can really control it or is this teenage drama kicking into overdrive? The way she beats up the Serpent Society makes it look like she's got something on her mind. I guess we'll find out next week when the real start of the series begins.

Daredevil #10
Harvey, he's being honest!

You desecrate people's resting spots and try to brush it off with an offhand jerk comment, yeah, you deserve to get your glasses broken.

A real nice reversal here, as Felicia didn't steal the mega data drive after all. Next stop, a crossover with Avenging Spider-Man and the Punisher.

FF #16

A man and his demi-god from a time before the big bang, it's a nice moment. This issue is full of great moments, actually, really worth a pick up.

Val's kind of cranky this issue with the eventual grounding and Franklin getting the spotlight for saving the day, and kind of exerting a bit of a Doom attitude.

See? That's an evil Doom look! And it's good Franklin got a full number instead of being the old 4 1/2.

Doom finds all those lobotomized Dooms from the other worlds of the Council of Reeds, that's not going to end well.

Flash #7
Flash pushes the limit of his speed, and that means a wormhole sucks up people during his fight with Captain Cold.

Barry attempts to go into the Speed Force to find everyone, but this page works really well in merging both the memory idea with the panels and running ahead towards the light. It's not really original, just really really cool to look at.

The Mighty Thor #12

A genuinely nice reunion, even if Kelda had to die for it to happen.

New Avengers #23
Never stutter when a Hulk asks you a question.

Iron Fist did warn him.

Secret Avengers #24

At death's door, Hank shatters Clint's ego.

Could it be Eric? I'm thinking it's an Adaptoid or maybe some kind of merged being thing.

Superman #7
Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens take over and it looks like the first joke in the series arrives with them as well. Let's hope for more.

Clark's still learning to multitask, it seems.

Questions were asked about how the armor would work in terms of switching from Clark to Superman, and it looks like the costume kicks in from undershirt mode to costume, cape included, with a thought.

Ultimates #8

Dang, Jamie, that would have been a really dirty thing to say had it not been knock out gas.

Thor's mockery is classic.

Not only are the Ultimates being placed under Joint Chiefs custody, the President launched all our nukes at The City.

Uncanny X-Force #23
And back in the regular Marvel Universe, Jamie doesn't really get the chance to stay sane for long.

I have to commend this book for bucking the trend of pretty much every comic out there making death feel fake and cheap, because the deaths in Uncanny X-Force really have a purpose and a strong emotional tether to them.

X-Men Legacy #264
Rockslide brings the tragic tale of the more physically altered mutants to light.

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mugiwara said...

AvX: So, the Snakes got beaten and arrested in two comics the same month? Oh, Marvel...

Secret Avengers: I still hope it's the real O'Grady. Killing the team member who didn't had so much spotlights and then teasing his fans with a false return would be of very bad taste.

Legacy: Rockslide makes all comics greater.

Anonymous said...

the ant man is quite obviously scott lang

maybetoby said...

yeah, the Snakes were defeated in AvX and Avenging Spider-Man. They should just give up.

David said...

The snakes suck. THey are just filler villain to waste pages. I wrote a review of it here:

maybetoby said...

put damn, I do love how Frank Cho draws women :)

Simon DelMonte's Escape Hatch said...

Not original but really cool looking...yeah, that sums up The Flash. I like the series a lot, but it keeps ending up being a joy to look at but not a must-read. I still have to say, the artists need a firmer hand to guide them. Maybe a scriptwriter, maybe an editor who actually edits.

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