Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cover of the Week - Fairest and Sweet Tooth

Reviews are once again a little tardy to the party this week (will not be making a habit of it, I swear), so we invite to you enjoy the Covers of the Week in the interim.  We've some rather comely and delicious items on offer, so you should hit the jump to get your fill!

Ken's Cover of the Week - Fairest #1 by Adam Hughes

Ken: You have a spin off book being made about the side stories in Fables, primarily centered around the women of Fabletown, it's only natural to have Adam Hughes draw the covers to the book, and this wrap around cover is lovely. Each character also shows a bit of their character to establish who is who, and since Sleeping Beauty is the star of the first arc, she wakes up to get the prime spot. 

Grant's Cover of the Week - Sweet Tooth #31 by Jeff Lemire

Grant: Jeff Lemire's art is always a feast for the eyes, and this cover for the latest issue of Sweet Tooth is no exception.  I also appreciate the way it figuratively represents some of the dangers going on within the issue itself, showing Lucy and Bobby roasting on a spit above the open fire.  It's a nice, evocative image, which is always a good thing.

Runner-Ups:  The Manhattan Projects #1, Villains for Hire #4, Supernatural #6

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Naymlap said...

I thought the amount of detail on Winter Soldier was great, it was a really stellar cover.
On the flipside, I've really been disliking the covers for Ultimate Comics. This week's Ultimate Comics Spider-Man was especially bad. There is an unreal or artificial vibe to the Scoprion's face that I find jarring and not in an engaging way. The texture to the characters and the way it pops out of the border of the comic don't help either. I was really disengaged by that cover.

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